Tahora Whai Faction Turn

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Faction Turn information for the Tahora Whai

Current Board State[edit]

  • Stats: F6/C4/W3
  • Faction HP: 26/26
  • Income: +13 FC
  • Balance: 10 FC
  • XP: 3
  • Constellation Bonus: +7
  • Goal: No Active Goal


Asset Details
Asset Health Location Name Lore
Homeworld Base of Influence 26/26 0609/Teuthem/Dynae The totality of Tahora Whai Activity in Teuthem
Base of Influence 1/1 0510/Gateway/Saarinen TBD TBD
Base of Influence 1/1 0309/Nusantara/Puluhan TBD TBD
Base of Influence 1/1 0909/Center/Telas Silent Night Cargo Concerns The de facto port authority on Telas
Base of Influence 1/1 0408/Kuafu/Langgan TBD TBD
Base of Influence 1/1 0408/Kuafu/Rosebud TBD TBD
Base of Influence 1/1 0012/System III/Planet BQ TBD TBD
Postech Industry 4/4 0609/Teuthem/Dynae TBD The Whaling Industry of Teuthem
Strike Fleet III 8/8 0609/Teuthem/Dynae "The Black Ghorāb" Puluhanni Gunboats
Covert Shipping 4/4 0609/Teuthem/Dynae The Rays of Light A network of dedicated cargo and transport vessels used to discretely traverse the Rangi
Base of Influence 1/1 0009/System II/Planet CH TBD TBD
Distorted Lens I 6/6 0510/Gateway/Saarinen Akelarre Lehenda TBD
Distorted Lens II 6/6 0510/Gateway/Saarinen Akelarre Bigarrenda TBD
Postech Infantry 12/12 0510/Gateway/Saarinen Majakanvartijat TBD
Surveyors 4/4 0009/System II/Planet CH The Rānzo TBD
Strike Fleet IV 8/8 0911/Asta/Idarast Kahupapa Rēmana TBD
Distorted Lens III 6/6 0408/Kuafu/Langgan Akelarre Hirugarrena TBD

Deceased Assets[edit]

Saboteurs (0/8): "Silent Night Cargo Specialists" decimated in the seize of Telas by Children of the Vein Bioshell Infantry "Gospel", they went to ground.

Strike Fleet I (0/8): "Waka Hourua" were long-haul whaling ships outfitted for deep space tracking and exploration, they were destroyed following an altercation with an Aguamalan biofleet over Telas

Strike Fleet II (0/8): "Væringi Vipers" A classic group of veteran Dynaean pirate ships, where overwhelmed when defending the Whale in Hex 0811

Strike Fleet IV (0/8): "Kaipahua Waimārie" Impounded and Retrofitted Ships from Telas' Ports faced improbable luck in their initial engagements with Agumalan armadas, but met their end outnumbered with an Aguamalan fleet The Armada of the Wild Expanse in the 1012 Hex.

Blockade Fleet (0/8): "Fluguafli Klíka" aka the Flycatchers, were a gang of Whai ships who patrolled the skies of Telas. After a miscommunication, the fleet was lost in the void. It is believed that they were destroyed by Aguamalan hunters.

Turn 0[edit]

  • Force 4, Cunning 2, Wealth 3
  • Faction Tag: Pirates
  • Homeworld: 0609/Teuthem/Dynae
  • Base of Influence Dynae equal to faction health
  • Strike Fleet I, Waka Hourua, on 0609/Teuthem/Dynae
  • Strike Fleet II, Væringi Vipers, on 0609/Teuthem/Dynae
  • Postech Industry on 0609/Teuthem/Dynae
  • Saboteurs, Silent Night Cargo Specialists, on 0909/Center/Telas (GM Pick and Placement)

Turn 1[edit]

01.03 - Explore 0510/Gateway[edit]

  • Exploration of System XXVIII (Gateway), at the cost of 2 damage to Strike Fleet I
  • Discovery of Planet A(Saarinen)

Turn 2[edit]

02.04 - Expand Influence[edit]

Movement of Væringi Vipers to Saarinen and built a 1 HP Base of Influence on Saarinen

Turn 3[edit]

03.02 Children of the Vein Seize Planet Telas[edit]

Tahora Whai Saboteurs attacked and destroyed by Pretech Infantry

  • In the formative months of the Telas outpost, Shalini orchestrated for the Dynaean contractors Silent Night Cargo Specialists to provide porter services and ship repairs to the traffic of Telas’ spaceport. These longshoremen and engineers met a dreadful fate when caught in the crossfire of a military exercise carried out by the Children of the Vein’s Bioshell Infantry Division “Gospel”. Fearing for their lives and those of other civilians in the port, the motley crew attempted an audacious defense. Silent Night employees utilized improvised explosives and their small arms to distract and delay Gospel’s bio-mech suits. Lacking sufficient munitions to damage the pretech equipment, the impromptu ambushes and chases through the port resulted in crippling casualties.
  • The defeat and unceremonious dissolution of Silent Night Cargo Specialists lead to several harsh words from Shalini before the TTGI Board of Overseers:
  • "The attacks against the porters and engineers contracted from Dynae is an inexcusable act by foreign shock troops. This unasked for military presence coated in a paint of peacekeeping renders the co-operative mission of the Telas TerraGroup Initiative a farce. The blood spilled by these soldiers and ships will not be forgotten, and by what reports have told us about the conflict at the docks, the meager workers would have given as good as they got had they been fighting true warriors with honour and dignity who didn't hide behind bio-mechanical suits. Indelible ink will mark the names of the fallen Whai into Telas' history. May maw eels feast on your entrails."

See More: Concert of Chaos

03.05 - Explore 0309/Nusantara[edit]

  • Exploration of 0309/System XV (later known as Nusantara) with Strike Fleet 2
  • Discovery of Planets H, I, and J (the latter now known as Puluhan)

Turn 4[edit]

04.07 - Seize Puluhan (aka Puluhan)[edit]

Waka Hourua moves onto Planet J (Puluhan) and begins the seize.

Turn 5[edit]

Pre-Turn, Tahora Whai receives 1 FC from the Telas TerraGroup Initiative

05.03 - Expand Influence Puluhan[edit]

Built a base of influence on Puluhan

Turn 6[edit]

06.07 - Buy Asset[edit]

  • Purchase Strike Fleet III, The Black Ghorāb, on Puluhan
    • Commandeering and salvage of Puluhan Fleets as more are welcomed into the Whai.

Turn 7[edit]

07.02 - Exploration[edit]

  • Waka Hourua moves to 0310/System XVI
  • Vaeringi Vipers moves to 0408/System XXIII(Kuafu)
  • The Black Ghorāb moves to and explores 0210/System X discovering Planet U and Planet T
  • Creation of constellation named “Whai Space” with Hexes : 0609, 0508, 0509, 0510, 0408, 0409, 0410, 0309, 0310, 0210 providing a +4 constellation bonus
  • Revises Charts - Discovery of 3 Moons over Puluhan

7.5 Interim[edit]

Children of the Vein transfer 3 FC to Tahora Whai

“Is that where the sponsorship money of the New Eden Gene bank ended up? BBTV is still looking for that deposit....”

Turn 8[edit]

08.07 - Expand Influence Telas[edit]

  • Increase Force stat to 5
  • The Black Ghorāb catapults onto 0909/Center/Telas and builds a base of influence
    • Silent Night Cargo Concerns is incorporated as a port authority on Telas
  • Revise Charts - Discovery of an Asteroid Belt in the Nusantara System

08.08 Larkspur Combine Buy Asset[edit]

Larkspur Strike Fleet's movement onto Telas triggers Tahora Whai's Piracy Tag for 1 FC.

Turn 9[edit]

09.02 Larkspur Combine Use Asset Ability[edit]

Movement of another Strike Fleet and Surveyors onto Telas triggers Tahora Whai's Piracy Tag for 2 FC.

09.04 - Buy Asset[edit]

  • Purchase of a Blockade Fleet, Fluguafli Kilka, over Telas
  • Movement of The Black Ghorāb west into 0709

Turn 10[edit]

10.07 - Exploration of System XVI[edit]

  • Waka Hourua explores 0310/System XVI discovering Planet AG
  • Movement of Wala Hourua South into empty Hex 0212
  • Movement of The Black Ghorāb to Saarinen
  • Failure to Adjust Dynae's atmosphere

Turn 11[edit]

11.06 - Exploration of System XXIII Kuafu[edit]

The Search for the lost Mamitu Academy facility is begun by the historian Alhaji and their crew
  • Failure to Adjust Dynae's atmosphere

Turn 12[edit]

12.06 - Seize Langgan[edit]

  • Seize 0408/Kuafu/Langgan with Væringi Vipers
    • Blind swing at The Starlit Court on Telas with Blockade Fleet - No Target Present
Starlit Court response: “Tahora Whai missed our battleship”
Children of the Vein reporting: Sources within [Telas] planetary defense noted that a Tahora Whai fleet was detected readying weapons and conducting a deep scan in orbit over Telas. Defense officials hailed the fleet, and they were met with the following message as they then powered down their weapons: “We've had a slight weapons malfunction, but everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here, now, thank you. How are you?” Defense officials offered to send personnel to assist in repairs, but were declined.
  • Movement of Waka Hourua to 0012/System III/Point of Interest III
  • Add hexes 0211, 0111, and 0012 to constellation Whai Space: constellation bonus increases to 5
  • Rename Constellation “Whai Space” to Kikorangi o te Tahora Whai
  • Establish a Research Base on Langgan: Relics Harbor, Occupied by Secret employees of a foreign power, Perilous research underway
  • Failure to explore the ruin on Langgan
While searching for the lost facility, the exploratory ship found itself trapped in a gravity field. Improbably, the field appeared to follow the ship despite attempts to navigate around it. A highly-qualified gravity lens was eventually able to chart a safe path through the gravity field; however, the encounter with the field resulted in minimal progress in the search for the facility. Ship's records show a measured distance traveled, yet the ship remains where it was prior to traversing the field. There is as yet no explanation for this phenomena.

Turn 13[edit]

13.08 - Expand Influence AO(Langgan)[edit]

  • Built a base of influence on Langgan
  • Shuffled Væringi Vipers on Langgan to Planet AO(Rosebud)
  • Failed to establish a Gas Giant Mine over Planet AO
  • Explore Ruin on Langgan
After the crew of the ship managed to avoid the trap of falling back into the twisted gravity field a callout is made to Beamish, the helmsman: "Object Identified in a wide orbit around Langgan."
Under the guidance of Zakk Neuberg, the master Lens taken on to observe the gravitational anomaly, traversal to the orbital object is slow but measured. As the object comes into view, the crew crowd the port-side windows. The station, as it is now clear, appears to have seen better days with only emergency exterior lighting active on large portions. Once the Whai ship approaches, a surge of power flows through the station, flood-lights and shielding activate below. On the bridge a klaxon and warning lights activate, “We’re being targeted by automated defenses," the engineer calls out "Engage Defensive Maneuvres!”
Ships of the Tahora Whai are accustomed to ambushes, but would rather be on the other side of the engagement. As the station's guns level upon them, the crew jump to their stations. Beamish pulls the vessel sharply starboard and enters into a retreating corkscrew pattern to evade the point-defense system. Once back at a safe distance, the ship enters a controlled orbit and searching for weaknesses in the mystery station below.

Turn 14[edit]


Tahora Whai contributed 7 FacCreds to the Strovacarro cleanup on Telas and was awarded 1 XP.

Volunteers from Dynae arrived on Telas to assist the clean up of the Strovacarro comet last month. Teams of crews labored on the planet's surface clearing paths for traffic establishing a secure route to the comet's landing site. Whaling ships utilized their nets, hooks, and harpoons to clear debris and transport large fragments of the comet to local industrial processing centers. One cyborg laborer remarked, "we know what it's like for something like this to happen to ones planet and we hope that we can look out for each other, to make the most out of these disasters; such is our way." These efforts from peoples of sector-west coincided with a temporary hiatus on travel duties and security fees exercised by Whai affiliated ships above the planet. Some commentators suspect this lull in operations lead to unscheduled maintenance and testing of emergency systems over the course of the month.

14.06 - Seize Planet AO(Rosebud)[edit]

  • Begin seize of Planet AO(Rosebud) with Væringi Vipers
  • Blind Swing at Concord of Mutual Disdain on Telas with Blockade Fleet whiffs at the void
In a second incident, mirroring another earlier this year, the Tahora Whai fleet known as the Fluguafli Klika caused alarm in the skies over Telas by activating their weapon systems unexpectedly. Before a response could be mounted by the Telas Civil Authority, the weapons were powered down and the Tahora Whai issued this statement:
"This has been a test of the Emergency Assault System. If this had been a real emergency, we wouldn't be having this conversation, ey taukeha."
  • Completed the planetary seizure of 0408/Kuafu/Langgan
    • Increase Force Asset Cap by 2 and Decrease Wealth Asset Cap by 1
  • Failure to explore Langgan's Ruin
Beamish and crew held their ship back undertaking a robust course of scans of the station ahead of them. The hedgehog-like station appeared innocent, but on whatever approach the crew took, the fortress awoke more viscous than the last. Each time a new engagement range and new hidden weaponry; rockets, chaff, radio blasts, kinetic shot, and more, all fired upon the Whai exploratory vessel. The station bristled with defences.
After several dozen unsuccessful attempts the crew re-set their safe orbit and deliberated their options and alternatives.

Turn 15[edit]

15.06 - Expand Influence Rosebud[edit]

  • Built a Base of Influence on Rosebud
  • Strike Fleets Væringi Vipers and The Black Ghorāb slingshot over to Telas
  • Refueling Station Dave is discovered in the Kuafu System
  • Continued Failure to explore Langgan's Ruin

Turn 16[edit]

16.08 - Buy Asset[edit]

Spend XP: Increase Cunning to 3 for 4 XP

  • Væringi Vipers and The Black Ghorāb move from Telas out to Hex 1110 in search of the elusive Whale
  • Various ships impounded by the Telas port authority are assembled into Strike Fleet IV, Kaipahua Waimārie

Revise Charts:

  • Three moons (Polyantha, Floribunda, and Noisette) are found orbiting Rosebud, the planet is incorporated into Whai custodianship
  • Langgan's Ruin is further explored
  • Seize of Rosebud is complete rewarding 1 XP

Turn 17[edit]

17.03 - Explore System III[edit]

  • The planet BQ is discovered in the far sector west by Waka Hourua, it is a large moon of a local Gas Giant, a spot of former mining technology
  • The elusive White Whale is by it's nature elusive and eludes scanning by Strike Fleets Væringi Vipers and The Black Ghorāb in hex 1211.
  • Langgan's Ruin is further explored.

Turn 18[edit]

18.01 - Aguamala Syndicate Attack[edit]

  • Whai ships searching for the Whale come to its defense when it falls prey to Hunters of the Aguamala Syndicate.
  • Whai vessels impede the attack of La Lanza, but recieve a viscous broadside from Lepides Pagu.

18.02 - Expand Influence BQ[edit]

  • Strike Fleet I establishes a base of influence on the moon world of BQ and ventures sector-north to 0110
  • Mankira Niti cautiously welcomes Strike Fleet Kaipahua Waimārie into the Aether Reach under the Commonwealth Whai travel agreement
  • Whai vessels are unable to corral the White Whale during the tussle with Aguamala.
  • Langgan's Ruin remains arcane.

Turn 19[edit]

19.06 - Seize Planet A(Saarien)[edit]

  • Whai based out of outposts on Voo 6 and the moon of Tho begun dialogues with the isolated community of Planet A(Saarinen)'s surface.
  • The damaged Black Ghorāb narrowly escapes the battle and is replaced by a new fleet.
  • Whai fleets heavily damage La Casa de Fieras and incapacitate La Lanza during this phase.
  • The Black Ghorāb arrives over Nueva Cuauhtémoc and launches a fruitless attack.
  • Whai shepherds guide the Whale out west.
  • Langgan's Ruin is further explored.

19.07 - Aguamala Syndicate Attack[edit]

  • Hunters of the Aguamala Syndicate once again attack the Whale, but Whai ships intercept them.
  • La Casa de Fieras gives as good as she got, but Lepides Pagu falls to Whai counter-attacks. Only a handful of hunters remain.

19.5 Interim[edit]

Turn 20[edit]

20.04 - Aguamala Syndicate Attack[edit]

  • Aguamalan Cyberninjas descend on The Black Ghorāb over Nueva Cuauhtémoc but fail to deal lasting damage.

20.09 - Explore 0009[edit]

  • Planet CH is discovered along side a handful of asteroid belts in 0009/System II
  • The damaged Black Ghorāb luckly escapes the battle over Nueva Cuauhtémoc and zips over to Telas.
  • Whai fleets arrive in 1012 following the White Whale only to find Aguamala's last strike fleet defeated by the Whale.
  • Whai shepherds fail to guide the restless Whale.
  • Langgan's Ruin is further explored.

Turn 21[edit]

21.03 - Buy Asset[edit]

  • Dynae produces a Covert Shipping
  • Whai fleets The Black Ghorāb and Kaipahua Waimārie arrive in 8111 preparing for the White Whale's arrival
  • Whai shepherds fail to guide the stealthy Whale.
  • The Planet 0510/Gateway/Saarinen is welcomed under the custodianship of the Tahora Whai
  • Langgan's Ruin is completely explored revealing Distorted Lenses
    • Distorted Lenses are bleed-infused biological weapons from Project Ithas

Turn 22[edit]

22.05 - Expand Influence[edit]

  • Expand onto Planet CH
  • The Black Ghorab moves around
  • Establish 2 Asteroid Belts in System III

Turn 23[edit]

23.05 - Repair[edit]

  • Wealth of Worlds, for 12 FC the Whai expand their logistics networks.
  • Whai Strike Fleets are brought to Bases of Whai Influence and repaired
  • Saarinen Biosphere remains unchanged

Turn 24[edit]

24.03 - Exploration[edit]

  • 0107/Point of Interest V is explored by Waka Hourua at cost, the ships take severe damage from the depths of space
  • Whai fleets shuffle around to best guide the White Whale to safety.
  • Whai scouts guide the whale to 0811
  • Saarinen Biosphere remains unchanged

24.06 - Aguamala Syndicate Attack[edit]

  • White Whale Revealed by the Syndicate
  • Kaipahua Waimārie is destroyed under Aguamalan fire

24.5 Interrim[edit]

Turn 25[edit]

25.03 - Aguamala Syndicate Attack[edit]

  • Vaeringi Vipers block for the Whale, but are unable to survive the onslaught.

25.08 - Use Asset Ability[edit]

  • Spend 12 XP to boost Force to 6
  • Expand Constellation to include 0108 and 0107/System V
  • Postech Industry +2 FC
  • Blockade Fleet moves to 0710
  • Waka Hourua moves to Telas
  • The Black Ghorab moves to 0811
  • Whai Investment in Saarinen and a Distorted Lens advances their technology to TL4

25.5 Interrim[edit]

Turn 26[edit]

26.02 - Seize Planet BQ[edit]

  • Whai on the world fail to initiate a seize of Planet BQ. Their influence however does not extend enough to put the ball in motion.
  • Elsewhere in 0811 The Black Ghorab attacks Aguamala's fleets, and rallies to the Whale over Dachia
  • Waka Hourua falls to a devastating counter attack from Aguamala's Rites of Spring
  • A Distorted Lens, Akelarre Bigarrenda, arrives on Dachia
  • The Whale is lured to Dynae

26.09 - Aguamala Syndicate Attack[edit]

  • The Black Ghorab blocks the Viridecent Fangs from striking the Whale and strikes back.
  • Akelarre Bigarrenda blocks Rites of Spring, redirecting their fire.

26.5 Interim[edit]

  • 10 FC sent to the Starlit Court
  • 8 FC sent to Assembled Commonwealth]]

Turn 27[edit]

27.01 - Aguamala Syndicate Attack[edit]

  • Flugufli Klika falls to Aguamalan attacks in hex 0710

27.03 - Buy Asset Postech Infantry[edit]

  • Postech Infantry, Majakanvartijat, Purchased on Saarinen
Majakanvartijat are the sanctuary guardians on Saarinen. Comprised of Whai pirates and local Saar soldiers, the Majakanvartijat utilize up-armored construction mechs armed with rockets and anti-air cannons to control the local space. Their mechs are known as "lighthouses" among their operators. This unit is dispersed across the region ready to protect the whale and local void-fauna from poachers.
  • Akelarre Bigarrenda, arrives on Saarinen
  • Whai scientists neutralize the corrosive atmosphere of Rosebud, it remains an invasive atmosphere requiring advanced filters.
  • The Whale remains on Dynae and is met by The Black Ghorab

27.5 Interim[edit]

Turn 28[edit]

28.08 - Buy Asset Surveyors[edit]

  • Whai scientists continue the conditioning of Rosebud's Atmosphere, and nullify the invasive qualities of the air.
  • The Whale remains on Dynae despite the efforts of Whai shepherds

28.5 Interim[edit]

  • 4 FC sent to the Starlit Court in exchange for Distorted Lens III