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Hex 0408
First Planet Langgan
Second Planet Rosebud
Third Planet Planet AP

System 0408 Kuafu is a part of the Kikorangi o te Tahora Whai



A jade world of immortals. Founded as a satellite colony of Rosebud for academics and theologians.

Manitou Bleed Temple

The uncovered orbital ruin which houses an ancient biolab and Bleed Temple. It is believed that the Mamitu Academy, an ancient group of bleed uses, were the former occupants of the temple.

It is a cube-shaped facility hidden behind a gravitational anomaly. Limited docking areas lead into the dense complex and a strong bleed-related gravitational pull creates an unsettling artificial gravity. A small contingent of Whai maintain the temple locally and man the defenses. Most researchers are kept on Relic's Harbor.

Relic's Harbor

A research station built by the Tahora Whai over Langgan dedicate to the study of the Manitou Bleed Temple. Built upon the remnants of a dilapidated anchorage pulled from the orbit of Planet AP. Continual construction has developed a sprawling networks of 'suburbs' and neighborhoods.

The majority of personnel are involved in research of the bleed temple and the distorted lenses from the relative safety of the this base. Additional testing and surveillance of lenses is done on Relic's harbor but is controlled by the Whai.


Cultural powerhouse lead by the Meigui Mandate. Over industrialization tarnished the atmosphere but through the aid of the Whai, the air became breathable again.


The resort moon of Rosebud, transfored into a hub of commerce and cultural exchange.

Sung House

Local attraction and mansion of an eccentric media producer.



Planet AP

The icy remnants of old manufactory world.

Other points of interest


A refueling depot and supply hub. It serves as a last stop for rest, repairs, and decent chow before going further out west. The stations was constructed using a reclaimed ship hull that was left to rot at the edge of the system centuries prior, likely a casualty of a long-forgotten conflict. All that remains of the lost ship's identity are the scratched letters "D____AV_E", which were natrual simplified to the name Dave.

Many whalers and explorers, full of hope and zeal, will host a raucous send-off party on Dave before heading out into the unknown.

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