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Hex 0510
First Planet Saarinen

0510/Gateway is a part of the Kikorangi o te Tahora Whai and was the first system explored of the current era.



Saarinen is a minor world and home to the grub-like Saar species. Under Tahora Whai custodianship, the local colonies have brought miscible life and hope to the long-dormant Saar.

Dush 2 - Research Base


Tho - Moon

A mostly barren rock, Tho was uninhabited before the Whai determined it to be a safe place for Spaceborne Fauna

Kaikoura Lighthouse

Functioning as the effective space traffic control for the system, the Lighthouse on Tho is fmaed for its large beacon. The near-blinding signal from the beacon is rival primarily by the titular beacon of Beacon Space. A keeper known simply as Fresnel operates the lighthouse.

Voidsanctuary of Akhlut

A reserve dedicated to the protection, flourishing, and research of rare voidfauna. It is named after the Tahora_Whai#Dynaean_Pidgin word for the White Whale, its first resident. Construction of the sanctuary was enabled through the help of ORCA, AHABs, and the Starlit Court. Principal research of Akhlut has focused on its solitary song and the physical qualities of its anechoic skin.

System Objects

Voo 6 Deep Space Station

An old outpost built upon an ancient pretech vault. Although the keys and passwords to enter the safe are lost, it is rumored that they are scattered across the Kikorangi o te Tahora Whai. It remains sealed.

The dive bar Hell for Tether is the focal point of Voo 6. The bar is home to many types of dangerous pirates, but especially the Tahora Whai.