Larkspur Combine

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The Larkspur Combine
Focus Bleed Manipulation, Manufacturing, Crafting
Homeworld Mos
System Gograpatk
Faction Tag Secretive

The hard work of the Frontiersfolk built Mos into its own little sector of space. Despite its newcomer status the government is well established. Look too deeply into the cooperative nature and discover the secret behind the shiny cogs. True power lies with the underground enterprise of ‘The Combine’ and its familial ties, with a focus into researching the Bleed and the many wonders it can provide in spite of its dangers.


The Larkspur Combine has been a large mafia, corporation, and portion of the Mosi Parliamentary People’s Republic since 128 MC (TTGI 888), when David B. Larkspur successfully led the Larkspur Revolution. The Family has three primary facets of influence in the forms of a large-scale non-profit that functions as the primary face of the family, significant leverage within the Mosi Republic, and heading an underworld synod.

The Table

More institutionalized or known colloquially as the “Dinner” Table, this secretive organization is the strongest font power for The Five Families, especially the Larkspur, and acts as the nigh-omnipresent arm of force and quiet control for the overall combine. By unifying the families and their influence at one “seat” with the Larkspur at its head, it is capable of directing the sheer weight of its strengths in any direction it sees fit; however, it also serves as the means to broker power, address grievances, and other similar situations that makes any action of potency require collective assent.

The Combine

The front facing name and operation of the combine. The combine is a massive conglomeration of businesses, Non-governmental organizations, and nonprofits that all fall within the reach of the combine’s personal, political, and financial power. The combine is known for its philanthropy and acting as a significant agglomeration of interest groups. Some examples of organizations and industries within its sphere include; Construction Firms, Manufacturing Plants, Lobbying Groups, Political Parties, Arbitration Firms, etc.

The Republic

While representation may seem simple, the manner of selection and election for parliament is no small matter. The families must supply incentive, force, and influence to ensure the right people with the right votes and voices are put in power, and there are only so many times coercion, violence, and other etc are the best means to attain this goal. Therefore; the balance of power is leveraged with favors, finances, projects, and other arrangements that perpetuate the systems of power.

The Unions

While the Combine has many associated unions, it does not represent the innumerable ones formed, maintained, and disbanded at any given time. The unions often represent major organizations of stakeholders based on membership/ownership that form companies and embody both interests and needs without the representation of the government itself. It is through the powerful social networks of the families and careful interpolation from the Larkspur Combine that the Unions of Mos represent the breadth of common social strata.


The combine is heavily influenced by its history from having been founded and stewarded on the cold world of Mos. Its people welcome members at arms length but also accept a certain propensity to shows of force, should need seem to be apparent

Rustic Hospitality

Despite being heavily industrialized on Mos, people of the Combine tend to care a lot about people having a home and being a part of the community, alongside prioritizing respect for communities in general, even sometimes at the expense of individuals in those communities.

Food is a powerful ritual in Combine holds, houses, and families, as it can and has often been a rarity in colder and harsher times. Hence, there are heavy social ties to hospitality law.

Customs and traditions=

The highly disparate starting and lower population density of the frontier has lended to many bespoke and artisan designs across almost all plethora of artistry, engineering, and architecture throughout the faction.

Mealtimes are ritualistically important parts given that the meals themselves were often difficult in practice; therefore, to interrupt a meal is a sober thing and to do so without need is an act likely to incur the wrath of those who hosted and prepared it.

The combine also focuses on everybody within their sphere having access to what they need though not necessarily what they want and likely with the understanding that force is implied to secure and operate both this end and means.

Property Rights are also complexly valued and cherished in the combine. Respect for people’s homes and homestead owners as stewards of the garden all share a sort of spirit with the people of the faction. Should one walk in or visit unannounced they may run a real risk of getting shot as banditry has been a longstanding problem.


When the people of Mos arrived aboard Pabo 8, they began their calendar, the Mos Calendar. Year 0 MC is Year 760 TTGI (or 760 after beacon activation), and it represents the exact arrival year and time that the people of the combine arrived in orbit of Mos.




Inhabitants of Beacon Space can find the insignia of the Larkspur Combine emblazoned on many exports from Mos, including shipments of Bleed-saturated ores, farming and mining machinery, and specialty weaponry. The floral pattern in the center references the beautiful (and poisonous) Larkspur flower. The intersecting geometry of the star and pentagon, highlighted in a striking green light, calls to mind the elaborate rituals and procedures used by the Larkspur family and their associates to channel the Bleed. The stained-glass aesthetic pays homage to the religious traditions and heritage of the Combine.




Faction Truths

  • The Larkspur Combine are religious frontiersman and unorthodox inventors.
  • They are dangerously irresponsible in their use of space magic.
  • They are run by a single large family, mafia style.


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