Larkspur Combine

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The Larkspur Combine
Focus Bleed Manipulation, Manufacturing, Crafting
Homeworld Mos
System Gograpatk
Faction Tag Secretive

The Larkspur Combine is a faction. Its homeworld is Mos in the Gograpatk system.

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Faction Truths[edit]

The Larkspur Combine are religious frontiersman and unorthodox inventors.

They are dangerously irresponsible in their use of space magic.

They are run by a single large family, mafia style.


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Inhabitants of Beacon Space can find the insignia of the Larkspur Combine emblazoned on many exports from Mos, including shipments of Bleed-saturated ores, farming and mining machinery, and specialty weaponry. The floral pattern in the center references the beautiful (and poisonous) Larkspur flower. The intersecting geometry of the star and pentagon, highlighted in a striking green light, calls to mind the elaborate rituals and procedures used by the Larkspur family and their associates to channel the Bleed. The stained-glass aesthetic pays homage to the religious traditions and heritage of the Combine.


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