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The Tahora Whai's western pleasure world, formerly known under the designation Planet CH.

Government Tahora Whai
System Dagr
Tech Level TL 4+
Population Uncolonized
Atmosphere Breathable Mix
Biosphere Engineered
Temperature Burning
Planet Tag 1 Freak Geology
Planet Tag 2 Pleasure World
Mechanical Tag Cunning Assets built on this world Cost 1 less
Ruin No

Eimyra is a pleasure world but it might not seem that way at first glance. The surface is a hotbed of volcanic activity; in many areas rivers of molten metals and lava run regularly. Large mountain ranges cover the planet, and a churning cauldron of magma threatens to unleash itself across the world. It is on the precipice of explosion. But to many, it is a stunning landscape.

Surface Conditions

The turbulent sub-surface results in scenic rock formations and countless hydrothermal springs that dot the planet. Simple microbial life forms such as thermophilic bacteria and algae found in and around these geothermal vents and springs, be they under the sea or in the rocky peaks, provide the building blocks for more advanced species. It is suspected that these more complex flora and fauna were engineered for the planet long ago by a pre-glitch civilization, if not a pre-beacon precursor. Various species of clams, tapeworms, tardigrades can be found across the world, although with highly local subspecies. Bold colors of bacteria and the mineral content of springs create prismatic springs with a rainbow of hues which further reinforce the awe-inspiring vistas.

Chicory Springs Resort

When the Whai first explored this world out west, a curious collection of buildings were discovered in the Bukkehorn Mountains. Around a handful of dormant peaks and with easy access to natural springs and geysers, old pre-tech facilities were found, still running without any denizens. Latent VI systems maintained the structures and geothermal power kept the lights on. Within the facilities an abandoned resort system revealed itself. Stockpiles of stimulants and drugs, along with labs ready to synthesize them are plentiful in these stations. Hotels, spas, nightclubs, and leisure centers are common throughout. The resort was known as Chicory Springs.

Ossified remains of former occupants litter the facilities. Corpses moved and respectively buried after consultation with xeno-anthropologists. The macabre history of the facilities is carried through to the naming of several bars and hotels are all reminders of the fate of the former inhabitants.

  • Dead Man’s Rest
  • Ghost Hall
  • The Mummies’ Tomb
  • Death’s Door

Eimyrja has been lost since the Glitch and bugs in the code metastasized into fatal errors. Whai explorers have been ironing out the kinks of the integrated computer control systems that appear to have failed its former occupants. They have called in experts from across the Rangi to rebuild and redevelop the automated systems with increased layers of security for patrons. Méiguī Mandate officials from Rosebud have taken specific care to harden the blocks to prevent the system from harming individuals or growing past its designed scope.

Despite the morbid themes, the resorts are lively destinations under Tahora Whai custodianship. Whai remedies to the integrated computer control systems are planned to fully automate one’s experience on Eimyrja. Entertainers from the Rangi have added tour dates to include this new world and its unique venues, especially the exclusive techno club: Boiling Point.

Research Lab

In addition, the Tahora Whai have invested in the study of the pretech drugs and chemical labs found in the facilities. Behind the back rooms of the dance halls of Boiling Point, rare and potent stimulants and psychedelics are synthesized in these labs. Strict export controls mean that very little production leaves the local market, and those that do end up in the wider sector are often deemed illegal by regional jurisdictions.


Bliss - Pain suppressant which has a euphoric qualities
Contentment - A calming sedative which relaxes
Ataraxia - Sense of power and feeling like one can do anything: a general expression of liberty and independence is experienced.
Argus - Enhances felt perception and sensory detail - overuse can dull one’s senses or cause catatonic sensory overload
Erinaa - named after the Whai song, this drug increases empathetic responses and communal spirit.
Spark Plug - Stimulant that ‘unlocks’ one’s potential lowering inhibitions and sense of danger - may cause muscle fatigue and injury if used irresponsibly

SWN Worldtags

Freak Geography

The geology or geography of this world is simply freakish. Perhaps it’s composed entirely of enormous mountain ranges, or regular bands of land and sea, or the mineral structures all fragment into perfect cubes. The locals have learned to deal with it and their culture will be shaped by its requirements.


  • Crank xenogeologist
  • Cultist who believes it the work of aliens


  • Research scientist
  • Prospector
  • Artist


  • Local conditions that no one remembers to tell outworlders about
  • Lethal weather
  • Seismic activity


  • Unique crystal formations
  • Hidden veins of a major precious mineral strike
  • Deed to a location of great natural beauty


  • Atop a bizarre geological formation
  • Tourist resort catering to off-worlders

Pleasure World

This world provides delights either rare or impermissible elsewhere. Matchless local beauty, stunningly gengineered natives, a wide variety of local drugs, carnal pleasures unacceptable on other worlds, or some other rare delight is readily available here. Most worlds are fully aware of the value of their offerings, and the prices they demand can be in credits or in less tangible recompense.


  • Purveyor of evil delights
  • Local seeking to control others with addictions
  • Offworlder exploiter of native resources


  • Tourist who’s in too deep
  • Native seeking a more meaningful life elsewhere
  • Offworld entertainer looking for training here


  • A deeply repugnant pleasure is offered here by a culture that sees nothing wrong with it
  • Certain pleasures here are dangerously addictive
  • The prices here can involve enslavement or death
  • The world has been seized and exploited by an imperial power


  • Forbidden drug
  • A contract for some unspeakable payment
  • Powerful tech repurposed for hedonistic ends


  • Breathtaking natural feature
  • Artful but decadent salon
  • Grimy den of desperate vice