Concert of Chaos

From Beacon Space

The Children of the Vein moved vast quantities of personnel and resources to Telas during their "Third Cycle of the Age of Spring" in the Thucidian Calendar (the primary calendar of the Thuces system). This mission was widely expressed as a mission of peacekeeping and reinforcement for the Telas Terragroup Initiative, but was resisted by a number of Beacon Space factions including the Amelhart Institute and Tahora Whai. The official news release is included below.

News Report: Telas, Concert of Chaos

Hello Telas, This is your favorite reporter, Chaz Gusto Prime, here with the latest, and this one seems ripped straight out of a movie script. All details were verified by insider sources over the last few weeks as events unfolded.

According to our sources in the Vein, in the “Third Cycle of the Age of Spring” on the Thucidian calendar, Hemisphere Logos of the Children of the Vein granted divine mandate to Bishop Elsley Arbor to ensure the security and development of the great work of the Telas Terragroup Initiative, providing resources and personnel to the “holy task”, deploying Bioshell Infantry Division "Gospel" and Strike Fleet "Rites of Spring" to Telas.

Appearing before the TTGI Overseers' Board, Arbor pledged a wealth of resources, strength of arms, and medical expertise to the Telas project, renewing the Children of the Vein's “vows of devotion” to the great work in earnest.

As Arbor’s pledged personnel and resources flowed into Telas, a Black Site, designated “BS XT-09”, operating on the planet, was discovered by agents of the Vein. Intelligence suggested they had discovered something of significance in the ruins located on Telas. Analysis found evidence consistent with the Amelhart Institute, correlation deemed likely. When reached for comment, an Amelhart Institute representative denied the existence of any black sites on Telas, or elsewhere.

Once Bioshell Infantry Division "Gospel" arrived at the Telas Planetary Starport to secure local infrastructure, agents of the Tahora Whai were alerted and confronted them. Believing the Tahora Whai to be in direct conflict with the invading forces, Silent Night Cargo Specialists, a motley crew of saboteurs, rallied themselves to resist. In haste, they planted a variety of improvised explosives and other traps to cripple or delay the approaching Vein combat shells. More accustomed to dealing with traditional spacecraft rather than biotech infantry, the Whai were unable to effectively counter the Vein’s symbiotic combat organisms. The impromptu ambush devolved into a firefight resulting in crippling casualties for Silent Night. Though Division "Gospel" reported the opposing forces neutralized, rumors persisted that some survivors managed to go to ground on Telas to await a change in fortunes.

Shalini Mageo, Tahora Whai representative to the TTGI, had this to say: "The attacks against the porters and engineers contracted from Dynae is an inexcusable act by foreign shock troops. This unasked for military presence coated in a paint of peacekeeping renders the co-operative mission of the Telas TerraGroup Initiative a farce. The blood spilled by these soldiers and ships will not be forgotten, and by what reports have told us about the conflict at the docks, the meager workers would have given as good as they got had they been fighting true warriors with honour and dignity who didn't hide behind bio-mechanical suits. Indelible ink will mark the names of the fallen Whai into Telas' history. May maw eels feast on your entrails."

Following the starport incident, Bishop Elsley Arbor ordered the Bioshell Infantry Division “Hymn” to attack BS XT-09 in an attempt to remove the opposition, however, Black Site personnel had been prepared, weaponizing some form of artifact in order to set off an auditory disturbance. The resulting anomalous effect triggered traumatic neurological episodes across the division as bioshell companion operators lost control of their bioshell units, with scattered reports of bioshells attacking allies in feral, berserker frenzies. When asked about reports of Vein bioshells attacking each other in the field, Bishop Arbor refused to comment.

Embarrassed by the ground division’s performance in the face of the (alleged)Amelhart Institute trap, Bishop Arbor submitted an appeal to the symbiote-captains of strike fleet “Rites of Spring”. Responding to Arbor’s appeal, the orbiting bioships of strike fleet “Rites of Spring” unleashed pods of Locust Reaper swarms upon Black Site XT-09, the living weapons quickly breaching local defenses and devastating the facility, nearly annihilating black site operations, though some personnel escaped. Efforts to neutralize and secure the target area of Black Site XT-09 are still ongoing at this time, with scattered reports of operators still eluding Vein forces.

And that concludes our Telas report, and what a report it was. We had intrigue, firefights, traps, explosions, and lost artifacts all in one. Tune in next time for the latest updates on this developing story. This is Chaz Gusto Prime, blipping out.