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Hex 0309
First Planet Planet H
Second Planet Planet I
Third Planet Puluhan
Black Hole no

A recently rediscovered hex in Sector-West. Known predominantly for the populous planet of Puluhan

Notable Planets

Planet H

Planet I


The most populous planet of the system, Puluhan is a burning world of Altered Humans and Pilgrims. Most of the local Puluhanni live either at the poles or in orbit.


  • Mutaria
  • Pelamun
  • Shipsgrave - Puluhan's third moon and site of an ancient battle. Inhabited by the Putschjunta.

Other points of interest


A stretch of asteroids and dust full of pirates and void snakes that forms a ring around the system.

Small way-stations, beacons, and lighthouses are used to navigate the belt. They are little more than small huts and refuges clinging to the ever-changing archipelago of asteriods and dust. Most facilities are equipped with automated defens system to clear the local area of debris hazardous to the operation of the navigational relays.

Ships are known to disappear in Karang belt. Either by savage death in the maw of an Antaboga or by simply hiding behind a large rock.

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