From Beacon Space

Government Children of the Vein
System 0909/Center
Tech Level TL5
Population Outpost
Atmosphere Thick
Biosphere Immiscible
Temperature Variable Warm
Planet Tag 1 Great Work
Planet Tag 2 Seagoing Cities

The center-most world of the Beacon Space sector, currently the subject of a large terraforming initiative by the TTGI and under the governmental control of the Children of the Vein. Telas Station orbits the world of its namesake.

The Telas TerraGroup Initiative

The Telas TerraGroup Initiative is a cooperative endeavor by the major powers of the Beacon Space community to terraform Telas into a habitable and thriving core world. The TTGI is controlled by the Board, which is comprised of representatives of each of the 9 major factions, each of whom controls one vote for policy and resource allocation decisions. Each cycle, a new Chair of the Board is appointed randomly from among the representatives and is given the power to determine the next voting decision for the following cycle.

Environment and Attributes

Once a barren and remote outpost of hardy colonists of different colors and creeds, the TTGI and its 9 members have brought great change to the planet with the massive terraforming effort. In the wake of the Strovacarro impact and the success of the TTGI's polar melting project, the planet has become significantly warmer and the globe has become nourished with life-giving oceans.

In a great feat of bioengineering with the support of TTGI funding and resources, experts were able to engineer a new species of titanic jellyfish known as the Telasi Medusae, based upon the genetic template of Kardakouk's own jellyfish city, Vigasz. The purpose of these mighty creatures was to function as capable seagoing cities for the new oceans, with Vein developers seeding sustainable, habitable biomes on the backs of these Medusae with various adaptive megaflora, giving the appearance of lush, verdant islands to the ignorant onlooker. The first homes, shelters, and structures of these seagoing habitats are entirely comprised of living, adapted flora designed for sapient habitation, with individuals able to live and work upon or within great lily pads, trees, and more. Civil bioengineers suggest that each of these seagoing habitats may maintain several thousand individuals, but the strength of the Medusae is in colonial groupings of several clusters of habitats connected together, which may support anywhere from hundreds of thousands to millions of individuals upon such a megacolony in the future once the world becomes capable of sustaining large scale colonization.

Biosphere development efforts are still underway, but the polar melting project has recently revealed a great trove of preserved, frozen organic matter beneath the once-frozen polar reaches which appears to suggest that Telas maintained a thriving biosphere in some prehistoric age before the arrival of the first Beacon settlers. This has attracted a great deal of scientific interest from the TTGI and other interested parties from around the sector.


The Children of the Vein control Telas, with the local government headed by Administrator-Cardinal Olive Blanch, a Telas native and the leader and Logos representative of the Vermillion Willow Vein within the Children of the Vein's federal government.

The Vein of the Vermillion Willow is a growing clan largely based out of Telas, descended from earlier generations of pilgrims. They specialize in farming and biome development and have provided a great deal of support and assistance to the TTGI project. The Vermilion Willow Vein has risen in status in recent cycles as they have been appointed with the responsibility of governing Telas on behalf of the Children of the Vein.

Despite being a member state of the Children of the Vein, the Telasi government remains supportive of TTGI efforts and welcoming to foreign visitors from many worlds, encouraging business and trade with many major polities and their citizens. All Telas residents maintain the privilege of free, expansive, and advanced medical care, including organic cosmetic and bio-enhancement operations in a cooperative agreement between the Telas government and the New Eden Gene Bank, which is controlled by the Vein of Paradise and offers substantial financial backing to the local government.

The Seizure of Telas

The Telas government was initially seized by the Children of the Vein early in the "Age of Spring" through both economic pressure from the New Eden Gene Bank and military force through the direct mandate of the Vein government. Bishop Elsley Arbor of the Vein of Holy Contribution was given direct control over the operation with multiple divisions of elite bioshell infantry at their disposal, as well as the assistance of the Strike Fleet "Rites of Spring" in cooperation with Symbiote-Admiral Red Scale of the Vein of the Crimson Maw. Hemisphere Logos, the upper house of the Children of the Vein's governing body, stated that the seizure was in order to ensure the safety and protection of the terraforming project and to guarantee that Telas would remain open to all people of the sector, though this move was met with resistance from other sector powers that disagreed with the Vein's territorial claim and their sudden methodology. Vein bioshell infantry engaged with a reported criminal organization known as "Silent Night Cargo Specialists" at the time, in addition to an assault on a suspected Amelhart Institute black site on the planet which appeared to be studying local ruins. Initial black site defenses proved to be effective against Vein ground forces, resulting in orbital support being called down in the form of Locust Reaper Swarms which breached the defenses and hunted down whatever occupants failed to escape. Little to no planetary resistance remained in the wake of these flashpoints - indeed, many Telas citizens happened to be members of an active Vein clan.

Silent Night Cargo Concerns

Following Tahora Whai investment and fleet exercises over the planet, remnants of Silent Night Cargo Specialists were reformed and officially incorporated into Silent Night Cargo Concerns. Acting as the de facto local port authority, SNCC provides logistics, storage, and porter services both on the Telas Station and on planetary starports. Working with affiliated ships and fleets such as The Ngaro Hīnaki and Eliina Fiafia, SNCC also ensures security and safety in the busy Center System. Fluguafli Klíka used to assist in the security efforts, but disappeared in empty space in south-west of Telas. For a small flat fee, SNCC and its partners offers reliable and efficient passage in and around Telas. With increased traffic and high volume of cargo travelling to and through Telas’ ports Silent Night Cargo Concerns is vital to the health and security of the sector's great terraforming project.

The impound lots and docks of the SNCC became full enough that a new Whai fleet, Kaipahua Waimārie, was assembled out of the seized ships.

Notable Locations

Telas Station: The primary Telas orbital station, operated by the Telas TerraGroup Initiative. Due to Telas' central location in Beacon Space, Telas Station has become a major hub of activity for business, travel, and other clandestine affairs.

The Telas Ruins: An uncovered and reinitialized command and control hub for the Telas gates.

Mechanical Tags

  • Once per turn, the P-Gov Faction (Children of the Vein) may reroll a FC generation die roll for one asset on this planet, so long as the asset has used an ability to generate FC. The planetary governor gains 2 FC per turn and may heal 1HP per turn on an asset as a free action.

Ruin Explored

When this planet has a Planetary Governor, it becomes a legitimate target of any movement asset, regardless of hex range. The movement assets of the Planetary Government controller of this world have double range when they (or the asset they are moving) starts the movement from this planet.

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