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Faction Turn 4
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This page details the Actions and Announcements for Faction Turn 4. In addition, links to relevant lore write-ups and documentation are provided where appropriate. Be aware that links to live spreadsheets and the map reference the latest version of events and may not reflect the board's status at the time of this turn below.

Half Turn Trades

The following Asset or Faction Credit trades were processed in the 3.5 Turn:

  • The Assembled Commonwealth sent 3 FC to the Children of the Vein.
  • The Children of the Vein sent 2 FC to the Assembled Commonwealth.
  • The Larkspur Combine sent 1 FC to the Aguamala Syndicate.

Turn Details

The following TTGI Overseers Board vote applied at the start of this turn:

TTGI VOTE RESULTS - Terraforming Decision
The Telas TerraGroup Initiative needs its overseers to make a final selection to influence the final outcome of the planet.
Detail: This vote is unique by having multiple options to select from. To 'pass' this decision, one (1) of these five (5) planet tags must get more than 50% to be the final outcome. If no option gets this value, the option with the lowest support will be dropped, and a future chair can put this topic back up. This planet tag will be earned at the conclusion of the terraforming clock.


  • Seagoing Cities: 2
  • Trade Hub: 4
  • Altered Humanity: 1
  • Psionics Academy: 1
  • Local Speciality: 0
  • Abstain: 1
Turn Details for Faction Turn 4
Faction Turn Details
1 Children of the Vein Goal: N/A
Income: 6 FC
Action: Attack

Attack with Pretech Infantry against Amelheart Institute on 0909 / Center / Telas defended by Party Machine. <Attackers: d10ro1+6 | Defenders: d10+3 | Attackers win: 2d8ro1 for 5 Damage>
INVALID. Attack with Pretech Infantry against Amelheart Institute on 0909 / Center / Telas.
INVALID. Attack with Strike Fleet against Amelheart Institute on 0909 / Center / Telas.
Excavate Ruin on 0909 / Center / Telas spending 0 FC. Result: 6.

2 Starlit Court Goal: Exploration
Income: 3 FC
Action: Exploration

Activate Strike Fleet on 1705 to move to 1604 / System LXIX / Point of Interest.
Explore 1604 / System LXIX / Point of Interest, succeed at cost. Result 9, resulting in 4 damage.
Gain 2 XP.

3 Assembled Commonwealth Goal: Exploration
Income: 6 FC
Action: Exploration

Activate Covert Shipping on 1011 / Ande / Mankira Niti to move the Commodities Broker on 1213 / System XLVII / Planet D to 1312 / Syste LII / Point of Interest.
Activate Extended Theatre on 0911 / Asta / Idarast to move the Bank on 0810 / Thuces / Magalca to 0909 / Center / Telas.
Explore 1312 / System LII / Point of Interest, succeed at cost. Result: 16, Success!
Gain 2 XP.

4 Larkspur Combine Goal: Inside Enemy Territory
Income: 4 FC
Action: Use Asset Ability

Activate Posttech Industry on 1008 / Gograpatk / Mos. Gain 1 FC.
Activate Surveyor on 0807 / Thuces / Helocytus to move to 1008 / Gograpatk / Ikaros.
Activate Seductrox (X2) on 1210 / Hela / Kardakouk to move to 1209 / Mentta / Nueva Cuauhtémoc.
Gain 2 XP.

5 Ascent Goal: Expand Influence
Income: 4 FC
Action: Expand Influence

Excavate Ruin on 0909 / Center / Telas spending 0 FC.
Expand Influence on 0909 / Center / Telas for 1 FC to create a 1 HP Base of Influence. Unopposed.
Gain 1 XP.

6 Amelhart Institute Goal: Seizure
Income: 5 FC
Action: Seize Planet

INVALID. Excavate Ruin on 0909 / Center / Telas.
Seize 0711 / Bazar / Longza with Smugglers. Unopposed.
Activate Covert Shipping on <UNKNOWN> to move Commodities Broker from <UNKNOWN> to 0615 / System XXXII / Point of Interest.
Gain 1 XP.

7 Tahora Whai Goal: N/A
Income: 4 FC
Action: Seize Planet

Activate Strike Fleet on 0510 / System XXVIII / Planet A to move to 0309 / System XV / Planet J.
Size 0309 / System XV / Planet J. Unopposed.

8 Aguamala Syndicate Goal: Blood the Enemy
Income: 4 FC
Action: Attack

Activate Strike Fleet on 1208 / Hie / Gome to move to 1008 / Gograpatk / Mos.
Activate Strike Fleet on 1209 / Mentta / Nueva Cuauhtémoc to 1008 / Gograpatk / Mos.
Attack with Strike Fleet against Children of the Vein on 1008 / Gograpatk / Mos defended by Extended Theatre. <Attacker: 2d10k1+4 | Defender: d10ro1+6 | Defenders win! No counter damage>
Attack with Informers against Larkspur Combine on 1209 / Mentta / Nueva Cuauhtémoc. No defending asset, attack success un-stealths assets. Defender wins!
Gain 2 XP.

9 Concord of Mutual Disdain Goal: Planetary Seizure
Income: 4 FC
Action: Seize Planet

Seize 1410 / System LIX / Planet G. Unopposed.

End of Turn Updates

Telas Clocks

Terraforming Clock Status: 2/12. Ruin Clock: 3/8.

Telas TerraGroup Initiative Overseers Board Vote

TTGI Overseers Board Turn 5 Vote: TTGI Funding Reallocation
TTGI Funding Relocation - The Telas TerraGroup Initiative has the Management double-check the accounting books. TTGI reports a small operational surplus; however, it's not enough to return dividends to all investors. Either the Management randomly returns the small surplus to the investors, or the surplus is reinvested with additional funding rounds to accelerate Telas' Terraforming progress.


  1. 3 Unique Random Factions Gain 1 FC
  2. 6 Unique Random Factions Lose 1 FC, But Telas Terraforming clock increases by 1

Mechanical Revisions

TODO: Extract relevant time revisions (The announcements channel in Discord is poorly formatted to extract these).

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