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White Whale

Homeworld Saarinen
System Gateway
Faction Tag Secretive

First resident of the Void Sanctuary of Akhlut which bears its name, Akhlut is a famous megafauna. First discovered by the hunting lodges of the Aguamala Syndicate, this whale was guided westward by the Tahora Whai to a sanctuary over the planet Saarinen. They are known as "Syr William the Free" by the knights who aided the quest to save the whale.

More detail on this quest can be found here: White Whale



Akhlut is a great worm, or wyrm, with many small wings/fins and a powerful tail. Its long, beak-like maw snarls silently in the void with rows of razor-sharp teeth. Below it’s anechoic scales, gravetically charged organs propel the creature through empty reaches of space.


With radar absorbing skin and scales, Akhlut is nearly impossible to see in the void of space. Despite it's incredible size it has the signal cross-section of a butterfly. In addition, it avoids conflict and seeks the safety of gas clouds and asteroid fields.


A solitary and overall shy beast. It avoids conflict and will seek saftey.

If cornered, however, it will not hesitate to lash out with it's powerful tail and razor-lined mouth. Most of the time it will simply content itself with playing with space debris.


While alone it appears to sing a song to itself, which is described by the Tahora whai as like “a lullaby hummed backwards and in an alien key, no less blissful but lonesome and haunting.”


Following a rumor around the spaceports of Nueva Cuauhtémoc, the Aguamalan lodges announced a full blown hunt. On the opposite end of the sector, the Whai were quick to respond. The two factions met in the 1211 hex and began a bitter and drawn-out fight over the fate of Akhult, then known as the White Whale.

Void Sanctuary of Akhlut

Over the world of Saarinen, the Tahora Whai constructed a great structure and security envelope to provide sanctuary to the creature formerly known as the White Whale. The facility is focused in the study and enrichment of unique void-fauna who would otherwise be in danger of predation and extinction.

Construction of the sanctuary was done in partnership with AHABS, ORCA, the Saarinen Colony, and the Starlit Court. The latter provided security and technical support throughout the endeavor, and are regarded as a pivotal asset in the eventual success of the Whai's mission.

Whai Research

  • Anechoic coatings and stealth tech
  • Cybernetic Assemblers faction Tag
  • +1 FC from Whale's Presence
Details TBA