Faction Turn 10

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Faction Turn 10
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This page details the Actions and Announcements for Faction Turn 10. In addition, links to relevant lore write-ups and documentation are provided where appropriate. Be aware that links to live spreadsheets and the map reference the latest version of events and may not reflect the board's status at the time of this turn below.

Half Turn Trades

The following Asset or Faction Credit trades were processed in the 9.5 Turn:

  • Ascent sent 3 FC to the Starlit Court.

Turn Details

The following TTGI Overseers Board vote applied at the start of this turn.

TTGI VOTE RESULTS - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Program With the end of the Telas Terraforming project insight factions are being asked to reclaim supplies they have committed which have gone unused under the TTGI R-Cubed program. Sponsored by Pendragon Holdings, a premiere shipbuilding firm with facilities on the TTGI station, each faction is asked to guess a number between 1 and 9. The winner will select the highest number which is not selected by any other faction. This discount can only reduce the price of an asset to half its base cost and applies to the next asset purchased. Submission: Factions, please submit a number between 1 and 9 as your selection for this program.


9 - 5 Factions
7 - Larkspur Combine
6 - 1 Faction
No Selection - 2 Faction
Turn Details for Faction Turn 10
Faction Turn Details
1 Larkspur Combine Goal: Inside Enemy Territory
Income: 5 FC
Action: Use Asset Ability

Activate Strike Fleet (x2) on 0909 / Center / Telas to move to 0911 / Asta / Idarast.
Activate Surveyors on 0909 / Center / Telas to move to 0911 / Asta / Idarast.
Activate Posttech Industry on 1008 / Gograpatk / Mos. Gain 2 FC.
Gain 2 XP.

2 Aguamala Syndicate Goal: N/A
Income: 5 FC
Action: Seize Planet

Activate Covert Shipping on 1209 / Mentta / Nueva Cuauhtémoc to move Cyberninjas from 1208 / Hie / Gome to 1209 / Mentta / Nueva Cuauhtémoc.
Seize 1307 / System LI / Planet Q. Unopposed.
Attack Larkspur Combine on 1209 / Mentta / Nueva Cuauhtémoc with Cyberninjas.

Defended by ?? which was destroyed.
3 Assembled Commonwealth Goal: Exploration
Income: 6 FC
Action: Exploration

Activate Covert Shipping on 1312 / Astynar / Peleus to move Commodities Broker on 1312 / Astynar / Peleus to ??? / ??? / Point of Interest.
Explore ??? / ??? / Point of Interest with Commodities Broker. Success.
Quest: Covert Shipping asset on 1312 / Astynar / Peleus sides with the Royalists.
Gain 2 XP.

4 Concord of Mutual Disdain Goal: N/A
Income: 5 FC
Action: Buy Asset

Buy Strike Fleet on 1510 / System LXV / Planet X.
Activate Strike Fleet on ??? to move to 1612.

5 Starlit Court Goal: N/A
Income: 4 FC
Action: Buy Asset

Buy Smuggler on 0513 / Ingirid / Ingirid.
Activate Strike Fleet on 1702 / System LXXII / Point of Interest to move to 1801 / 1801 / 1801.
Quest: "Ping!" - Spending 3 FC and take 1d4 damage. Success.

6 Amelhart Institute Goal: Exploration
Income: 5 FC
Action: Exploration

Explore 0415 / System XXIV / Point of Interest with Commodities Broker. Success.
Activate Covert Shipping on ?? to move Commodities Broker from 0415 / System XXIV / Point of Interest to 0315 / System XXIII / Point of Interest.
Gain 2 XP.

7 Tahora Whai Goal: Exploration
Income: 5 FC
Action: Exploration

Revise Charts on 0609 / ??? / Dynae to change Atmosphere to Breathable Mix. Failure.
Explore 0310 / System XVI / Point of Interest with Strike Fleet. Success.
Activate Strike Fleet on 0310 / System XVI / ??? to move to 0212 / 0212 / 0212.
Activate Strike Fleet on 0709 / 0709 / 0709 to move to 0510 / System XXVIII / Planet A.
Gain 2 XP.

8 Ascent Goal: N/A
Income: 5 FC
Action: Seize Planet

Activate Smugglers on 1403 to move themselves and Tripwire Cells to move to 1405 / ??? / Planet V.
Seize 1405 / ??? / Planet V with Tripwire Cells.

9 Children of the Vein Goal: Exploration
Income: 7 FC
Action: Exploration

Explore 0805 / System XXXV / Point of Interest with Strike Fleet. Failure, succeed at cost.
Activate Strike Fleet on 0805 / System XXXV / ??? to move to 0904 / System XXXVIII / Point of Interest.
Gain 2 XP.

End of Turn Updates

Telas Clocks

Terraforming Clock Status: 7/12. Telas TL goes from TL4+ to TL5.

Telas TerraGroup Initiative Overseers Board Vote

TTGI Overseers Board Turn 10 Vote: Terra-forming Decision 3 The Telas TerraGroup Initiative needs its overseers to make a final selection to influence the final outcome of the planet. Detail: This vote is unique by having multiple options to select from. To 'pass' this decision one of these 3 planet tags must get more than 50% to be the final outcome. If no option gets this value the option with the lowest support will be dropped and a future chair will be able to put this topic back up. This planet tag will be earned at the conclusion of the terraforming clock.


  1. Seagoing Cities
  2. Trade Hub
  3. Psionics Academy

Mechanical Revisions


Public Officials are now warning that the comet STROVACARRO is going to impact Telas. TTGI in coordination with Telas' government appear to have prepared for this effort ensuring that no Assets on world will take any damage as a result of this impact. Potential Negatives Include: Terraforming Setback, Negative Effects on planetary conditions (e.g. atmosphere becomes thick with dust for some time), and potentially restrictions on assets constructed on-world due to the adverse conditions.

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