Telas Council

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The Telas Council is a seven-party body governing the planet of Telas. On top of overseeing the planet, it manages the ruin and the ruin's effects on the wider sector. The Telas Council should not be confused with the similarly named Telas TerraGroup Initiative (TTGI) which primarily concerned itself with terraforming of the planet.

Telas Council
Motto TBD
Focus Governing the world Telas
Homeworld Telas
System Center
Faction Tag Investment Analysts / Speculative Investors
Conjugation faction/factioners/factionish


The Telas Council was founded in the third cycle of the modern era by Children of the Vein, the incumbent governors of the planet, and Ascent (also known as Decadentian Epistratum.

Shortly after forming the factions, Aguamalan Syndicate, Assembled Commonwealth, Concord of Mutual Disdain, Larkspur Combine, and Tahora Whai joined the council body.


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Council Representatives

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Ruin Effects

  • Add 3 FC per turn
    • This bonus applies only to the Telas Council faction directly
  • When this planet has a Planetary Governor, it becomes a legitimate target of any movement asset, regardless of hex range.
    • This passive ability affects all factions and can not be denied by a vote of the Council

The Telas Council may prevent factions from utilizing the following effects of the Telas' Ruin by vote. (As of August 2023, only Amelhart Insitute is barred from using the ruin's abilities.)

Members of the Council may activate one of the following effects on their turn for free. For non-members or activations of another ability, a Faction must pay 1 FC to the Council:

  • Once per turn, the P-Gov Faction may reroll a FC generation die roll for one asset on this planet so long as the asset has used an ability to generate FC
    • Use of the ability will trigger the Council's Speculative Investors faction tag
  • Heal 1HP per turn on an asset as a free action for 1 FC, up to 2 times each turn.
    • Council Member Factions may use this ability once for 0FC if they have not used another ruin effect, but must pay for subsequent activations of the heal
  • The movement assets of the Planetary Government controller of this world have double range when they (or the asset they are moving) starts the movement from this planet.
    • For Non-Member Factions this ruin ability only affects one asset being moved on/from Telas

Faction Tags

Investment Analysts

When this Faction generates FC through an asset, the profit or loss is doubled.


Speculative Investors

When the Ruin ability to reroll an FC Generation Asset's Die is used on Telas by any Faction, the Telas Council gains 1 FC.


  • See Ruin ability above