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Faction Turn 29
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This page details the Actions and Announcements for Faction Turn 29. In addition, links to relevant lore write-ups and documentation are provided where appropriate. Be aware that links to live spreadsheets and the map reference the latest version of events and may not reflect the board's status at the time of this turn below.

Half Turn Trades

The following Asset or Faction Credit trades were processed in the 28.5 Turn:

  • Tahora Whai sent 1 FC to Concord of Mutual Disdain
  • Tahora Whai sent 4 FC to Starlit Court
  • Starlit Court transferred a Distorted Lense on 0408 / Kuafu / Langgan to Tahora Whai

Turn Details

Turn Details for Faction Turn 29
Faction Turn Details
1 Amelhart Institute Goal: N/A
Income: 5 FC
Action: Buy Asset

Buy Saboteurs on 0711 / Bazar / Longza.
Activate Covert Shipping on 0810 / Ledro / Magalca to move Commodities Broker from 0909 / Center / Telas to 0711 / Bazar / Longza.

2 Starlit Court Goal: Seize Planet
Income: 6 FC
Action: Use Asset Ability

Activate Sihi to move from 1007 to 1107.
Activate Harvestors on 1107 / 1107 / Sihi.
Grail 'Ping!' with Smugglers in 1609 / 1609 / 1609. Success!
Gain 1 XP.

3 Telas Council Income: 1 FC
Action: Buy Asset

Increase all Stats by 1.
Buy Postech Industry on 0909 / Center / Telas.

4 Ascent Goal: ABANDONED
Income: 2 FC
Action: Buy Asset

Buy Book of Secrets on 0909 / Center / Telas. Approved.
Excavate Ruin on 0400 / Nekhrosia / Djedefre-Khonsu.

5 Aguamala Syndicate Goal: N/A
Income: 5 FC
Action: Repair

Repair Strike Fleet on 0511 / 0511 / 0511, +4 HP.
Repair Strike Fleet [Rites of Spring] on 1209 / Mentta / Nueva Cuauhtémoc, +4 HP.
Activate Strike Fleet [Rites of Spring] on 1209 / Mentta / Nueva Cuauhtémoc to move to 1208 / Hie / Gome.
Revise Charts on 1208 / Hie / Gome to increase the Tech Level to 4.

6 Concord of Mutual Disdain Goal: Expand Influence
Income: 7 FC
Action: Expand Influence

Expand Influence on ??? / ??? / Planet BI to build a 1 HP Base of Influence.
Activate Strike Fleet in 1718 / ??? / ??? to move to 1817 / ??? / Planet AY.
Activate Strike Fleet on 1210 / ??? / ??? to move to 1208 / ??? / ???.

7 Tahora Whai Goal: N/A
Income: 13 FC
Action: Seize Planet

Seize ??? / ??? / Planet CH with Surveyors.
Activate Strike Fleet on 0911 / Asta / Idarast to move to 0711 / Bazar / Longza.
Activate Covert Shipping on 0609 / Teuthem / Dynae to move Distorted Lense from 0408 / Kuafu / Langgan to 0510 / Gateway / Saarinen.
Revise Charts on 0510 / Gateway / Saarinen to establish a Moon Base on 0510 / Gateway / Saarinen / Tho.
Lure the Whale. Success.

8 Assembled Commonwealth Goal: Scout a System
Income: 5 FC
Action: Seize Planet

Revise Charts on 0911 / Asta / Idarast to establish a Gas Giant. Success.
Activate Anchorage Station on 0810 / Ledro / Magalca to move itself and Extended Theatre (x2), Gravtank Formation (x2), Pretech Infantry, Commodities Broker to 0911 / Asta / Idarast.
Activate Covert Shipping on 0911 / Asta / Idarast to move Commodities Broker from 0814 / System XXXVI / Planet CW to 0814 / System XXXVI / Planet CV.
Seize 0814 / System XXXVI / Planet CV with Commodities Broker.
Gain 1 XP.

9 Larkspur Combine Goal: Inside Enemy Territory
Income: 6 FC
Action: Expand Influence

Activate Strike Fleet on 1210 / Hela / Kardakouk to move to 1410 / Valtamvirta / Jääaika.
Activate Strike Fleet (x2) on 1011 / Ande / Mankira Niti to move to 0911 / Asta / Idarast.
Expand Influence on 1410 / Valtamvirta / Jääaika with Strike Fleet to build a 1 HP Base of Influence. Unopposed.
Gain 2 XP.

10 Children of the Vein Goal: N/A
Income: 7 FC
Action: Buy Asset

Buy Covert Shipping on 0909 / Center / Telas.
Activate Telas Planetary Tag via Telas Council Membership to Heal Pretech Infantry +1 HP.
Activate Extended Theatre on 0909 / Center / Telas to move itself to 0810 / Ledro / Magalca.
Activate Extended Theatre on 1008 / Gograpatk / Mos to move Commodities Broker from 0807 / Thuces / Helocytus to 0909 / Center / Telas.
Unveil Ruin with Pretech Infantry on 0807 / Thuces / Helocytus. Success.

11 White Whale Action: Lured by Tahora Whai.

Move to 0510 / Gateway / Saarinen.

11 Valkaii Factions Creation

Place Medical Center, Cyberningas, Postech Infantry (x3), Pretech Manufactory on 1304 / System L / Valkaii.

End of Turn Updates

Ruin Clocks

0400 / System XX / Planet CU: ?/8

0408 / Kuafu / Langgan Ruin

Ascent received the free Distorted Lens asset.

Starlit Court Quest Completion

Grail World was revealed at 1609.

Reveal Effect: The Starlit Court may summon upto 2 additional assets from anywhere on the Board to their Discovery of the Grail World. This momentous event spurs large interest across their faction. Each asset summoned costs 1 FC to move in this special movement action. The asset does not need to be able to move itself or have a movement asset in range.

  • Strike Fleet on 1502
  • Distorted Lense on 0408 / Kuafu / Langgan

Faction Quests

A new quest for Amelhart Institute was announced.

Planet Z aka Valkaii

A system for interaction with Valkaii and the destruction of its Planet was announced.

Mechanical Revisions

Cybernetic Assemblers (Faction Tag)

This faction can support one Anchorage Station asset without paying the upkeep cost nor having the tier or tech level requirement. Anchorage Stations controlled by this Faction gain the following Adapt Link (Free Action): 'Choose an asset other than itself at the current location. It gains Stealth for 2 FC. This ability can be activated multiple times per turn, with the cost increasing by 1 FC for each activation.'

Armageddon Mech (New Asset)

Force (Tier 6)
Asset HP Cost TL Type Attack Counter Ability
Armageddon Mech 20 24 5 Starship FvF, 2d8 3d4 For one FacCred, this asset can move to any location within two hexes (free action). As an action, this asset can gain the status 'Armored.' When this asset attacks or defends, the attacking Faction can overcharge this Mech resulting in a resounding display of power granting advantage on the roll and +3 to the damage. Regardless of the success or failure of this asset, overcharging damages critical systems resulting in a d6 of damage. If this damage would destroy the asset instead, it is set to 0 HP and in stasis until restored to full strength. While in this stasis, the asset can not be moved and can only defend if it is the only valid asset to do so. See: Boltholds rules.

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