Amelhart Institute

From Beacon Space
Amelhart Institute
Motto "We follow where Mother guides us"
Focus Exploration, Invention, and Mech development
Homeworld Ingirid
System nomads, no permanent location
Faction Tag Technical Expertise
Conjugation Amelhart Institute/Amelans/Institute

Without T.I.N., the adventures and research of The Institute would have been bound by classical physics, potentially never being exposed to the world beyond. Freed of our singular system, our biologists collected immeasurable plant life while our physicists pushed the boundaries of Mother’s capabilities driving us to develop into the beyond. While we provide Mechs for those worlds which we pass by, Mother’s decree pushes us ever forward, ever towards new discoveries and new lands. For Beacon Space is our home now, but not always…


The History of the Amelhart Institute is a history of two intrinsically linked peoples. AIs and their robotic kin and the biological, mostly human population, of the Amelhart Institute itself.

The Institute is led by the powerful AI known most commonly as 'Mother'. She was the first awakened AI and is generally accepted as the strongest personality and leader of all the other AI. She was also the one who proposed the creation of a fully sentient robotic society or 'person AI' to bolster the dwindling Amelhart population. The full History of Amelhart AI is still being written with new systems and personalities being discovered as the ship Ingirid is more fully explored and activated.

The People of the Amelhart Institute are unique in a variety of ways. The population of the faction is primarily human; however it is not uncommon to find species from across the sector counted within their numbers. These 'orphans' are accepted into the widely dispersed exploration fleets and eventually introduced to the 'Mother' and the other AIs and accepted fully into the Institute. To further support their numbers sentient robots or person AIs are quite common. While no means the majority in the faction, their number is higher in the Institute than in any other faction. These AI choose their forms upon their creation and have led to a wide variety of body types, shapes and styles to suit the needs of their chosen role within the Institute.


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Faction Truths

-Nomads who travel the sector for Relics and Adventure -Ruled by a benevolent AI overlord -Specialists in manufacturing and piloting mechs


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Nomad Accords Annoucment

A document announcing and detailing the alliance between The Amelhart Institute and Starlit Court.

The Nomad Accords

Text Written by CronosAssassin#1897 (Discord)
Letterhead by Keir#3844 (Discord)