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Faction Turn 15
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This page details the Actions and Announcements for Faction Turn 15. In addition, links to relevant lore write-ups and documentation are provided where appropriate. Be aware that links to live spreadsheets and the map reference the latest version of events and may not reflect the board's status at the time of this turn below.

Half Turn Trades[edit]

The following Asset or Faction Credit trades were processed in the 14.5 Turn:

  • Children of the Vein send 3 FC to Ascent.
  • Children of the Vein send 1 FC to the Concord of Mutual Disdain.
  • Assembled Commonwealth sent 4 FC to the Larkspur Combine.
  • The Larkspur Combine traded a Surveyor asset on 0711 / Bazar / Longza to the Assembled Commonwealth.

Turn Details[edit]

The following TTGI Overseers Board vote applied at the start of this turn.

TTGI VOTE RESULTS - Resource Allocation III The Telas TerraGroup Initiative Needs To Allocate Resources for the next investment cycle.


  1. Reduce distance by one (1) hex when calculating exploration difficulty, but the auto-explore damage goes from d4 -> d6. This lasts for two (2) turns once enacted.
  2. Advance the Telas Terraforming Clock increases by one (1).
  3. Abstain


  1. 5
  2. 2
  3. 2
Turn Details for Faction Turn 15
Faction Turn Details
1 Ascent Goal: Exploration
Income: 6 FC
Action: Exploration

Activate Smugglers on 1116 / ??? / ??? to move themselves to 1416 / 1416 / 1416.
Explore 1101 / ??? / Point of Interest with Smugglers.
Gain 2 XP.

2 Starlit Court Goal: Exploration
Income: 4 FC
Action: Exploration

Explore 1700 / System LXX / Point of Interest with Strike Fleet.
Activate Strike Fleet on 1700 / System LXX / ??? to move to 1600 / ??? / ???.
Activate Smuggler on 1302 / ??? / ??? to move to 1503 / ??? / ???.
Gain 2 XP.

3 Concord of Mutual Disdain LEVEL UP: Increase Force to 5.
Goal: Expand Influence
Income: 5 FC
Action: Expand Influence

Activate Strike Fleet on 1817 / ??? / ??? to move to 1715/ ??? / Planet AX.
Expand Influence on 1715 / ??? / Planet AX with Strike Fleet to build a 1 HP Base of Influence.
Gain 1 XP.

4 Amelhart Institute Goal: Exploration
Income: 5 FC
Action: Exploration

Explore 0313 / System XVII / Point of Interest with Commodities Broker.
Activate Smuggler on 0613 to move to 0513 / Ingirid / Ingirid.
Gain 2 XP.

5 Larkspur Combine Goal: Inside Enemy Territory
Income: 5 FC
Action: Buy Asset

Buy Posttech Industry on 1008 / Gograpatk / Mos to 8 FC.
Activate Strike Fleet on 0911 / Asta / Idarast to move to 1011 / Ande / Mankira Niti.
Activate Strike Fleet (x2) on 1011 / Ande / Mankira Niti to move to 0911 / Asta / Idarast.
Gain 2 XP.

6 Tahora Whai Goal: Expand Influence
Income: 5 FC
Action: Expand Influence

Expand Influence on ??? / ??? / Planet AO with Strike Fleet to build a 1 HP Base of Influence.
Activate Strike Fleet on ??? / ??? / Planet AO to move to 0909 / Center / Telas.
Activate Strike Fleet on ??? / ??? / Planet A to move to |0909 / Center / Telas.
Revise Charts on ??? / ??? / Kuafu to establish a Refueling Station.
Explore Ruin on ??? / ??? / Planet AN.
Gain 1 XP.

7 Assembled Commonwealth Goal: Exploration
Income: 6 FC
Action: Exploration

Activate Covert Shipping on 1011 / Ande / Mankira Niti to move Surveyors from 0711 / Bazar / Longza to [[Koritas|1213 / Vaddonia / Koritas.
Explore ??? / ??? / Point of Interest with Commodities Broker.
Quest: Pretech Infantry supports the Royalists. Takes 1d4 damage.
Gain 2 XP.

8 Children of the Vein Goal: Seize Planet
Income: 8 FC
Action: Buy Asset

Buy Strike Fleet on 0904 / Gøra / Maize.
Activate Telas Planetary Tag: Heal Strike Fleet for 1 HP.
Activate Strike Fleet on 0909 / Center / Telas to move 1210 / Hela / Kardakouk.
Establish Missionary Clinic on 1210 / Hela / Kardakouk with Strike Fleet. Quest Clock: 7/66.
Gain 1 XP.

9 Aguamala Syndicate Goal: Expand Influence
Income: 5 FC
Action: Expand Influence

Activate Strike Fleet on 1407 / ??? / Planet C to move to 1208 / Hie / Gome.
Activate Strike Fleet on 1406 / ??? / Planet P to move to 1207 / ??? / Planet E.
Activate Strike Fleet on 1208 / Hie / Gome to move to 1109.
Expand Influence on 1207 / ??? / Planet E with Strike Fleet to build 1 HP Base of Influence.
Gain 1 XP.

10 White Whale Action: Roll a d10: 10 = Even.

Take the 'Heal' action for 1d3-1 HP.

End of Turn Updates[edit]

Telas Clocks[edit]

Terraforming Clock Status: 9/12.

Ruin Clocks[edit]

Langgan: 1/8

Telas TerraGroup Initiative Overseers Board Vote[edit]

TTGI Overseers Board Turn 15 Vote: TTGI Station Influence The lease for the Ivory Towers and Country Club is coming up for renewal and the negotiations have broken down to the point where the Factions have been asked to weigh in. Please choose a side to support in this decision. This option will influence a short Free Agents Arc on the Telas Station. If you vote to support the winning side you will potentially receive a small reward.

The name of the previous owners is impossible to find for the average citizen of the station they’d just refer to the “Ivory Towers” and the owner. This organization is a pre-glitch company with this location being the only currently known and surviving operation. Managed by an entirely robotic/AI staff designed to serve the members of the club the service is good but antiquated the robots not receiving updates to their service profile.

Daeda Rice is the child of the rich family “Rice”. Coming into an age of their own Daeda is trying to establish business operations within Center system using a small loan from their parents. Not much is currently known about Daeda but the Rice family probably owns some profitable on-world company somewhere (haven’t decided where) and a significant investment into a reasonable successful space truckers union.


  1. Support the new buyer, Daeda Rice, for the Ivory Towers and Country Club.
  2. Support the Old Operation, the Rich Elite, for the Ivory Towers and Country Club.

Mechanical Revisions[edit]

Faction Quest[edit]

A combined quest between Tahora Whai and Aguamala Syndicate was announced, coordinating under White Whale Quest.

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