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Government The Starlit Court
System 0809 Cacho
Tech Level 3
Population Uncolonised
Atmosphere Thick
Biosphere Immiscible
Temperature Frozen
Planet Tag 1 Exchange Consulate
Planet Tag 2 Pilgrimage Site

A frozen world in the culturally important system of Cacho, the planet provided the first gravity well available to many colony and generation ships arriving at beaconspace.


A place to go into more detail on the 'Attributes' as found in the sector map. These include atmosphere, temperature, biosphere, and the like.

Notable Locations[edit]

Arclight Association Research Facility A research facility ran by the Arclight Association researching combat drones and robots in extreme low temperature environments

Debtor's Pantry This frozen network of tunnels around the planet's southern pole is a well known location for prisoners to be put "on Ice" when they cannot pay their debts to the Cacho Guild. The Cacho Guild operates and maintains many of the pilgramage sites and tour providors in the Cacho system, and this frozen spot in Dachia is where they like to deposit any "tourists" who cannot pay the fees they owe. Most often occupied by people who run up unpaid bar tabs or gambling debt on board one of the memorial stations, you're only getting out of here with your fines to the Guild being paid.

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