Concord faction turn

From Beacon Space

The assets and faction turn lore of the Concord of Mutual Disdain

Turn 0 Assets:

Postech Industry 1: ‘Xikiri Expeditions’

In the wake of the freedom from jail the released races of the Concord have made use of the naturally beautiful (as introduced life tends to be) oceans of Kardakouk provide the perfect place for scenic tourism opportunities. With various companies making sure to make use of this opportunity to make money in the Concord.

Postech Industry 2: ‘Corrallgyár Works’

The prison planet both supported itself and was trapped by its oceans. But with emancipation came opportunity. Whilst the planet didn’t leave much to be desired from the effects of the jailors terraforming what the planet did have was the resource corrallite. With newfound freedom this factory produces the corrallite now used in a variety of goods.

Lobbyists: ‘Black Ocean Collective’

When nepotism is the basis for government there isn’t much room for direct political influence. As such groups of interested parties form together to try and bribe or otherwise cajole the members of the council to sway what they can in their favour. Recently these parties have been appealing for a wider reaching policy, an expansion into the sector beyond our watery home.

Lost in exploration of 1510 (turn 7). As the Concord continued its expansion outwards the Black Ocean Collective lost its impetus as a political force. With the whole Concord now supporting the need for a political lobby group specifically for the advocacy of exploration has run its course. As such the group found itself near enough dissolved, remaining only in some ceremonial forms to remember what they achieved rather than continuing to be active.

Elite Skirmishers: ‘Bunker Busters’

When the precursors left they did so in a hurry, leaving those of us left to our own devices. That included many cell blocks deep in the oceans of Kardakouk. Now someone needs to go break them open. These elite skirmishers are a mix of Tar’et, Queltl and humans are responsible for freeing any live prisoners in these cells… and taking out any that haven’t fared well in long isolation.

Turn 1 Asset:

Smugglers: ‘Lándzsa Logistics’

Unwilling to wait for the decrees from the royals some of the members of the Black Ocean Collective have invested in… alternative means of transportation. On the record as a remote satellite contractor for unmanned satellites the covert cabins on board many of the supposedly unmanned ships allow for the subtle movement of people as well as goods.Whilst some members of the Council are rumoured to know of their dealings the Royals have been conveniently left in the dark.

Turn 5 Asset:

Postech Industry: ‘Royal Terlandzsa Wharf’

In order to support the new interest in exploration and expanding reach beyond Kardakouk the need for spaceships that can accommodate both the size and aquatic needs of both the Tar’et and Queltl are a necessity. As such the royals have decreed the creation of a plant to see that these needs can be met as the Concord finally takes proper steps to reach out from their home planet.

Turn 9 Asset:

Strike Fleet: ‘Caspian Shoal’ The first fleet to be produced from the Royal Terlandzsa Wharf to facilitate the aquatic needs of the Tar’et and Queltl. In keeping with the new focus on outward expansion the Shoal was commissioned to begin exploration into the southwestern portion of the sector. While there has been some debate as to whether the ships used for exploration should be so militarily armed, the overall consensus was that the possibility of finding Jailor relics necessitates the use of well armed ships. Captained by the Tar’et Ba’lar Bortollo on board the flagship Kipper OD

Turn 10 Asset:

Strike Fleet: ‘Erie Shoal’ The second fleet produced from the Wharf, this fleet was commissioned following the departure of the Caspian Shoal for sector south to act as a defensive force for the Concords area of control. Fears that the Concord lacked an effective defensive force should the Jailors make an unexpected return to Karakouk lead to the rapid construction of the Erie Shoal to provide a defensive force. Captained by the human captain Morton Cole on board the Wobbegong OD.