Starlit Court

From Beacon Space
The Starlit Court
Motto For Sihi and the High King!
Focus Chivalric action IN SPACEEEEEEE
Homeworld Sihi
System Variable/Variable/Sihi
Faction Tag Mercenary Group
Conjugation Starlit Court/Courtiers/Starlit

Unity, Diligence, Justice: three virtues of the Starlit Path, with more to follow should you choose enlightenment. Under the guidance of the Path and the Knightly Orders, we offer our honorable services -- for the right price. If the path of a mercenary is not your path, apprenticeship to a mech forger may suit you well. However, be wary; few learn all of our secrets. Our Sidhe and AI guides, the Fae, hold much of our knowledge.


The Starlit Court History arguably begins nearly a thousand years ago on the world of Elentar, as the Once and Future High King seized power from their father, kicking off a long history of struggle, travel, and quests that span multiple sectors. The history of the court has been shaped by our great journey, the acceptance of kindred spirits, internal conflict, and two constant driving goals; Enlightenment, and Grail. Both of these have brought the court to Beacon space, and the centuries of struggle and glory has readied the Court for anything that Beacon space has in store.


The Starlight Court's Government is a constitutional monarchy, technically ruled directly by The High King, who is advised by The Council of Elders and The Council of Grandmasters, and The Unseelie Court acting in a similar function as a Supreme court. In practice, the Starlight court is ruled by the three bodies of The Council of Elders, The Council of Grandmasters, and The Unseelie Court. With the exception of the seat of the High King, all of the peoples of Sihi have the same ability to rise to any position or place of power in the government, no matter their species, race, sex, birth, age, disability, or other status.


The people of the Starlit Court are a nomadic, chivalric, multi-species people follow a religion called the Starlit Path, handed down to them by the High King before their disappearance. Following the Starlit Path is almost ubiquitous among the people of the Starlit Court. The economy of the starlit court are almost entirely dependent on and geared toward the Knightly Orders and the wealth they generate through quests and contracts taken from other stellar empires.

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Faction Truths

  • Knightly order of mech pilots, their skills for hire, based out of a giant space anchorage
  • Nomadic Mercenaries
  • Mechanics who use grease and industry to make a living