Concord of Mutual Disdain

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Currently planetary governors of the planets Kardakouk, Jaaaika, Tato, and Vikn.

Concord of Mutual Disdain
Motto "We're certainly one of the factions!"
Focus Being a Template
Homeworld Kardakouk
System 1210 Hela
Faction Tag Deep Rooted
Conjugation faction/factioners/factionish

Faction Truths[edit]

  • Aquatic adapted society who lives on in ocean cities.
  • An unlikely union of two alien races that are normally at odds.
  • Has Aliens and Humans alike in high Leadership positions

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The Concord of Mutual Disdain was originally formed as a peace treaty between two warring races on Kardakouk, the Queltl and the Tar'et. Their war was not for the ownership of the planet or over perceived and petty slights. It was a war of survival. No living thing on Kardakouk arrived of their own free will. Long ago a precursor empire shaped the planet into an aquatic prison and filled its prison blocks with many races whose crimes are long since forgotten. The empire then disappeared into the stars, never to return.

Many tried and failed to escape, and almost all who managed to break out failed to adapt to the new and dangerous aquatic ecosystem. The Queltl and the Tar'et were the most successful and the most suitable to survive in the depths. However, the two races used different means of communication and saw each other as dangerous local fauna or cohorts of the precursor empire. Their conflicts continued for many years, with escalating intensity and technology as they re-engineered tech from their old prison complexes.

Several hundred years later a human colony ship arrived in Beacon Space and happened upon Kardakouk. This was a peaceful and diplomatic people led by captain Ekman. The humans made contact with the two races and created translation devices for both. After hearing about the conflict from both sides they were driven to clear up this misunderstanding. Many meetings were held, with varying degrees of success. Eventually the humans were able to find a common cause that the two races could unite under, their mutual hatred of the precursor empire who imprisoned them here in the first place. And so, the Concord of Mutual Disdain was signed on board the colony ship Peace Garden by Lacuvia of the Queltl and Mobu'nacar of the Tar'et, overseen by Ekman. The name of the union was a strangely good fit. For those who had let go of the past it pointed to their common adversary, and for those few who still held fear and anger from the years of conflict it signified a reluctant peace deal.



The Concord is ruled both by a council and a ruler duo, one ruler from each of the majority Kardakouk aquatic races. They hold almost absolute power over many important political and governing decisions concerning the Concord and Kardakouk. Together the council and the rulers can decide to introduce new laws, abolish old ones, and apart from a select few exceptions, their decisions are final. For a resolution to pass it needs two thirds support, i.e. both rulers or one ruler and the council.

The Rulers[edit]

Upon assuming the mantle of leadership, one alien will forgo their first name and take up the name Lacuvia, another alien will also forego their first name, and take up the name Mobu'nacar, wearing them almost as titles. This is a hugely symbolic gesture to show that the rulers are representing and being living emblems of Lacuvia and Mobu'nacar, almost as if they continue to guide the Concord long after their deaths.

Lacuvia and Mobu'nacar assume their roles in a lush televised ceremony aboard a preserved version of the Peace Garden ship, where they ceremonially sign a new Concord overseen by the speaker of the council. Upon doing so, they also gain a number after their title/name to indicate which they are. (for example Lacuvia III and Mobu'nacar the III). The governing documents are also changed to indicate a new Concord has begun. (For example, “The 115th Concord”)

The Council and its Speaker[edit]

The Council is a body of around 120 people (exact numbers fluctuate based on Speaker’s whims) who are appointed by the speaker of the Council. The speaker goes by the title of Ekman rather than speaker. This is to be the embodiment of Captain Ekman and the humans who helped bring about the Concord with their assistance. It is the Ekman’s role to appoint the rest of the Council Members at the start of a new Concord.

Ekman must always be a human and at least 2/3 of Council seats must be filled by humans. Anyone can be appointed to the Council but usually it is either military professionals, scientists, wealthy people, or anyone whom the speaker deems is useful. Equally, the Speaker could always just shove all of their best friends and family on there, which is why Mobu'nacar and Lacuvia need to be sure they pick the speaker carefully.

While anybody can be assigned to any position in the Council there are certain permanent roles on the council which are always assigned. These include:

Minister of Disdain - responsible for everything Jailor, both on planet and off. Organises Bunker Buster raids. Can double as head of military (because who would The Concord fight but the Jailors)

Minister of Vigasz - Essentially the mayor of Vigasz, responsible for the running of the city

Minister of Sejtblokk - Essentially the mayor of Sejtblokk, responsible for the running of the city

Minister of Finance - responsible for the economic prosperity of the Concord and responsible for the vaults of Visgasz

Minister of Peace Garden - responsible for interspecies communication, both within the Concord and with the wider sector. Responsible for much of the production of communication devices

Minister of Bernard I - Responsible for the refueling station of Bernard I and the…. Odd citizens who live there. Often seen as more of a punishment than a promotion unless they are one of those odd citizens

Minister of Jääaika - The newest of the permanent posts. Responsible for the planet of Jääaika and their integration into the Concord.


While the rulers and the council have equal say in important decisions, their day to day responsibilities are widely different. Lacuvia and Mobu'nacar spend their days strategizing over spreadsheets and star maps. The Council acts as a sort of civil service, making sure that policy is implemented well. Councillors also receive countless grievances from people around the planet, some of these are sent to Ekman and his office who will decide which ones to hear. Usually Ekman resolves these on their own, only in the most extraordinary cases are Lacuvia and Mobu'nacar also present.

The End of a Rule[edit]

A Concord ends when one of the two rulers either dies or abdicates from the position. Upon that, the entire Council is disbanded, the Ekman is removed, and the surviving ruler also resigns. After that, the previously selected successors arise to become the new Lacuvia, Mobu'nacar. They appoint the new Ekman who picks the 120 members of the council. A new ceremony will take place aboard Peace Garden, and the rule of the next Concord shall begin.


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Faction Characters[edit]

  • Sekélyzelo Boston Germantide Yapple - Concord representative to the Telas TeraGroup

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