From Beacon Space
Government The Larkspur Combine
System Gograpatk
Tech Level TL4
Population Millions
Atmosphere Breathable Mix
Biosphere No Native Biosphere
Temperature Variable Cold
Planet Tag 1 Civil War
Planet Tag 2 Heavy Industry

The planet of Mos has been inhabited for at least 278 years by the primarily, human, denizens but others have been welcomed to call it home with globulons being some of the most recent arrivals. Its habitation is primarily rural but there are some settlements large enough to be considered cities. The largest city and capital, New Harmony, remains what some may consider as the only true city and said metropolis is home of some approximate 7 million souls.

Transportation is primarily available by tram or rail but personal antigrav vehicles and dirigibles tend to make up for any shortcomings. To the majority of denizens, the most important rail line of the planet is the MEME which stretches the largest breadth of the planet and supplies numerous settlements logistically as well as with power.

Notably, the planet experiences a significant level of interactivity with The Bleed as magical storms, ores, and other phenomena are much greater in presence than many other planets of beaconspace. This ubiquity has altered several humans into the termed “Mosite Devils” and also correlates with a higher than usual propensity for the denizens of this planet to have the capacity to be a lense.


Mos is nearly frozen over, except for a thin green band that stretches around the equator, which can only support a small biosphere. Otherwise it is mostly earthlike in nature, except for its milder seasons.

Settings: Eccentricity: Low. Its orbit is very stable. Axial tilt: Between 0 and 23. Temperature bands smaller than Earths. Seasons incur mild changes. Rotation speed: Earth. It takes ~24 hours for a full spin. HZL: Far. More ice than water. Cold, and even colder if you stray from the ring. R&G: Medium. About the same size and mass as Earth.

Heavy Industry

The planet of Mos has immense productive and manufacturing power, and this is manifested throughout the planet's byways in urban settlements and the ubiquitous amount of agricultural industry overall.

Upon the surface and along the many settlements are a litany of growth based industries such as, imported and adapted crops, livestock, and forestry. Among these, one may discover some of the many Mechs of Mos as well as the folk who steward their lands in the pursuit of livelihood and wealth. Similar sightings can be mining industries that seek to strike the earth in search of bleed warped and infused ores as well as collect the many means or minerals in need.

In the undercity of the planetary capital, drastic amounts of specialized goods are manufactured, and there exists a series of highly specific and somewhat strange series of mechanisms to manage production “wastes” which is also tightly regulated to prevent immense ecological and health damage within the industrial heart of the world. While there still remain many surface level manufacturers, within the undercity one would find the greatest depth of manufacturing domains.

Practical regulation of manufacturing can be limited by the urban-rural realities; however, the Republic heavily legislates and subsidies a handful of policies such as the ones below.

  • Construction of Undercities and subterranean mass manufacturing for economy of scale Manufactured Goods
  • Subways and underground transit having earmarked space
  • Disallowing residency below a specific depth to dedicate resources for “better” lifestyle and managing/containing industrial damages within specific zones.
  • Strong encouragement of using glassware and silicates from the bounty of such substances upon the planet itself, which also makes such products easier to recycle.
  • Oversight of industrial exhaust vents and their construction, often called “Geysers” for the amounts of steam or other gasses that are expelled.

Even within all of these legal facets, there is a good living that can be made for those who come to the planet seeking labor, and temporary work visas within the many industries of the planet are much easier to acquire than other forms of documentation, especially if a union has sponsored the work.

Civil War

For almost two centuries, colder divisions on the planet have seeded a conflict that ignited into a tense heat in 278 MC. Revisionist Partisans have often taken lead from Albescu ideology, but, while that family may lead the torch, they represent more than their brood. There are many who wish for significant political shifts such as; manufacturing policies having laxer regulations, reduction of the current social safety net and shifting its burden from the government to the unions, and also focusing the resources and production more towards Mos and less towards other planets and systems throughout beaconspace. There is also concern of the Urban-Rural divides that have long existed and the Revisionists Bilateral Front Party (RBFP) carries much of these political and social banners for their constituents.

In light of the heat of conflict, The Police forces of Mos are burdened to their best under this war. Much of the disparate organizations have had to rapidly strive to adapt to greater and greater acts of violence and destruction. Opportunists have taken the strain as an opportunity to broaden their criminal pursuits in the presumed blindspot of both the underworld and the law itself in the shape of banditry; gang shootouts, arson, and greater destruction of industry. While The Combine and the Police are able to shield most of the civilians against tragedy, some slip through the seams. Such grief has incensed tensions many times, and, while things can be described as tense and heated, things could certainly spiral into much worse.

An accounting of these issues can be seen in History of the Larkspur Civil War

Notable Locations

While more can be seen on the dedicated page, summaries of several locations are given below.

The Helionic

A flying city made by the Albescu family.

New Harmony

The City of New harmony is the largest existing settlement on Mos, the seat of the Mosi Republic, and the only major space port on Mos.

Orasestra Ruins

Formerly the second largest city on Mos and much of the planet's research and academic centers, there is little of Orasestra left today.

The Greenbelt

Less a single location and more the most habitable Macro-biome on the planet.

The Hills

A large stretch of rocky territory spanning the western half of the floodlands, stretching across the greenbelt to west of the ruins of Orasestra,

The Barrens

Contrary to its name, the Barrens have one of the densest concentrations of plant life on Mos.

The Bloom

Also known as the prairies, or the valley, the Bloom is the common name for the stretch of flatlands east of New Harmony, between the Barrens and the Hills.

The Undercity

A behemoth of subterranean facilities and causeways to house the industrial heart of Mos found below New Harmony.

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