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Government The Larkspur Combine
System Gograpatk
Tech Level TL4
Population Millions
Atmosphere Breathable Mix
Biosphere No Native Biosphere
Temperature Variable Cold
Planet Tag 1 Civil War
Planet Tag 2 Heavy Industry

Mos is nearly frozen over, except for a thin green band that stretches around the equator, which can only support a small biosphere. Otherwise it is mostly earthlike in nature, except for its milder seasons.


Settings: Eccentricity: Low. Its orbit is very stable. Axial tilt: Between 0 and 23. Temperature bands smaller than Earths. Seasons incur mild changes. Rotation speed: Earth. It takes ~24 hours for a full spin. HZL: Far. More ice than water. Cold, and even colder if you stray from the ring. R&G: Medium. About the same size and mass as Earth.

Notable Locations[edit]

The Helionic[edit]

A flying city made by the Albescu family.

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