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Government Ascent
System 0400 / Nekhrosia
Tech Level 4
Population Hundreds of Millions
Atmosphere Airless or Thin
Biosphere Hybrid
Temperature Frozen
Planet Tag 1 Trade Hub
Planet Tag 2 Anarchists
Mechanical Tag The controller of the Planetary Government immediately gains +2 to Force Asset Cap, and loses 1 from Wealth Asset Cap
Ruin Pretech Sentry Array

Chrynatos, a celestial sphinx ensnared in the unbounded cosmic tapestry of the Nekhrosia system, emanates an elusive and profound allure. This airless, frost-bitten globe scoffs at the tepid warmth of remote suns, its ice-encrusted crust a stoic testament to the esoteric endeavors of the Ascended Epistratum. Yet, despite its harsh exterior, a hybrid biosphere flourishes beneath the icy shell, fueling a thriving civilization of hundreds of millions. This paradoxical oasis of life amidst desolation has established Chrynatos as a critical trade nexus for surrounding clusters, with its key trade commodity, an extraordinarily pure, life-giving water, chiseled from its frozen bounty, called Vortiscia.

Geographical Features

Against the backdrop of a cosmos strewn with countless pinpricks of distant starlight, Chrynatos unfurls its frigid grandeur. Infinite expanses of icy tundra stretch to the planetary limits, an otherworldly panorama etched by cosmic winds and the cold touch of the universe's heart. Vertiginous mountain ranges, brutal and breathtaking, punctuate the horizon, casting long, spectral shadows upon the seemingly sentient glaciers that crawl with a geological patience across the frozen flats.

Beneath the planet's icy carapace, the enigmatic labyrinth of ice caverns stretch into the abyss, holding in their icy grip secrets as old as the planet itself. These hidden cathedrals of ice, with their glacial stalactites and stalagmites reaching out in silent yearning, whisper of aeons of untold stories, inviting those brave enough to delve into their depths and uncover the mysteries held within.


The planet tags are Trade Hub and Anarchists.

Trade Hub:

"This world is a major crossroads for local interstellar trade. It is well-positioned at the nexus of several short-drill trade routes, and has facilities for easy transfer of valuable cargoes and the fueling and repairing of starships. The natives are accustomed to outsiders, and a polyglot mass of people from every nearby world can be found trading here."


"Rather than being an incidental anarchy of struggling tribes and warring factions, this world actually has a functional society with no centralized authority. Authority might be hyper-localized to extended families, specific religious parishes, or voluntary associations. Some force is preventing an outside group or internal malcontents from coalescing into a power capable of imposing its rule on the locals; this force might be an ancient pretech defense system, a benevolent military AI, or the sheer obscurity and isolation of the culture."


Atmosphere: Airless or Thin

Chrynatos has a tenuous atmosphere primarily composed of trace amounts of inert gases, such as neon, helium, and argon, alongside a smattering of heavier gases like xenon and krypton. The planet's weak gravitational field allows most of the atmospheric molecules to escape into space, creating an extremely thin atmosphere. This results in an almost airless environment where conventional respiration is impossible.

However, despite the sparse atmosphere, a thin layer of gas can be trapped beneath the ice, especially in the Frostfall Caverns, where it is insulated from the harsh conditions of the planet's surface. These trapped gases can support microbial life and, through the process of sublimation and condensation, contribute to a cycle of gas exchange within the caverns, mimicking a rudimentary atmosphere on a microscale.

Biosphere: Hybrid

The biosphere of Chrynatos is a fascinating hybrid ecosystem, a blend of both natural evolutionary processes and the influence of the pervasive levels of decay that bathe the planet. Over the aeons, the creatures and plant life on Chrynatos have had to adapt to the hostile environmental conditions, undergoing radical evolutionary shifts. This hybrid biosphere exhibits a remarkable confluence of life-forms that straddle the divide between the organic and the ethereal.

The microorganisms and simpler life forms have integrated decay into their biochemistry, resulting in bioluminescence, phosphorescence, and other unusual traits. More complex creatures, like the Frostborn Wyrms and Ice Whales, show an extraordinary degree of adaptation and resilience, using decay to their advantage in navigating and surviving in their frozen environment.

Temperature: Frozen

Chrynatos is a frozen world, with temperatures well below the freezing point of water due to its significant distance from its system's stars. Even with starlight's faint warmth, the planet remains in a perpetual deep freeze. The atmosphere's thin nature provides little insulation, allowing most of the heat to escape into space, further plunging the planet into a frigid state.

However, the decay imbuing the planet's core and coursing through its ice seems to counterbalance the harsh temperatures to an extent. This energy acts as a heat source, enabling the subsurface ecosystems to thrive despite the exterior cold. It heats the water in the deep caverns enough to maintain it in a liquid state, providing a habitat for a range of aquatic lifeforms and contributing to the planet's unique, paradoxically thriving biosphere. This delicate balance between the external cold and internal warmth is a crucial factor that has allowed life to flourish on Chrynatos.

Notable Locations

Epistral Peaks

Rising defiantly against the planet's airless horizon, the Epistral Peaks appear as jagged sculptures of ice and stone, their summits reaching toward the cold expanse of the cosmos. The towering peaks are littered with ancient, dormant volcanoes, their mouths filled with millennia-old glacial deposits. The Ghost Lichen clings to the frost-kissed mountain faces, casting an eerie, luminescent glow over the stone and ice. The Shatterbeaks nest here, their piercing calls echoing through the frosty silence, adding a haunting melody to the cold stillness.

Glacial Borealis

A magnificent glacier extending over countless miles, its luminosity visible from space, the Glacial Borealis is a marvel of nature. Its spectral glow results from a mysterious, ongoing reaction deep within its icy heart, casting an ethereal light that dances across its surface. The Crystalline Blooms, drawn to this radiant light, cluster around the glacier's edges, their icy petals sparkling in the refracted colors. The Glacial Behemoth often visits this colossal ice field, attracted by the radiating warmth, causing shimmers of fear to ripple through the region's fauna.

Frostfall Caverns

Hidden beneath Chrynatos's icy expanse, the Frostfall Caverns are a testament to life's tenacity. They bustle with bioluminescent flora and phosphorescent fauna. Ghost Lichen illuminate the cavern walls, and Crystalline Blooms add a sparkling contrast with their fractal ice flowers. The Frostborn Wyrms carve their burrows here, slithering through the caverns with ethereal grace. Their shifting movement often creates new tunnels, perpetually reshaping the labyrinthine depths of the Frostfall Caverns.

The Icebound Plaza

Carved from a single vast glacier, the Icebound Plaza is a bustling hub of commerce and activity. Traders from across the Nekhrosia system frequent this locale, their vibrant spacecraft adding bursts of color against the monochromatic backdrop. Stalls chiseled from ice offer all manner of goods, from precious metals to exotic spices. The plaza resonates with the hum of bartering voices and alien languages, giving it a lively atmosphere that defies the planet's otherwise desolate ambiance.

Astral Bay

A serene expanse of semi-frozen water, the Astral Bay's surface mirrors the vast array of stars from the Nekhrosia system. Ice Whales frequent these waters, their massive bodies casting deep shadows over the bay's icy floor. The bay's coast is lined with glacial cliffs, where colonies of a unique, hardy crustacean, known as the Frost Krill, cling to the frozen walls, surviving off the minute algae that thrive in the magical-entropy rich waters.

The Hall of Frozen Echoes

An ice-carved amphitheater, the Hall of Frozen Echoes is a marvel of natural acoustics. Any sound made within its confines reverberates and amplifies, creating a mesmerizing symphony of echoes. The Crystal Harmonics often perform here, their ethereal music echoing in haunting harmonies across the Hall. The acoustics also attract the Shatterbeaks, who are drawn by the echo of their own calls and often perform synchronized aerial displays, adding an unexpected but beautiful spectacle for the audience.

Shiverwind Plateau

Home to a harsh, relentless gale, the Shiverwind Plateau is an ever-shifting landscape. Its icy surface is continuously molded by the wind, creating stunning, ephemeral sculptures of ice. The Glacial Behemoth roams these lands, its thick hide impervious to the biting winds. Despite the brutal conditions, Ice Maw Vines thrive here, their deep roots anchoring them against the constant winds, waiting patiently for any creature brave enough to traverse the storm-swept plains. This location attracts thrill-seeking visitors who engage in high-velocity windsurfing across the ice, turning the hostile environment into an adrenaline-fueled playground.


Ghost Lichen

A bioluminescent, phosphorescent growth that clings to the icy walls of the Frostfall Caverns. This resilient organism feeds on the magical entropy, exuding a ghostly glow that lights up the caverns in an otherworldly spectacle of luminescent blues and purples.

Crystalline Bloom

A plant species that has evolved to incorporate the surrounding ice into its cellular structure, resulting in a mesmerizing crystal-like appearance. Its flowers unfurl in fractal patterns, offering a stark contrast against the relentless white.

Ice Maw Vines

A predatory plant species, these vines use their sharp, icy tendrils to ensnare unsuspecting creatures, draining them of their warmth and life force, transmuting it into a form of sustenance.


Frostborn Wyrms

Monstrous, serpent-like creatures that move beneath the icy surface with alarming speed and precision. Their bodies absorb and emit the magical entropy, allowing them to phase through ice as though it were mere mist.

Ice Whales

Enormous, majestic creatures that traverse the Astral Bay. They navigate the semi-frozen water using sonar-like pulses of magical energy, and their breaching displays are a sight of raw power and beauty.


Avian predators with razor-sharp wings and beaks capable of shattering ice. They swoop down from the Epistral Peaks to seize their prey, rending them with their icy talons.


The Glacial Behemoth

The apex predator of Chrynatos, a creature that embodies the brutality of the planet. This hulking leviathan prowls the Shiverwind Plateau, its thick, ice-encrusted hide practically impervious to attacks. Feasting on Frostborn Wyrms and Ice Whales alike, the Behemoth represents the pinnacle of the planet's ferocious, survivalist food chain. The very sight of the Glacial Behemoth, with its ice-blue eyes radiating the raw essence of magical entropy, strikes terror into the hearts of the bravest adventurers.

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