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Government Aguamala Syndicate
System Hie
Tech Level 4
Population Hundreds of Millions
Atmosphere Breathable
Biosphere Immicible
Temperature Frozen
Planet Tag 1 Cheap Life
Planet Tag 2 Heavy Mining
Mechanical Tag Force assets cost 1 FC less
"There is no place like Gome."


A place to go into more detail on the 'Attributes' as found in the sector map. These include atmosphere, temperature, biosphere, and the like.

Notable Locations

A place for notable locations on the planet to be listed and described, potentially linking to a more detailed page. For example faction bases of influence, cities, spaceports, etc.

Planetary Objects


Gas Giant Mine
  • Miserable gas-miner laborers
  • Things are Emerging Below

Delta 9

Refueling Station
  • Religious missionaries to travlers
  • Ships in severe distress

'Moon 1

newly charted as significant

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