From Beacon Space
Government Concord of Mutual Disdain
System Hela
Tech Level TL4
Population Tens of millions
Atmosphere Airless or thin
Biosphere No native biosphere
Temperature Warm
Planet Tag 1 Pleasure World
Planet Tag 2 Prison Planet

Due to the lack of real atmosphere most of Kardakouks inhabitants and introduced life live below the surface in vast underground oceans, including the Founding species of The Concord of Mutual Disdain, the Tar'et, the Queltl and humanity.


A place to go into more detail on the 'Attributes' as found in the sector map. These include atmosphere, temperature, biosphere, and the like. More details about the Flora and Fauna are available.


A variety of Kardakouk's cuisine can be found here Kardakouk Cuisine

Every year life and death are celebrated in tune with the planets natural Sireing Season

The nature of Concord Apparel is adapted to the underwater environment

The Great Mureen

At a recently discovered deep sea cell block, the Concord Bunker Buster freed an enormous creature trapped within. The creature resembled a moray eel but with a body stretching several kilometers and a mind as sharp as any other sentient species on Kardakouk. Apparently, the creature was the last known of its kind and referred to itself as a Mureen. An audience was swiftly arranged between the Mureen and the Kardakouk Royals. They welcomed the Mureen with open arms and invited it to join the Concord, hoping that it would make a powerful ally. The Mureen shrugged, in a way that only eels can do, and responded that it would "take a swim and think about it" before disappearing into the vast oceans of Kardakouk.

Many months have passed with several sightings of the Mureen around Kardakouk, but no one has dared to approach it and ask if it has decided. However, misinformed rumors about the Mureen have spread like wildfire on Kardakouk. People claim that the Mureen has taken up the mantle as a fierce guardian of Kardakouk and the Concord. Others say that it is has become a personal advisor to the Royals with its ancient wisdom. The creature has become immensely popular and is now referred to as The Great Mureen. By overwhelming popular demand, it even features in the center of the Concord's new flag. The Great Mureen has even become a popular icon on other planets in the Concord.

It is unclear if the Mureen is aware of this development. Both the Council and the Royals are unsure on how to breach the subject with the colossal predator that now roams the Kardakouk oceans.

Notable Locations

The Eight Spears

The entrance to Kardakouk is safeguarded by 8 structures, the only place where people or ships can pass from the oceans under the mantle to the barren surface of the planet and the harsh vacuum of space. Whilst many of the ancient structures are viewed with suspicion, fear or disgust due to their clear and obvious relation to the Jailors and the centuries of imprisonment the Spears are noticeably different.They are instead viewed with respect and even reverence due to their both connecting the planet to the rest of the sector and also safeguarding the planet from them. Having clear, distinctive and most importantly controlled entrances affords the Concord a level of protection completely unavailable to the planets of the sector with normal atmospheres. Even more importantly the Spears are noticeably different from Jailor architecture. Whilst most Jailor constructs are spartan blacks and greys, with brutalist and spartan construction the Spears are very different. They are graceful and elegant constructions of white with shining blue finishes and accents. Even more importantly the language used in these structures is very different from what little remains of Jailor texts.

There are two languages present in the Spears. One a technical language, the code used to control the computer controls of these Spears which the Concord have gradually cracked and worked around to open 5 of the Spears over time. With the 2 Spears open before the Concord’s creation leaves only 1 of the Spears still sealed shut. The other is the language inscribed on the walls of the Spears themselves. Whilst the coding language has had much success in being translated and utilised the language on the Spear walls has proven much more difficult to translate. In fact there are only 8 words that the Concord have successfully translated, and each of the Spears is named after the word translated at each location, the word emblazoned above each Spears entrance on either side of the mantle of Kardakouk.

The 8 Spears:

Warden: Situated at the magnetic south pole. One of the pair of Spears that have always been navigable even before the Concord came into being. It is unclear who opened these Spears but some theorised they may have been opened by the first call of the Beacon.

Watcher: Situated at the magnetic north pole and the other of the pair that was open before the Concords creation. The only Spear that has begun to show signs of wear and tear. Currently undergoing research to ensure the Spear can be maintained, if not outright recreated.

Prophet: The first spear successfully entered by the Concord, the nearest Spear to Sejtblokk and has since become the most congested entry point to the planet thanks to its moderately large size and close location to the most populated city on Kardakouk.

Exile: Situated at a remote region above a complex, tangled web of submerged caves and tunnels.

Theologian: Situated the closest to Szalamandra of the spears the Szalamandra Corporation have many times tried to purchase exclusive access to Theologian, in spite of being the second smallest, but have been rebuffed by the Royals on every occasion

Enigma: The smallest of the Spears, only suitable for individuals to enter or exit, with some Tar’et being too large to get through at all. The only Spear that has been interacted with by the jellyfish Visgasz. Not long after the Concords creation when passing under the Spear Visgasz reached out and touched it with a tentacle. There was no damage to either the Spear or the jellyfish but Visgasz has not repeated the process when passing under other Spears, nor yet travelled beneath Enigma since.

Stalwart: Situated in the deepest oceans. Whilst the other spears are situated at relatively thin parts of the mantle Stalwart stands deep in one of the thickest parts of the crust. In spite of the thickness of this area of the planet Stalwart stands as the largest of the Spears of Kardakouk, being the only one big enough to allow spaceships to enter and leave the planet's oceans.

Aspirant: The only spear that remains unopened, It is fairly unremarkable in most respects, middling in size, in a fairly unremarkable location. But for some reason the encryption and protections around this spear are multiple times more complicated than the others. It is unclear if this was the last spear created, and thus the most advanced, or if there was another reason for the extensive encryptions.

Vigasz - the Jellyfish City

Whilst most of the cities in the oceans of Kardakouk are as stationary as is commonly expected of cities Vigasz is the notable exception. Constructed within a huge and constantly moving jellyfish the city of Vigasz is one of the few outdoor places on Kardakouk with enough naturally occurring oxygen to allow humans to walk around unassisted by breathing apparatus. As such the city serves as a major tourist attraction now that the Concord has grown more accustomed to off-world visitors.

Situated within the mesoglea of the mighty medusae the population of the city is carefully controlled to ensure that the oxygen the living city creates doesn’t run out. It has long been debated whether the ability of the enormous jellyfish to create oxygen is an entirely natural phenomenon or if it was an ability implanted in the ginormous creature by the jailors. Whatever the origin of this ability, it is central to the city's continued survival. With a maximum liveable population of around a million inhabitants most of the time the city maintains a level of 700,000 permanent inhabitants for a few reasons. Firstly in times of peace it allows for a large tourist population to generate funds for the Concord. Then in times of war the 300,000 population gap allows for a large number of military assets to be stationed inside the city.

The city itself is composed of a few distinct components. At the base of the hood of the jellyfish on opposite sides are the main ports of the city and one of the few places that needed to be directly carved out of the enormous creature. They are maintained with a vigorous security checkpoint as any dramatic issues at the ports could potentially flood the city with ocean water. As such the temperature, pressure and speed of all ships and goods are carefully monitored to prevent such a situation. The ports themselves then open into the main thoroughfare of the city, where each port mirrors the other in opening out into two of the three major areas of the city. With the gastrovascular cavity of the jellyfish serving as the natural centre the area built on top of the gastrodermis of the cavity is known as the upper city and the areas tucked in below the cavity as the lower city.

The upper city is the main tourist hub of the city and the least populated to allow for space for the tourists to enjoy the local delicacies. The lower amount of local homes, natural oxygen and controlled population mean that the upper city has a host of open spaces to enjoy compared to many of the other cities on Kardakouk. Lavish and ornate the upper city is host to a wide variety of artisanal crafts, many constructed out of corrallite. Some of the work commissioned by the Lacuvia and Mobu’nacar, the most prominent of which is a depiction of the Peace Garden ship, in a public park of the same name. It stands as a monument in front of the Con’cordat palace where the royals of the concord reside. Lavish and beautiful it serves as another grand tourist attraction with several enormous telescopes emerging from its many rooves to provide the inhabitants with a spectacular view of the oceans and wildlife outside the jellyfish.

The lower city has another split in its purposes but both sections are commonly known as the lower city. The upper section of the lower city is situated underneath the gastrovascular cavity and hangs between the central structure, the gonads and the outer section of the cavity. Known as the Underhang this is where the majority of the local inhabitants live. The hanging homes of the inhabitants are made out of very light materials to prevent undue stress on the jellyfish despite how many people live there. There are quite a few regulations specific to the Underhang including the collection of waste materials in specific locations where it can be collected and sent to the city dump to prevent any waste being dumped onto the buildings below.

Below the Underhang lies the industrial heart of the city. Also known as the Dregs the majority of the city’s less artisanal and more mechanical industry takes place here. Equipped with advanced adaptations to raise and lower in accordance to the movements of the jellyfish the factories rise and fall while maintaining a level workspace inside. As such work can continue barring only the most extreme of movement from the host city, Also located within the Dregs are the entrances to the third major area of the city.

Well guarded at all hours of the day are entrances to the high speed lifts to the vaults of Vigasz. Located within the tentacles of the jellyfish the vaults make use of the natural stingers of the beast to provide security to the buildings as a whole. The only entrances are the lifts extending down through the interior of the tentacles making the vaults the most well guarded locations on Kardakouk and the stored of much of the wealth of the Concord both in the form of the riches of the Lacuvia and Mobu’nacar and in the private earnings of the citizens.

Sejtblokk - the Cell Block City

Whilst the capital of Kardakouk is Vigasz the largest city on the planet is Sejtblokk. Without the limiting factor of the jellyfish to consider the city isn’t beholden to any of the same space or population restrictions. Composed of a collection of the old prison cell blocks as a base with more modern constructions on the outermost edges the city of Sejtblokk is large, industrial and urban. While many places on Kardakouk can be considered quite beautiful, Sejtblokk stands as the testament to the purpose of the Jailors' use of the planet. Large black rectangles that are as spartan as most of the Jailors architecture these cell blocks are nor arranged in a cohesive manner. Instead they are haphazardly arranged on the seafloor, if the jailors ever had a system in place to organise them it has since been abandoned with the unplanned addition of other cell blocks that rest simply wherever they ended up when their propulsion systems failed.

With the addition of newer sections of the city Sejtblokk remains the largest city on the planet and a representation of how far the species of the Concord have come since their emancipation. As with most of Kardakouks population centres the city is at the bottom of one of the many oceans and as such not well suited for human habitation. Many of the cell blocks have an airlock to enter with the interiors being filled with air for human habitation. Others however are entirely filled with water for the Tar’et and Queltl inhabitants. As such buildings are required by law to be clearly marked at the entryway as to whether they contain air inside to avoid as many accidental drownings as possible. The city itself is divided into 4 major sections which are each regarded with separate characteristics that distinguish them from each other but together comprise the city of Sejtblokk.

Ulocrity - Stationary City

The oldest section of the city consists of former prison cell blocks.. Whilst some of the blocks originated where Sejtblokk now stands, many more were moved here from other prisons during the emancipation of Kardakouk. The Ulocrity is now stationary as the blocks that once moved have lost that ability, whether by design or from the consequences of time.

Since most of the buildings in the Ulocrity are a result of time and circumstance rather than planning, most of them are between one and three stories, with the buildings with multiple stories being improvised. Less like proper street blocks and more like building blocks clumsily strewn about on a playmat As a result many of the egresses between cell blocks have been added in convenient locations rather than the standard positions on the blocks. One of the few points of architectural differentiation of the generally monotone cell blocks of the Ulocrity are in how the entrances of buildings and connections between cell blocks are decorated and even where on the block they are located. These differing entryways are often the basis of markers for locals to orient themselves given the lack of traditional streets or organised swimways.

The exception to the generally low sky(sea)line of the Ulocrity is the Városlekvár Complex. Originally an administrative building for the Jailors prison it has been converted into a mix of city hall, administrative centre and official cultural point for ‘protests’ against ‘the crimes of the Jailors’ by various interest groups. Most of these protests consist of angrily shouting about the various wrongdoings of the Jailors, some real and documented and others entirely fabricated conspiracies, including but not limited to: assassinating the various members of the Council Broadcasting subliminal messages from the Bernard 1 refueling station Reducing the number of fish in the oceans Poisoning bread Draining Kardakouk and replacing the water with slightly saltier water Burning all the trees Ruining 3 citizens lawns

The structure of the Városlekvár Complex itself towers above the rest of the city, including the modern sections. Even so it matches the haphazard nature of the rest of the Ulocrity, with multiple cell blocks having been at various points rammed into the structure at various heights, which have over time been reinforced and incorporated into the complex. In the past disorganised attempts have been made to bring down the Complex with these cell blocks used as piloted ammunition, but none of these attempts were ever close to successful. Compounding the disfigured nature of the Complex the various cell blocks sticking out of the structure at odd angles are complemented by the remnants of battles of the past that also scar the building. Before the arrival of the peace garden, the Városlekvár Complex was the site of many skirmishes between Tar’et and Queltl. Their battles among the Complex at the heart and the cell blocks below occurred throughout history with neither ever managing to gain complete control over the complex. Eventually Sejtblokk became the site of the first communities where Tar’et, Queltl and humans all lived together.

Mozgócrity - Moving City

Similar to the Ulocrity, the Mozgócrity consists of blocks that were either part of the prison or created afterwards to match the style and measurements of the original blocks. These blocks however remain mobile and are moved every so often as needed. Unlike the other parts of the city this section is constantly shrinking as the architectural style of Kardakouk had long since abandoned harping the prison based style and blocks lose movement functionality, becoming part of the Ulocrity. The sections of the Ulocrity with relatively organised upper stories are often the result of planned movement of the Mozgócrity. As the Mozgócrity shrinks it has become more likely for sections approaching the end of their capabilities to have their resting places planned to avoid crashes and thus prevent injuries.The Mozgócrity specialises in moving factories which make use of the movement of the blocks to assist in deliveries of both raw materials and the finished products. Many of the planets top corralite crafters make their wares in their famous moving workshops which may be the one hope to keep the Mozgócrity moving and functional instead of being totally incorporated into the Ulocrity.

Ujcrity - New City

The second largest section of the city, most of the modern construction is located in this area. A result of urban sprawl the Ujcrity is built the furthest from the Városlekvár Complex and marks the outer ring of the city. Clearly demarcated by the change from monochrome black to coloured buildings, the Ujcrity began to be constructed only after the arrival of humanity to Kardakouk. Whilst certainly more utilitarian than the architects of Vigasz, the Ujcrity is still where the artistic styles of the concord have begun to take shape. This section most resembles cities that would be found on land but still lack major roads on the seafloor, instead opting to have only simple swimways while vehicles make use of being submerged to travel up rather than across. Whilst not as industrial as the Ulocrity and Mozgócrity the nature of the city as a whole means that industry is not entirely absent from the Ujcrity either, albeit less pronounced. As time has gone on the Ujcrity has a majority of the population of the city simply from how much it has sprawled in the centuries of peace.

Kapszulacrity - new moving city

The newest section and technically not actually composed of buildings, the Kapszulacrity is a never ending swarm of personal ships and open ships in the manner of stalls that constantly buzz above the other sections as birds would a terrestrial city. Making use of the verticality afforded from being underwater, the Kapszulacrity is a symbol of the prosperity brought about by the concord and is constantly shifting as people come and go from the city. Whilst there are no actual buildings the need for city officials to organise the traffic of ships and the needs of the stall ships as they anchor in various locations have caused the Kapszulacrity to become recognised as a separate section of the city whole.

The highlight of the Kapszulacrity is the collection of ships turned stalls that form the Cuppansaima Bazaar. Whilst they move every few days the Cuppansaima Bazaar is formed from thousands of small ships, often owned by single proprietors that form a great market above the main city. Whilst most of the city is industrially focused the Bazaar is the tourist attraction of the city. From first time corralite artisans, to aspiring artists, to the greatest variety of stream vendor foods on the planet, if it can be bought or sold you can find it at the Bazaar. The constant moving of individual stalls means that there is no uniformity to the Bazaar and every week you could find a new selection of stalls to browse. Over time the Bazaar waxes and wanes above the rest of the city, forming the thickest section of the swarm of ships, and the largest concentration of people swimming among the vehicles.


The third of the three major cities of Kardakouk, Szalamandra, is another tourism destination for the planet. The more unique feature of Szalamandra compared to the other cities of Kardakouk is that it is located near the top of the seas, underneath the enclosing crust of the planet. In fact the city is located where the crust is the thinnest on the planet. Swathed in the glow of both sentient made and bioluminescent lights the city is entirely aimed towards being a theme park. Szalamandra Theme Park Map

Szalamandra Corporation

Most of the city of Szalamandra is owned and operated by the Szalamandra Corporation which oversees the daily running of the park as well as its advertisement both in and out of the system. As one of the largest employing entities on Kardakouk the CEO of the company has almost always been appointed to the council by the Lacuvia and Mobu’nacar (barring a brief scandal involving intimate relations between a previous Lacuvia and a previous CEO). As such the entire city is geared towards seeing the park's continued success.

Overseen by an executive board composed of all species, the corporation is one of the symbols of cooperation between the races of the Concord, which was part of the intention with the creation of the park in the first place. Members of all races have been CEO’s in the past and the good reputation from such appointments has helped carry the corporation through several scandals and missteps over the centuries. The modern incarnation of the company is seen as a mix of well-meaning, bizarrely frugal and occasionally exploitative in their continued attempts to control and maintain a variety of entertainment products in addition to running the park.

Theme Park

Come one! Come All! Behold the mighty and fabulous attractions of Szalamandra! The light of the Hela system. With rides for the amphibious and terrestrial alike the wonders never cease at the pearl of the oceans! When the nightmarish reign of the barbarous Jailors ended there was clearly only one solution to ail the generations of suffering like no other…. A paradise city! A place to soothe the ills for all who care to come. With the greatest minds and industries of Sejtblokk put to work the construction may have taken decades but your delight will last forever!

Breach Broil Bonanza: Ups and downs and spin it all arounds! Rise and plummet on the variety of roller coasters that make Szalamandra so thrilling! From the Tidal Twister to the Shocking Shoal Saga, the Hair-raising Hieronyrush to the Dagon Dive! Those and much more including the pièce de résistance, the tremendous Breach Broil Bonanza! Drilled up into the crust itself feel the wild ride as it dips down into the oceans, all around the crust interior and up into the glorious light of the Hela system! Brief though it may be, the ride catches the uninterrupted view of the barren wasteland of outer karakouk! Bathe in the knowledge that under barren wastes lie the spawning pool of life in the face of oppression! All while high on adrenaline! (or your biological equivalent).

Whirlpool Rapids: The Seas of Kardakouk however are not all calm and tranquil…. Perfect for the daredevil! With pod and submersible options for you terrestrial folk and open water availability for you guileful gilled guests. Whirlpool Rapids are a variety of high speed water currents and water vortexes. They have been mapped precisely to calculate the craziest and most outlandish routes possible to feel the power of the ocean. Experience this twisting avenue of adventure and excitement and prepare for even the worst situations you may find yourself in out in the wide oceans! (Please follow the guidelines on recommended routes according to your level of experience as injury and nausea are always a danger and we’re tired of cleaning up your bodily fluids).

Water Shoot: Whirlpool Rapids too slow for your tastes? Need to go FAST? Well the Water Shoot turns the speed up to 11. Highly pressurised vortexes that provide an exhilarating journey through an underwater ride of a lifetime! Feel the adrenaline or biological equivalent pulse through your veins or biological equivalent! Face the varying challenge levels including the ultimate level that like the Breach Broil Bonanza travels up above the crust and over the mantle of Kardakouk. (Note: other than Tar’et all guests are required to use the provided reinforced submersibles)

Deep Dropper: Plunge deep into the abyss! Feel the pressure of the great deep and revel in the fear of the loss of gravity without the danger of a hull breach. Delve from the highest point in the ocean to its very floor all in one fell swoop. And to relax and recover enjoy the miraculous sights in a slow buoy up to the top once again, with a wondrous and unobstructed view of all the varied life on your pleasurable return to the ride beginning. Enjoy the variety of biomes from the seafloor to the wide open ocean. From the seaweed forests to the schools of fish, all colours of the rainbow.

Creepy Cell: We all know the horrors of the Jailors and the cruelty they brought upon this world. But it is important that the next generation are rightly informed and properly terrified! Combining education and the basic prey instinct, sharpen both mind and nerves! Taken from the depths and propelled to the site of Szalamandra we have an authentic cell block! I know, I know, that is hardly surprising on Kardakouk. But fret not dear friends! For not only do we have a cell block but we have recreated what was sealed inside! Rest assured there have been no accidents there for decades and legally the Corporation was not responsible for any of the ones that have occurred there. So come one come all and test your courage! And perhaps learn something too!

Coral maze: Complex and confounding! Implemented by the famous corralite artist Yeo Bulwa Yilton this artisanal architecture was grown entirely naturally and shaped using specialised techniques trademarked by the Szalamandra Corporation! A Fully 3D maze to test your mind and memory! Coming in all colours and sizes this wondrous weave of tantalising twists will keep you occupied for hours! Suitable for all ages with different graded levels for those who simply want a beautiful swim through an ornate maze or those who truly want a challenging mental competition. (Note: emergency beacons are provided and by agreeing to enter the maze you agree to use said beacon to alert staff when personal oxygen levels reach 1 hour remaining, the Szalamandra Corporation takes no legal responsibility for any deaths caused by people not following this rule)

Harpoon Hunting: Not only is Szalamandra a delightful sight to behold but a delight for the stomach as well! With the oceans as a wild and sumptuous bounty just waiting to be captured and boiled or stewed or sauteed or grilled or baked or toasted or teleported or…. Let me get back on track. Kardakouk food is delicious! And fresh food is the most delicious of all. So what better than an expedition to hunt for lunch or dinner! For a small fee we will equip you with all you need to hunt and obtain a taste of Kardakouk. A reminder to all off-worlders, your guns almost certainly won’t work underwater and the Szalamandra Corporation is not responsible for any damages caused by your attempts to do so on a hunting trip. Remember for a small additional fee a local expert can come with your hunting party and use their invaluable skills to provide assistance to the hunt and all but guarantee success!

Feather Star catching: Enjoyed a long and exciting day? Wanting to rest and relax and perhaps take home a living souvenir? Walk among the feather stars and experience their serene beauty as they waft and crawl around you. Thoroughly harmless the younglings can play with them to their heart's content. For a minimal fee you can rent a fishing net and have the opportunity to grab your very own feather star to take home with you. Easy to keep and even easier to catch from ‘escaping’. Fun for all the family! (Note: Szalamandra Corporation takes no responsibility for the well being of feather stars outside of Szalamandra owned waters. It is also advised not to take them off world without proper preparation.)

Tully Monster (Tullimonstrum) Carousel: Are the younglings a handful? Getting so excited for their dream trip but leaving you wishing for a break? But hark! they are but spawnlings, they cannot go on dangerous rides. Fear not weary travelers for The Tully Monster carousel is fun for all ages. Gentle beasts of mild temperament form the basis for a relaxing ride that is neither too boring nor too out of hand for the younglings. A safe environment allows you to take a break whilst the younglings frolic and enjoy the company of these curious creatures. All within easy view from outside the ride to make sure your little ones are kept out of mischief.

Cavern Crawl: For those of you who feel the endless berth of the oceans too… spacious, the wonders of Szalamandra are your solution. Enter the wide variety of cave systems built into the walls the city is attached too. Squeeze your way through narrow passages, Behold the wide and beautiful hollow caverns, be amazed by the splendorous view of the sparkling tunnels paved with gems. Truly a sight to behold, a natural beauty to remind you of the supreme environment Kardakouk provides. For the truly adventurous of you there is even the opportunity to delve further and explore genuinely unexplored systems. Be the first to discover new life! ….or a terror from the deep.

Electric Eel Taxi Service (EETS): Travel is always an integral part of any vacation. Planning takes ages and the stress is always on the mind. But fear not! For the famous Szalamandra Eel Taxis is here to help! Put up your weary appendages and take a ride on the Electric Eel Taxi Service (EETS). These glorious creatures make travel throughout the city a breeze and are a staple of the city. Constantly travelling in the local area nothing in Szalamandra can’t be reached by their enterprising handlers. And for a premium price they’ll even take you to other cities on the planet! Convenience at its finest! You probably won’t even need to worry about bleed effects from the eels! That being said, please report any unexpected electrical activity to the driver or Szalamandra Corporation employee. (Note: Szalamandra Corporation takes no responsibility for adverse effects from soliciting unlicensed eel handlers.)

Dolfica Resort: Missing your own terrestrial world? Sandy beaches and lavish hotels? Well rest assured there is a home away from home awaiting you at the bottom of the ocean. Why have the sun of the system when you can have the sun at your fingertips? Dolfica Resort provides a spectrum of artificial beaches from small private affairs to large party filled piers. Each with its own artificial sun so you can enjoy the beach life of your dreams. From Blazing heat and boiling seas to pleasant breezes with mild waters and frozen oceans with chilling winds! And everything in between! And thanks to the brilliant technology of the Emoto fields, the ocean serves as an even more beautiful horizon.

For those of you into sports, from beginners to adrenaline junkees the Dolfica Resort has you covered. At the touch of a button the Emoto fields can be turned off to experience the thrilling pressure of an entire world of ocean! But for those of you just learning the limited waters allowed into each resort section can provide any level of wave, from barely a ripple to the perfect surfing wave. Custom made for you! (Note: The pressure caused from turning off an Emoto field is highly dangerous and likely lethal even for trained experts, you are required to sign a waiver should you request this service releasing Szalamandra Corporation of any culpability of injury or death)

Legal notice: The Szalamandra Corporation does not take any responsibility for loss of life or limb as a result of exploration in uncharted cave systems or spontaneous monster attacks. Remember to report all unregistered cell block sightings immediately and do not under any circumstances attempt to open them.

Minor Sapient Species of Kardakouk

The Concord of Mutual disdain is most well known by the presence of its three most prominent species. Queltl, Tar'et and humanity. However these are not the only species present in the Concord of mutual disdain. Several other species present on their own planets have joined in recent years. But before even that there were several smaller species who counted themselves amongst the members of the Concord. Whilst they are not as prominent as the other species, and are far less likely to be seen off Kardakouk, they are nonetheless still members of the Concord.

Members of the Concord

The minor species on Kardakouk that have agreed to join the Concord include: - Bulka-Minnows, The Bulka-minnows are a species of sentient fish that, like the name suggests, are incredibly small. Reaching only a couple of centimetres in length this species was found in one of the cells that had life in them. Being so small means that in spite of their population, which isn't nearly as small as most of the other minor species, they can entirely fit within the cell that they were found in. They possess three arms but no legs, propelled forward by their tails. Unlike the queltl and tar'et they are entirely aquatic and cannot survive in the oxygenated parts of the planet. Thus they tend to avoid the areas that have been adapted to assist humanities survival on Kardakouk.

Whilst the tar'et often have a hard time avoiding accidentally stepping on humans or queltl the insanely small size of the Bulka-minnows and the fact that they only ever meet in water means that it is very rare for them to accidentally hurt the small species. As such it is quite common for Bulka-minnows in danger to seek the assistance of Tar’et who have many nooks and crannies to hide in for the small species. The Bulka-minnows are the closest in political significance to the major species of Kardakouk but are highly uninterested in leaving the planet, where their entire lives can be lived underwater with no danger of getting beached or suffering from strong uv rays from the suns of the sector. They were big proponents for maintaining the policy of isolation but since their lives have not changed much in practical terms since its end they have not been active in seeking isolation reintroduced.

- The Unitary Collective, After some nefarious actions by criminal elements known as the Cetecea cartel resulted in intelligence enhancers being smuggled onto Kardakouk and several animals gaining sentience. As dubious as the methods to gain this intelligence were it would nonetheless be reprehensible to remove the sentience of a creature against its will. As a result these uplifted animals have come to be known as the unitary collective. Named since most individuals uplifted are the only ones of their species to do so but requiring some method to refer to the group as a whole: hence unitary collective.

- Centrifugal Disks, The Centrifugal Disks are a collection of 3 geometric glass disks reaching 15 metres in diameter with a 3 metre space in the center (much like a donut, albeit far more angular) that are constantly spinning. They rotate at such speeds that the water around them is a constant whirlpool preventing any meaningful approach. They have not been seen leaving their cell block but when visited at times one or two have been missing, despite the seemingly only entrance of their cell block not being passed. Nor have the missing disks been seen at other locations on the planet. They do not communicate through sound but when approached with technological devices they are capable of hijacking them to type out communications. They are very mysterious with very little known about them but they did agree to join the Concord when asked. When asked for names they replied that they were called Fortune, Misfortune and 29. It is not clear which is which.

- Kagylórse, The Kagylórse are a species of hard shelled bivalve molluscs who have achieved sentience. The cell block they were stored in had cracked open allowing a flow of water that carried necessary food in and waste out. Without which they probably would not have survived until found by the Concord. Whilst they are sentient they are a sedentary species, remaining fixed to a location of their choosing their whole lives unless forced to move by extraneous circumstances. Nevertheless they are good listeners and always willing to exchange stories with any passers by who would be willing to exchange (And have never been employed by the Geoducks as spies, don’t worry about it).

- Xiphartem, A deep sea crab race that can't actually survive at lower pressures closer to the surface. As a result of the immense pressure of their environments they have wide, relatively flat bodies in the shape of an oblong, their legs attached at the thinnest points. Their claws are likewise wide and flat but possess an immense grip strength since they need to operate in such a high pressure environment.

The Xiphartam share their deep sea environments with a related non-sentient lobster species known as the Loppeldoptera. Whilst they share a local environment the Loppeldoptera split off along the evolutionary line and rather than being flat their bodies are large and capable of bipedalism. They can leave the deep sea pressure but tend to remain in those areas as they are fiercely territorial. Reaching up to 7ft and possessing two pairs of powerful clawed arms they are capable of even giving Tar’et a run for their money.

However the strange relationship between these two species means that through some strange evolutionary quirk the territorial Loppeldoptera do not consider the Xiphartam as threats to their territory. As such the Xiphartam have made considerable wealth from utilising the natural resources in high pressure territories to trade with the Concord. Not only can they operate freely in the high pressure environments they do not suffer the constant attacks from the Loppeldoptera interfering in their work making them a valuable asset in the deep seas.

Non-Concord members

The minor species of Kardakouk that have not agreed to join the Concord

- Makra-Zul/Karc’te’dye, The Jailors designed and created organic security measures against the bleed. These monsters are called the Makra-Zul or Karc’te’dye. As Cell Blocks have become damaged they have escaped into the seas and oceans contributing to the Kardakian hybrid environment. It is a deep seated superstition that talking/writing about them draws them nearer and as such they are never mentioned in Kardakian society.

People in larger cities don’t typically have to worry about these creatures given it is incredibly rare for them to infiltrate urban environments, leading to an increase of bleed users in cities. But the farther you get from the large population centers the more dangerous it gets to use the bleed. Because of their presence in Cell Blocks Bunkerbusters strictly exclude Lenses from their ranks.

Unlike the other species named here the Makra-Zul/Karc’te’dye refers not to a singular species but a collection of several that share some common traits. All are believed to be creations of the jailers, whether accidental or intended. On top of this they share an intense hatred for the bleed, actively seeking to hunt down bleed users if they are in close proximity. Whilst not all of them are sapient they are seemingly all malicious and a clear threat in the unopened cells of Kardakouk.

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