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Government Valkaii Factions
System System L
Tech Level 4+
Population Tens of Millions
Atmosphere Corrosive
Biosphere Hybrid
Temperature Temperate
Planet Tag 1 Doomed World
Planet Tag 2 Out of Contact
Mechanical Tag The controller of the Planetary Government immediately gains +2 to Wealth Asset Cap and loses one from one of the other stats Asset Cap

309 years ago, During the great migration, the people of Valkaii lived in an idyllic TL3 existence. They had their problems, and their worries, and their politicians could never agree on anything, but their society was progressing into the future and dealing with the issues that all worlds encounter as they become enlightened.

That changed when a ship from Pre-Glitch Heleocytan culture, The Bioretica, exploded in orbit of the planet due to an unknown failure while on a mission accompanying the Bleed-Corrupted aggressive megafauna on their transitory path through the sector. The Bio-Shell shattered into pieces, most burning upon impact. However, part of the ship was recovered. A Wetware data storage organ from the medical department. It contained many details on medicines and treatments far in advance of the people of Valkaii. It also contained information on pathogens, toxins, and poisons. The people of Valkaii, already a zealously religious society, took this as a sign. They used this device to produce many devastating weapons of war.

Having been given advanced TL4+ Biotech before their society was advanced enough to use it caused devastating consequences for the warring nations of the world as their death toll expanded and rose. Chemical strikes, nerve agents, Bio-Bombs, and manufactured viral contagion, spread throughout the planet. And this did not treat their ecosystem kindly. Their forests burned. Their animals petrified and died. The very air they breathed became a thick and potent mix of Virus, Acid, and Chemical.

Notable Locations

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