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Government Children of the Vein
System Gøra
Tech Level TL4
Population Millions
Atmosphere Invasive
Biosphere Miscible
Temperature Temperate
Planet Tag 1 Utopia
Planet Tag 2 Tomb World

Located in system 0904 Gøra, Maize has been seized by the Children of the Vein.


On the surface, Maize is an idyllic, temperate world verdant with shimmering golden fields of native grains, looking like rolling golden seas in the breeze, with a local range of animal wildlife that appears to be largely small and timid relative to most bio-miscible worlds. The major quirk of the world, however, is in the invasive elements of its atmosphere - laced with hallucinogenic toxins, the air is otherwise relatively harmless, but individuals are prone to experience mild auditory and visual hallucinations and a pleasurable sensation while breathing the local air. The gases of the world are able to be synthesized into a chemical-gas mix that acts as an effective recreational drug, but the potency of the gas reduces rapidly when sealed for off-world shipping. Experts theorize that the world had been deliberately terraformed to produce this gas naturally by a prehistoric civilization.

Beneath this deceptively pristine surface, however, exists networks of silent subterranean tomb cities, long dormant as the occupants laid in pleasure-simulation stasis tombs for generations, the unwoken population tended to by nurse machines. It is not clear what drove the civilization to abandon life in the conscious physical world, but what evidence could be gathered suggested that the people of the world fought and won a war with their sister planet, Planet AR, in ages past, completely devastating their rivals, before retreating into their pleasure stasis. The Children of the Vein have sealed off access to the tomb cities from the public as they continue to conduct Operation Worm Farm in secret.

Multiple vein clans are operating on the world, including the Vein of Silent Spores which has been growing strange, large bio-towers at various calculated locations across the planet for undisclosed purposes. The veins have also established wide-scale farming operations on the surface, as well as converting a number of lakes near existing tomb cities into industrial scale birthing pools for bioships. Some work has also begun on developing the world into a tourist destination to make full use of the local atmosphere's enjoyable qualities for open-minded visitors looking to relax.

Notable Locations

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