From Beacon Space
Government Amelhart Institute
System Variable - Moveable World
Tech Level TL4
Population Millions
Atmosphere Invasive
Biosphere Immiscible
Temperature Warm
Planet Tag 1 Forbidden Tech
Planet Tag 2 Pleasure World

Ingirid [IN-grid] (also known as “The Ingridian Nexus” or “T.I.N”) is home to The Amelhart Institute. It is a multi-ringed, space-station with a high understanding of technology, Warm Temperatures, an Immiscible Biosphere, and an Invasive Atmosphere. Ingirid is a Mobile Homeworld so it does not belong to any singular system.


Ingirid is a Mobile Homeworld. The station floats around the sector, not belonging to one system but it is noted that "The Heart" of the station. A ship said to be from the Pre-Beacon era, was found on Longza. And has since been repaired, and built on top of, to create what T.I.N is today.

Although Amelhart has not managed to backward engineer all the relics they have found over the centuries, the ones they have, have allowed them to gain an advanced understanding of technology, Mech-Specialist Status. These Mech’s help the faction explore, excavate, and protect in situations when they are needed or required.

Some parts of the Heart are still very much inaccessible, due to a thick and thriving plant life leftover from its discovery. This plant life is a mixture of various species that are carnivorous, toxic, corrosive, or poisonous. Making it hard to get access to more inner parts of the ship. Ingirid does not have any native fauna, due to it being a built structure. Fauna has been taken aboard from different planets, bought and captured for food and luxury purposes. T.I.N has multiple zoos and aquariums aboard that are available and open for public viewing and interaction.

Due to the way Ingirid is built, it is required to be protected by Halos. Halo’s are an ancient technology that essentially gives the rings of the station a basic layer of artificial atmosphere. This atmosphere bubble is controlled by orbital satellites.

Without this artificial atmosphere, the station would struggle to keep oxygen flow within the ringed habitats of the homeworld. The atmosphere would become thin with oxygen and it would be replaced with thick fuel dirt, factory smoke, and other atmospheric debris. The Oxygen being lost to the void of space.

The Olivine Belt houses all the factions factories that are needed to manufacture mechs, machines, and other machine parts. The factories are kept separate from the other rings, as to not pollute their air and oxygen. The air pollution within the Olivine Belt is substantial. Occupants are required to wear breathing masks when working in factories and roaming the streets. Most indoor facilities and housing are fitted with filtration systems for indoor living.

With Ingirid being an artificial build, oxygen is our first priority. The Eon Ring and The Arkose Ring are covered top to bottom with greenery, inside and out. The temperature is kept at constant warmth in order to keep the high abundance of plant life within the habitats thriving and healthy to produce the most amount of oxygen possible. As well as to grow crops to assist in the faction's sustenance.

Notable Locations


Ingirid aka “The Heart”

The Heart was the first part of the Nexus. It is the structural backbone of the rest of the station. The Heart, known as Ingirid, is home to Mother, Amelharts AI Matriarch. Her chambers resting within. The Heart also houses board-rooms, control rooms, observation decks, and more. It houses more important faction members such as Council and Faction Representatives and acts as a transport hub for each of the rings.

Eon Ring

Eon [ee-on] is the biggest of the three rings. This habitat houses a majority of the faction. Here there are a plethora of homes, schools, and businesses. Entertainment Plazas and many enjoyable parks. The Eon Ring has a very lush green landscape, plants grow wherever there is space. The buildings vary from geometric houses to skyscrapers. Skyrails and other modes of public transport connect the ring's neighborhoods.

Olivine Belt

Olivine [Olive-vine] is the smallest of the three rings. It is placed in the center, between the other two rings, closest to the Heart. The Olivine Belt is home to Amelhart's Mech and Machine Factories. As well as housing their workers. This ring has a very dark and smoky atmosphere, and a rather grey-scale, dull landscape because of the factories abroad. The factories are kept separate from the other rings so as to not pollute the air of those habitats. Breathing masks must be worn here to reduce the risk of illness.

Arkose Ring

Arkose [aR-k-ouh-s]. This ring was built as an extension to The Eon Ring. Arkose is the second biggest ring built on Ingirid and sits under The Olivine Belt. It follows The Eon Ring’s aesthetic of having an abundance of green plant life placed where possible.

The Arkose Ring also houses The Institute, one of the factions biggest science facilities and the biggest university aboard.

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