From Beacon Space

Government Ascent
System Gograpatk
Tech Level 4
Population Tens of Millions
Atmosphere Thick
Biosphere No Native
Temperature Warm
Planet Tag 1 Rigid Culture
Planet Tag 2 Xenophobes

Sentient Species of Ikaros


The Ikarians, scientifically known as Homosapien Aureus, are a distinctive branch of humanity native to the planet Ikaros. Competition has seeped into the very soul of this species, who espouse virtues of sportsmanship, athleticism, and being competitive.


The Ikarosi are a tall, humanoid species with a resemblance to graceful, hoofed prey animals such as gazelles, deer, and springboks. Their physiology is optimized for speed and efficiency in all aspects of their lives.

Geography and Climate

Continents & Major Landforms

A main landmass surrounded by a multitude of varying-sized islands. The central land has a towering mountain, fertile plains, and dense jungle.

Weather Patterns

Seasons marked by mild rains and warm, dry periods, promoting growth of fruit-bearing trees and vineyards.

Training Areas

Varied terrains such as high-altitude regions and underwater domains where Ikarians refine their skills and endurance.



Vineyards: Spanning vast areas, producing various unique wines. The warmth and thick atmosphere allows for quicker grape maturation, resulting in wines with distinct flavors.

Sunleaf Trees: Large, broad-leafed trees that thrive in the warm climate, offering shade and producing a fruit that's a staple in the Ikarian diet.

Heatgrass: A type of grass that thrives in high temperatures, covering the Sunlit Plains. It has reflective properties, shimmering in sunlight.


Skylarks: Bird species introduced for their ability to fly at higher altitudes, taking advantage of the thick atmosphere.

Therma-Fauna: Genetically modified animals that thrive in warm conditions, such as large reptiles used as beasts of burden. Unique Ecosystem Interactions:

Photosynthetic Symbiosis: Some animals have formed symbiotic relationships with plants due to the lack of a native biosphere, aiding in pollination or seed dispersion.


Wine Production: With vineyards being extensive, wine production is a major industry. Different regions are known for specific wine variants, and there are frequent competitions for the best wine.

Fruit Orchards: Ochards producing various fruits adapted to the warm climate, adding diversity to the Ikarian diet and export products.


Pest Control: Without a native biosphere, introduced pests are a problem in the absence of natural predators. This has resulted in the development of unique pest control measure with the assistance of the Children of the Vein.

History and Evolution

Dawn of Helios: Initial colonization where Ikarians established their first settlements. This was a time of exploration and establishing the groundwork for their new society. Key landmarks or remnants from this period still exist.

Gaean Epoch: As they became accustomed to Ikaros's climate and conditions, the Ikarians began to spread out, cultivating various territories. During this time, competition evolved as a way to resolve disputes and establish dominance.

Age of Ambrosia: A period of peace and prosperity, where wine production, arts, and the spirit of competition flourished. This era is remembered as the pinnacle of Ikarian achievement, with major architectural wonders and advancements.

Twilight Crucible: Despite their genetic modifications and advancements, the Ikarians faced challenges. They encountered problems due to the lack of a native biosphere, and technological issues arose around the pulsar. This era is marked by resilience and innovation. Including incorporating the pulsar into nearly all technology on Ikaros.

Renaissance of Aether: Building upon their history, the Ikarians have formed a stable society that values competition, art, and their unique relationship with the environment of Ikaros.

Society and Culture


Seconds, Minutes, and Hours:

Hours, or a Circuit, are equivalent to an hour, with 72 Beats in a Circuit. Minutes, or a Beat, are equivalent to a minute, there are 72 Pulses in a Beat. Seconds, or a Pulse, are equivalent to a second, though slightly faster. This is the measurement of time between pulses by the pulsar.

Day and Night:

Days, or Solars, have between 20 to 26 Pulses depending on the season. Nights, or Lunars, have between 12 to 6 Pulses depending on the season.

Months “Arc”:

Months, or Arcs, are made up of 20 Day and Night cycles. This is based on 10 days of Waxing moon, and 10 days of Waning moon. As opposed to having weeks, or days of the week, each day is referred to in the following manner:

1st Waxing/1st Waning (1st and 11th day) 8th Waxing/8th Waning (8th and 18th day)

Seasons and Year “Orbit”:

Years, or Orbits, are the length of time for Ikaros to orbit its pulsar. Each Orbit consists of 10 Arcs. Ikaros only has a warm season and a rainy season, with Solars being longer during the warm season, and shorter during the rainy season.

Social Structure

Poleis: Drawing from the Greek concept of city-states, Ikaros can have multiple independent cities, each with its distinct governance, customs, and traditions. These can be spread across the main landmass and larger islands.

Prime Polis (Acropolis): Protopolis

Major Poleis (Astropoleis): Hermopolis Bacchopolis Heliopolis Oraculopolis

Minor Poleis (Cosmopoleis): Museopolis Hydratus Aethalopolis Olympelios Vulcanis Gaeapolis Diopolis

Foundations & Layout

Polis Planning: Each Polis has a central Agora surrounded by essential buildings,markets, and recreational areas. This central point acts as the heart of each Polis.

Harmonious Integration: Buildings are designed to seamlessly blend with the environment. Terraced constructions that follow the natural curve of the islands' topography.

Structural Aesthetics

Pillars and Pediments: Structures feature robust pillars. However, instead of being merely decorative, these pillars serve functional roles – housing advanced tech utilities for power, as well as light channels.

Translucent Materials: Given the unique luminosity from their pulsar sun, buildings make use of translucent or semi-translucent materials. This allows the pulsar's light patterns to play across interiors, creating dynamic lightscapes.

Amphitheaters: These are a central feature in every Polis. Designed for acoustics, they host not just performances but also significant duels or events.

Technological Integration

Dynamic Walls: Walls have the capability to change their opacity and project holographic displays, enabling them to serve as both barriers and communication platforms.

Eco-Sustainability: Buildings are equipped with advanced tech for sustainable living – from rainwater harvesting to energy conversion systems that harness the pulsar's energy.

Cultural Imprints

Race Tracks: Woven into the very fabric of the Polises would be race tracks. Not just linear paths, but tracks that zigzag between buildings, over rooftops, and through tunnels, making every race a spectacle.

Sculptures & Statues: Large statues commemorating legendary racers, heroes, or iconic figures adorn key locations.

Temples to Knowledge: Given the reverence for the Lyceum and learning, temples dedicated to various disciplines of knowledge would dot the landscape. These would not be religious structures but places for contemplation, study, and debate.

Politics and Governance

The heart of Ikarian politics is competition. This emphasis on athleticism as a form of governance and dispute resolution reinforces their unique cultural identity and sets them apart from other cultures.

Political Structure

The Council of Champions: This is the overarching governing body of Ikaros, comprising representatives from each of the 12 Poleis. Each Polis is represented by their most athletically competent and gifted citizen.

Prime Polis

The first colony ship to land on Ikaros, and as a result, the most influential. Occupying the largest landmass, they have a greater say in the council but still maintain a sense of fairness.

Four Major Poleis

Each having a significant influence and territory, their representatives hold considerable power in the Council of Champions.

Seven Minor Poleis

While smaller, they still hold voting power and can form alliances to shift decisions in the council.

Leadership: Each Polis selects their representative, called a Champion, based on athletic prowess. This not only celebrates the Ikarian cultural importance of competition but also ensures that the representative embodies the pinnacle of Ikarian values.

Agoric Councils: Each Polis has its own Agoric Council, a group of esteemed citizens chosen through competition. This council handles local governance over their Polis. Each Agoric Council is led by their Champion, the representative to the Council of Champions.

Laws & Ordinances

The Olympian Code

A set of guidelines and laws inspired by the ideals of competition, sportsmanship, and fairness. The code emphasizes integrity, grace, and excellence.

Grace in Victory, Dignity in Defeat True sportsmanship is a reflection of one's character. An Ikarian must celebrate victory with humility and acknowledge defeat with grace. Gloating, mockery, or demeaning an opponent diminishes one's honor. Conversely, those who face loss should do so with dignity, respecting their victor and using the experience as an opportunity for growth and reflection. In all things, an Ikarian should remember that it is not the outcome, but the spirit of the competition and the lessons learned that hold true value.

Pursuit of Excellence Every Ikarian must strive for personal and societal excellence in all endeavors, be it physical, intellectual, or artistic. Complacency is viewed as a slow descent into oblivion.

Respect the Race Competitions and races are sacred. They are not just tests of skill and endurance but are also a celebration of Ikarian culture. Participants must compete with fairness, respecting both the rules and their opponents.

Duty to Polis Every Ikarian owes a duty to their Polis. This involves participating in its governance, defending its honor, and working towards its prosperity.

Unity in Diversity While each Polis has its unique traits, all Ikarians share a common heritage. Inter-Polis rivalries are encouraged in sport and competition, but when faced with external threats, unity is paramount.

Stewardship of Ikaros Ikaros offers its bounty, but in return, Ikarians must act as its stewards. This involves sustainable practices, conserving its beauty, and ensuring that future generations inherit a thriving planet.

Seek Wisdom Knowledge is treasured, but wisdom is revered. Ikarians are encouraged to learn from both the past and the present, to question, debate, and philosophize, and to share their insights for the betterment of all.

Hospitality and Generosity Ikarians honor their guests and show generosity to strangers. This ancient tradition stems from the belief that any stranger could be a god in disguise, a mythological concept.

Bravery and Sacrifice Ikarians value courage in the face of adversity. They are taught from a young age that sometimes sacrifice, both big and small, is necessary for the greater good.

Celebrate Life Life on Ikaros, despite its challenges, is to be celebrated. Festivals, music, dance, and wine play a significant role in ensuring that while the pursuit of excellence is vital, so is the joy of living.

Ikarian Dueling

Dueling is a commonly used method of conflict and dispute resolution. Duels can take on many shapes and over the decades the Council of Champions have outlined the details of official duels.

Invocation of the Duel A duel may be invoked for matters of personal honor, disputes that cannot be settled in a normal diplomatic manner, or to challenge decisions made by a superior.

Acceptance The challenged party has the right to accept or refuse the duel. Refusing a duel without a valid reason might result in a loss of honor or status and is extremely taboo.

Choice of Discipline The challenged party selects the discipline for the duel, be it a physical contest (e.g., a race, wrestling, or a test of strength) or a more intellectual one (e.g., a game of strategy or riddles).

Traditional disciplines include triathlons, footraces, aquatic races, and marksmanship. However, the list is not exhaustive and may include other skills or sports.

Neutral Ground Duels must be conducted on neutral ground, often in designated arenas in each Polis. Each Polis has sacred ground or an arena dedicated to such events.

Witnesses Duels must have witnesses. A neutral third-party, known as the "Pulse Keeper", will oversee the proceedings to ensure fairness. Their role is to time the duel and make sure all rules are followed.

No External Enhancements Duelists are prohibited from using any drugs, or external devices that could give them an unfair advantage during the duel.

Outcome and Consequence

  • The outcome of the duel is final. The loser must accept the decision and the associated consequences.
  • If the duel is about a personal matter or a challenge to a decision, the loser must abide by the winner's terms, provided they are honorable and fair.
  • If the duel leads to serious injury, the victor must ensure the well-being of the defeated. In Ikarian culture, it's essential to win with honor and grace, not with malice.
  • Defeated parties are expected to handle their loss with honor and grace as well.

Limitation on Frequency A person cannot challenge the same individual to a duel for the same reason.

Post-Duel Reconciliation After the duel, both parties engage in a symbolic act of reconciliation, this typically takes the form of sharing a drink of wine (of the losers choice) to show that there are no lingering hard feelings and to promote unity among Ikarians.

Violation of the Code Violating any part of the dueling code will result in severe consequences, including banishment from Ikaros, being scrubbed from ancestry, or in extreme violations, execution. Violations are so rare that only the Council of Champions will determine appropriate consequences.

Foreign Relations

Ambassadors of Excellence: Ikarians send some of their best athletes as ambassadors to other planets or factions. This is meant to showcase their values and establish relations based on mutual respect for prowess and capability.

Embassy Races

Any external faction desiring an embassy or diplomatic presence on Ikaros must host a Xenathon.

Sponsorship: The foreign faction sponsors the race, detailing the time and location of the race. Ikaros will front the cost to set up necessary facilities and infrastructure for the race.

Race Design: While the foreign faction sets the rules and details of the Xenathon, it must be approved by a special committee from the Council of Champions to ensure fairness and integrity.

Participation: Ikarians compete in the Xenathon with enthusiasm, seeing it as an opportunity to showcase their prowess. The foreign faction must also field competitors, emphasizing mutual respect and engagement.

Diplomatic Significance: The success and reception of a faction's Xenathon can influence diplomatic relations. A well-received race could enhance trade deals or foster closer ties, while any perceived unfairness or deception could strain relations.

Annual Affair: Once a faction completes their Xenathon, it is customary to incorporate the race into the Competitive Calendar of Ikaros. Over time, many such races have been created, each tied to a different faction, celebrating the Ikarian connections with Beacon Space.

Education and Knowledge

Academy Isles

Dedicated islands where Ikarians travel to learn, train, and hone their skills.

Isle Layout: The Academy Isles form an archipelago, with each island dedicated to a particular domain of knowledge or discipline. These islands are named after legendary champions in Ikarian history.

Central Isle – The Nexus: This is the largest island in the archipelago, serving as a hub for all disciplines. Lyceum - An impressive structure at the center of the Nexus, this is where major lectures, ceremonies, and gatherings occur. Its architecture incorporates designs that play with the pulsar’s light, creating mesmerizing light patterns during certain times.

Tradition of Challenge: In academic disputes, it's not uncommon for scholars to challenge each other in intellectual races. They're given a topic, and they have to race against time to provide the most comprehensive understanding, often in the form of presentations or debates.

The Lyceum of Ikaros

Spheres of Study: Various departments or "spheres" are scattered across the isles, each dedicated to a different field of study. From physical sciences and engineering to arts, literature, and philosophy, the Lyceum offers a comprehensive curriculum.

Pulsar Observatory: The Lyceum boasts an observatory where scholars study the pulsar’s emissions, rhythms, and potential effects on Ikaros.

The Racing Grounds: Given the cultural importance of races, the Lyceum has dedicated grounds for race training, events, and competitions. Here, students hone their physical abilities and often engage in friendly competitions to best one another.

Ancestral Legacy Chamber: Recognizing the tradition and importance of tracking ancestry, there's a special chamber that houses the collective lineage of every Ikarian on Ikaros.

The Vineyards of Knowledge: An extension of the Lyceum, these are experimental vineyards where students learn the art of winemaking, studying the unique fruits of Ikaros and creating innovative wine blends.

Student Council and Competitions: The Lyceum's student council is unique. Instead of regular elections, students compete in a combination of academic and physical challenges to earn their positions. This reinforces the Ikarian values of excellence in both mind and body.

Alumni and Legacy: Graduates of the Lyceum are highly respected across Ikaros. They often become leaders in their respective Poleis, contributing to the advancement of the Ikarian civilization. Many return to the Lyceum as mentors, ensuring the continuous flow of knowledge and tradition.

Economy and Resources

Major Exports and Imports


Ikarian Wine: Distinctive wines with unique flavors, derived from the exotic fruits grown in Ikaros's vineyards.

Luminous Textiles: Fabric that reacts to solar radiation uniquely depending on the sun, developed from studies into the Pulsar.. Popular for fashion and decor in other systems.

Moonstone Jewelry: Unique to Ikaros and coveted by collectors and fashion enthusiasts off-planet.

Pulsar Energy Crystals: Crystals that harness and store energy from the pulsar, used in various technologies local to Ikaros.


Bleed Technologies: Ikaros, and Ikarian in general don’t have as much as an affinity with the Bleed as other factions. Given Ikaros’ proximity to Mox, many Bleed products are imported.

Genetic Tech: A close relationship with the Children of the Vein has resulted in a thriving gene tech trade sector.

Exotic Goods: From other planets, for luxury or research purposes.

Cultural Artifacts: To enhance their understanding of other civilizations.

Currency System

Electronic Drachmae System (e-Drachmae)

Crystalline Core: At the center of the e-Drachmae system is a master crystalline core, which is a highly protected and fortified repository of pure Drachmae Crystals. This core serves as the backing of the electronic currency, ensuring that every e-Drachmae in circulation has a physical counterpart.

Personal Crystal Tokens (PCT): Each Ikarian possesses a Personal Crystal Token, a small device embedded with a micro-fragment of a Drachmae Crystal. This token serves multiple purposes: it's an identification device, a secure key, and a digital wallet.

Secure Quantum Network: All transactions made using the e-Drachmae system are processed through a secure quantum network. This network ensures instantaneous, encrypted, and hack-resistant transfers of funds.

Biometric Verification: Every transaction, whether it's a major inter-Polis trade deal or a small purchase at a local market, requires biometric verification. This could be a retina scan, fingerprint, or even a DNA swab for more substantial transactions, ensuring that only the rightful owner of the PCT can access and use their funds.

Crystal Recharge Stations: Spread throughout Ikaros are Crystal Recharge Stations. Here, Ikarians can physically deposit or withdraw Drachmae Crystals, which will then be reflected in their electronic balance. These stations are heavily fortified and are often considered sacrosanct.

Decentralized Ledger: The entire e-Drachmae system operates on a decentralized ledger, ensuring transparency and preventing any single entity from gaining too much control over the system. Every transaction is recorded and can be audited, but personal details are kept private through advanced cryptographic techniques.

Emergency Override: In the event of a catastrophic event or a significant threat to the system, there's an emergency override protocol. It allows the governing body to temporarily halt or limit transactions to prevent economic collapse or misuse of funds.

Regular Audits: To ensure that the amount of e-Drachmae in circulation matches the physical Drachmae Crystals in the core and throughout Ikaros, regular audits are conducted. These audits are a community event, reinforcing trust in the system and ensuring its continued stability.

Major Trade Hubs

Port Helios

The primary spaceport situated near the equator of Ikaros under the control of Protopolis. This bustling hub is where most inter-planetary trade occurs

Location Nested within the heart of Mount Impaylo, the tallest peak of Ikaros, Port Helios offers unparalleled views of the planet below and the vast expanse of the cosmos above. Its altitude, just a few thousand meters shy of space, gives it a unique advantage as a space port.

Physical Attributes The Solar Spirals These are vast solar-themed discs, each larger than the last, spiraling around the upper stretches of Mount Impaylo. They serve multiple purposes:

Solar Harvesters Collecting energy from the pulsar, they power much of Port Helios and other parts of Protopolis.

Launch & Landing Platforms The discs also act as stages for spacecraft, making the process of descent and ascent more efficient. Observation Decks: Being so close to space, they offer breathtaking views not just Beacon Space, but also the planet below, making them popular spots for both locals and tourists.

The Citadel Deep within Mount Impaylo is a vast hollowed chamber, acting as the central hub for Port Helios. It's here that governance, commerce, and cultural events mainly take place.

Stellar Elevators Given the vertical nature of the port, a series of rapid elevators connect the Heart Chamber to the outer discs and other parts of the mountain.

The Path Built along the treacherous path up the mountain from the outside, this twisting path up is a right of passage for many youth, as well as the track for The Ascent race.

Defense Solar Shields In times of threat, the Solar Spirals can be converted into powerful shields, harnessing solar energy to deflect or neutralize incoming attacks.

Heraclade Sentinels An elite group tasked with the protection of the mountain, they are trained in high-altitude combat and rapid response to threats both internal and external.

Heliod Lances Integrated into the Solar Spirals are a series of static, high-powered solar-energy cannons called "Heliod Lances." These can fire concentrated bursts of energy, making them devastating against both aerial and space targets.

Stellar Drones These are autonomous drones stationed within Mount Impaylo. They can be deployed en masse, swarming enemy fleets or installations. They come equipped with smaller versions of the Lance Cannons and can self-destruct if needed.

Harmonic Resonators Utilizing the unique crystalline structures within Mount Impaylo, these devices can emit powerful resonating frequencies that can destabilize enemy shields or even cause structural damage to enemy vessels.

Unique Attributes

The Ascent Race An annual competition where participants race from the base to the summit of Mount Impaylo, navigating the unique challenges the mountain offers.

Flora & Fauna

Starwing Condor - A massive bird, adapted to the thin atmosphere of the heights, it's known to soar around the mountain's peak effortlessly.

Summit Berry - Grown at high altitudes, it's a fruit with a cool, refreshing taste and a hint of natural carbonation.

Agora Markets

Found in each Polis, these are local trading hubs where intra-planetary trade predominantly happens.

Unique Fruits and Wines

Solar Grape: Fruits that ripen best during certain pulsar emissions, resulting in a wine with a golden hue and a warm, sunlit taste.

  • Helianthos Nectar - A golden-hued wine with a sunlit shimmer, capturing the essence of leadership and prominence.

Sea Plum: A bluish fruit with a succulent, salty-sweet taste.

  • Tidal Essence - A deep blue wine that has hints of saltiness and a refreshing aftertaste.

Eclipsa: A dark fruit with a bright, luminous core.

  • Underworld Ambrosia - A dark, rich wine with smoky undertones, evoking mystery.

Volt Grape: A zesty, tingling fruit that electrifies the palate.

  • Thunder's Kiss - A sparkling wine with a crackling sensation, embodying the power of the skies.

Altitude Apple: A crisp fruit with an airy, light flavor profile.

  • Pinnacle Elixir - A clear wine with multifaceted flavors, representing the height of achievement.

Star Cherry: A fruit with tiny luminescent spots, reminiscent of stars.

  • Moonshadow Wine - A silvery wine that has a tranquil, calming effect on the drinker.

Major Corporations

Ambrosia Vineyards Corporation (AVC):

Focus: Liquor and Wine Production

Overview: Originally a family-run vineyard, AVC has grown into the leading producer and distributor of Ikaros's exquisite wines and liquors.

Signature Product: Ambrosia Elixir, a blend of Solar Grapes, Star Cherries, and Sea Plums, creating a wine that captures the essence of Ikaros.

Outposts: Each Polis houses an AVC outpost, which functions as both a wine-tasting hub and a distribution center. These outposts also hold local wine-making competitions, promoting new blends and innovations.

Motto: "From the Heart of Ikaros, To the Soul of Beacon Space."

Hadean Holdings Corporation (HHC):

Focus: General Goods, including Luminous Textiles and Moonstone Jewelry

Overview: A conglomerate dealing with a vast array of products, from the unique luminous fabrics to the coveted Moonstone Jewelry.

Signature Product: Radiant Robes, which are garments made of luminous textiles that shimmer and glow subtly, adapting to solar radiation.

Outposts: HHC outposts in each Polis are grand marketplaces, showcasing their wide array of goods. They often sponsor local artisans, uplifting the community's craftsmanship.

Motto: "Illuminate Your World with Hadean Wonders."

GenTech Ascendancy (GTA):

Focus: Gene Enhancements and Bio-Engineering

Overview: Building upon the genetic modifications that birthed the Ikarians, GTA offers enhancements, therapies, and treatments ensuring physical and mental prowess. Recently, GenTech Ascendancy merged with the Ikaros Speed branch that opened in cooperation with Children of the Vein.

Signature Product: The Ikaros Boost, a gene therapy that pushes physical capabilities to its peak, enhancing endurance, strength, and agility.

Outposts: In every Polis, GTA centers act as both clinics and research facilities. They also sponsor athletic events, showcasing the advantages of their treatments.

Motto: "Ascend Beyond Limits with GenTech."

Defense and Military

Espionage & Intelligence:

The Oracle Network The Oracle Network, a covert intelligence agency operating from Oraculopolis, gathering information and ensuring that Ikaros is always several steps ahead in the Beacon space chess game.

Mission: "In the luminous shadow of Ikaros and under the watchful gaze of our ancestors, we pledge to be the unyielding sentinels and the unseen seers. We harness the whispers of the cosmos, decipher the riddles of fate, and weave the tapestry of destiny, ensuring that our people remain unbroken, our legacy untarnished. Guided by wisdom, driven by cunning, and committed to the prosperity of Ikaros, we are the Oracle Network — always vigilant, always ahead."

The Nexus Core: Situated in a secret, heavily guarded location on Ikaros, the Nexus Core is a super-advanced AI system. It continually processes, analyses, and deciphers vast amounts of data from across Beacon Space in real-time, predicting possible threats or opportunities.

Echelon Sentries: These are deep-space listening posts and observation stations, cloaked and hidden in asteroid belts, abandoned planets, and other celestial bodies. They monitor faction communications, fleet movements, and gather data which feeds back into the Nexus Core.

The Aether Web: A high-tech surveillance system. Its web of satellites and ground stations monitor communications, movement, and activities of interest, especially in outer space.

Memory Veil Protocol: A system of hypnotic conditioning ensures that key information is compartmentalized. If an operative is captured or compromised, they can activate the Memory Veil, which temporarily locks away sensitive information in their mind, rendering it inaccessible.

Riddle Ciphers: The Oracle Network uses an ever-evolving encryption method, making it almost impossible for enemies to decipher intercepted communications. The ciphers are based on ancient Ikarian riddles and myths, layered with quantum algorithms.


Shadows of Nemesis: A special division dedicated to sabotage, misinformation, and psychological warfare. They specialize in turning enemies against each other, sowing discord, and ensuring that threats neutralize themselves without direct confrontation.

Oracle's Eye: A special division that focuses on long-term strategies, galaxy-wide trends, and predicting socio-political shifts years or even decades in advance. They ensure that Ikaros always remains ahead in the galactic chess game.

Cryptic Labyrinth: A special division that utilizes AR/VR spaces where Delphic Analysts and other operatives can simulate and game out thousands of scenarios. These simulations are so advanced that they can provide models of future events with startling accuracy.

Personnel: The Oracle Network maintains a large network of thousands of professionals across varying fields. From field agents and operatives to analysts, technicians, and engineers. Despite the sheer size of the Oracle Network’s operations, its ability to keep information secure speaks to the level of competence and professionalism in its operation.

Prytaneum Agents: These agents are the field operatives, skilled in undercover work, infiltration, and extraction.

Argonaut Operatives: Elite field agents, surgically and genetically enhanced to be master infiltrators. Their modifications make them adaptable to any environment and immune to most forms of mental manipulation or interrogation.

Delphic Analysts: These members work behind the scenes, interpreting the vast amounts of data collected. They specialize in cryptography, signal intelligence, and cyber warfare.

Chorus Informants: A network of spies and informers, both Ikarian and non-Ikarian, spread throughout Beacon Space. They gather whispers and rumors that might be of interest.

The Whispers: Beyond the Chorus Informants, the Whisper Network is a web of deep undercover agents positioned in other governments and institutions. Some claim that they have even infiltrated the upper echelons of other factions. Some have been in place for years or even decades, gathering information, influencing decisions subtly, and ensuring Ikaros's interests are always a step ahead.

Cooperation with the Hermelian Guild

The Hermes Protocol: Recognizing the challenges of instant interstellar communication encryption, the Oracle Network established the Hermes Protocol. Instead of relying solely on electronic communication, the Oracle Network deploys trusted messengers from the Hermelian Guild. These messengers are trained in memory-enhancement techniques, ensuring they can carry sensitive, unencrypted information securely within their minds.

Hermean Shadow: Within the messenger guild, there's a covert subdivision ran by Prytaneum agents, known as the Hermean Shadow. Their task? To covertly sift through high-priority, non-Ikarian communications. They use a mix of traditional spycraft and advanced technology to access, analyze, and sometimes subtly modify or redirect key messages, all while maintaining the facade of the guild's neutrality.

Echo Chambers: To accommodate the slow speed of interstellar communication, the Oracle Network utilizes "Echo Chambers"— secure facilities where data is received, decrypted, analyzed, and then responded to. These chambers ensure there's very little risk, reducing errors and improving the quality of intelligence gathering.

Guild Integrators: Elite members of the Oracle Network who liaise with the messenger guild, ensuring the two organizations work in tandem. They're responsible for training, embedding agents, and streamlining the information flow.

The Hoplite Legions The Hoplite Legions are a well-trained, genetically enhanced force ready for ground combat on any terrain. Their primary focus is planetary operations, both on Ikaros and potential foreign soils.

Special Units:

Peltast Rangers: Light infantry, skilled in guerrilla warfare, reconnaissance, and quick strikes.

The Nautilus Corps Specialists in amphibious warfare, the Nautilus Corps are trained to strike from the sea or through the vast oceans of Ikaros. Their operations are solely designed to protect their homeworld of Ikaros.

Special Units:

Triton Divers: Elite underwater commandos, specializing in sabotage, reconnaissance, and underwater combat.

Cetus Riders: Soldiers trained to ride and command large sea creatures genetically engineered for war.

The Helian Fleet The Helian Fleet is Ikaros' primary space force. Comprising various smalled sized ships, they ensure the planet's safety and its interests in space. Recent investments have seen large improvements in the

Major Ship Classes:

Hydra Class - Frigate: Currently the largest ship in the Helian Fleet, only three of these ships are currently in operation.

Sphinx Class - Fighter: Medium-sized ships, balancing firepower and agility.

Wyvern Class - Escort Vessel: Armored ships equipped with Roc Interceptors and drones.

Roc Class - Interceptor: Fast and agile, these ships are ideal for chasing down and neutralizing smaller threats.

Special Units:

Kraken Commandos: Elite forces specialized in boarding actions and space combat.

Pandora Recon: Stealth ships designed for reconnaissance and intelligence gathering in deep space.

Planetary Defenses

Aegis Shield Systems: Drawing energy from the pulsar, these energy shields can be activated around key areas during times of threat, providing a robust defense.

Aegean Deepwater Bases: Hidden deep beneath the waves, these are advanced military facilities with advanced cloaking technology.

Neptune Missiles: State-of-the-art ocean-to-space missiles, capable of intercepting threats even in the cold vacuum of space.

Triton Submersibles: Stealth submarines equipped for both defense and rapid deployment of troops.

Cyclops Laser Grid: Massive energy cannon grids drawing power from geothermal and solar sources.

Nemesis Drone Network: An array of automated drones that can swarm and neutralize threats, especially useful for smaller, agile threats.

Technology and the Bleed


Pulsar-Gliders: Sleek sea vessels designed to glide over water using a combination of hover and hydrodynamic technologies. They harness the pulsar's energy, charging during the day, allowing them to illuminate paths at night. Ideal for short to medium distance trips between the isles.

Hyperion Ferries: Larger, multi-deck vessels equipped with state-of-the-art amenities. These are the primary transport between major islands, and are engineered for speed and comfort.

Ikaros Wings: Personal, winged transportation devices resembling starwing condor wings, but technologically advanced. These can be used for personal transport and are particularly popular among younger Ikarians.


Pulsar-Relays: Tall, crystalline structures positioned on each Polis, capturing the pulsar's radiations and converting them into communication waves. Allows instantaneous, clear communication across islands.

Echo Tablets: Personal communication devices which project holographic interfaces and visuals.

AetherNet: The Ikarian version of the internet, offering virtual experiences that range from academic lectures at the Lyceum to virtual seats in races.

Medical Technology:

Gene Fountains: Advanced gene therapy centers where Ikarians can get 'refreshed' – be it rejuvenation or enhancements. These clinics promise to keep Ikarians at their physical and genetic best.

Athletica Clinics: Specialty clinics that athletes visit to prepare for competitions, offering treatments that maximize endurance, strength, and agility for specific races.

Genetic Enhancement: A core technology for the Ikarians. From perfecting physical attributes to enhancing cognitive abilities, the science of genetics on Ikaros is very advanced, particularly with their close partnership with the Children of the Vein.

Energy & Infrastructure:

Helix Towers: Twisting, spiraled structures that capture and store pulsar energy. They serve as both architectural marvels and energy hubs for each Polis.

Radiant Roads: Roads are made from a special blend of materials that absorb pulsar energy by day. They are smart roads that are illuminated at night, have drainage technology to keep the roads dry, and interface with vehicles.

Pulsar Energy: Tapping into the pulsar for energy, Ikaros has developed advanced means to harness and distribute this vast power source, not just for daily utilities but also for their space and defense technology.

Agri-Tech: Advanced agriculture technologies ensure that despite the lack of a native biosphere, the vineyards and food sources of Ikaros thrive. This includes aeroponics, hydroponics, and gene-edited crops for the best yields.

Education & Research:

Holo-Classrooms: At the Lyceum, students are immersed in full 3D holographic classrooms, where lessons come to life around them. From ancient myths to space phenomena, everything is taught in an interactive environment.

Pulsar Observatories: Specialized research centers devoted to studying the pulsar. They're equipped with powerful telescopes and sensors, constantly deciphering the mysteries of Ikaros' unique sun.

Athenaeum Archives: Digital libraries within the Lyceum, storing a vast reservoir of knowledge. They're a blend of digital screens and holographic projections, offering a multisensory learning experience.

Traditions & Holidays


Race Day: A planet-wide celebration marking the day the first colonizers raced to settle on Ikaros. There are massive planet-wide races on this day, and it's considered an honor to participate.

Pulsar Solstice: Celebrated when the pulsar sun's rhythm reaches its zenith, leading to vibrant night celebrations, dances, and music events inspired by the pulsar's rhythmic emanations.

Feast of Dionykarus: A nod to the Greek god Dionysus and the wine culture of Ikaros, this day marks the harvest of vineyards. Wine flows freely, and there are communal feasts in every Polis.

Moonstone Night: Honoring their unique moon, on this day, artisans and craftsmen showcase their moonstone creations. It's a day of artistic celebration and appreciation.

Death & Afterlife Beliefs:

Elysia: The most honorable and valorous Ikarians are believed to ascend to Elysia, a realm of eternal serenity among the stars. Achieving this is the ultimate honor.

The Depths: Those who live without honor or break societal norms might be believed to be cast into the Depths, where they remain in a state of restless energy, mirroring the relentless pulse of their sun.

The Final Lap: Funerals involve a race, where the departed's remains (or a symbol of them) are carried to a final resting place, usually by friends, peers, and rivals, symbolizing their final journey and race to the afterlife.

Language and Communications:

Luminoglossa: A language of light, inspired by their pulsar. It integrates many visual cues,with verbal communication for a richer means of expression. Advanced tech allows for instant translation and communication across the planet, ensuring that all Poleis, despite having their dialects, understand each other perfectly.

SWN World Tags

Rigid Culture

The local culture is extremely rigid. Certain forms of behavior and belief are absolutely mandated, and any deviation from these principles is punished, or else society may be strongly stratified by birth with limited prospects for change. Anything which threatens the existing social order is feared and shunned.


  • Rigid reactionary
  • Wary ruler
  • Regime ideologue
  • Offended potentate


  • Revolutionary agitator
  • Ambitious peasant
  • Frustrated merchant


  • The cultural patterns are enforced by technological aids
  • The culture is run by a secret cabal of manipulators
  • The culture has explicit religious sanction
  • The culture evolved due to important necessities that have since been forgotten


  • Precious traditional regalia
  • Peasant tribute
  • Opulent treasures of the ruling class


  • Time-worn palace
  • Low-caste slums
  • Bandit den
  • Reformist temple


The natives are intensely averse to dealings with outworlders. Whether through cultural revulsion, fear of tech contamination, or a genuine immunodeficiency, the locals shun foreigners from offworld and refuse to have anything to do with them beyond the bare necessities of contact. Trade may or may not exist on this world, but if it does, it is almost certainly conducted by a caste of untouchables and outcasts.


  • Revulsed local ruler
  • Native convinced some wrong was done to him
  • Cynical demagogue


  • Curious native
  • Exiled former ruler
  • Local desperately seeking outworlder help


  • The natives are symptomless carriers of a contagious and dangerous disease
  • The natives are exceptionally vulnerable to offworld diseases
  • The natives require elaborate purification rituals after speaking to an offworlder or touching them
  • The local ruler has forbidden any mercantile dealings with outworlders


  • Jealously-guarded precious relic
  • Local product under export ban
  • Esoteric local technology


  • Sealed treaty port
  • Public ritual not open to outsiders
  • Outcaste slum home
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