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Ikaros is the homeworld of Ascent in the Gograpatk

Government Ascent
System Gograpatk
Tech Level 4
Population Tens of Millions
Atmosphere Thick
Biosphere No Native
Temperature Warm
Planet Tag 1 Rigid Culture
Planet Tag 2 Xenophobes

Basic description of the planet and any notable features.


A place to go into more detail on the "Attributes" as found in the sector map. These include atmosphere, temperature, biosphere, and the like.

Notable Locations[edit]

A place for notable locations on the planet to be listed and described, potentially linking to a more detailed page. For example faction bases of influence, cities, spaceports, etc.


Ikaros' Moon

Gas Giant Mines[edit]

Ochakov Mine

  • Scrappers in the ruined old mine
  • Things are emerging below

Non Natural Satellites[edit]

Santa Cruz 2[edit]

Research Base

  • Experiments that have gotten loose
  • Hideously amoral research

Roddenberry 4[edit]

Space Station

  • Eccentric oligarchs and minions
  • Supply base for pirates

Rongxar 1[edit]

A Space Station

  • Freeze-dried ancient corpses
  • Black market for the elite

Perrotin 4[edit]

An Orbital Ruin

  • Trigger-happy scavengers
  • Trying to stop it awakening

SWN World Tags[edit]

Rigid Culture[edit]

The local culture is extremely rigid. Certain forms of behavior and belief are absolutely mandated, and any deviation from these principles is punished, or else society may be strongly stratified by birth with limited prospects for change. Anything which threatens the existing social order is feared and shunned.


  • Rigid reactionary
  • Wary ruler
  • Regime ideologue
  • Offended potentate


  • Revolutionary agitator
  • Ambitious peasant
  • Frustrated merchant


  • The cultural patterns are enforced by technological aids
  • The culture is run by a secret cabal of manipulators
  • The culture has explicit religious sanction
  • The culture evolved due to important necessities that have since been forgotten


  • Precious traditional regalia
  • Peasant tribute
  • Opulent treasures of the ruling class


  • Time-worn palace
  • Low-caste slums
  • Bandit den
  • Reformist temple


The natives are intensely averse to dealings with outworlders. Whether through cultural revulsion, fear of tech contamination, or a genuine immunodeficiency, the locals shun foreigners from offworld and refuse to have anything to do with them beyond the bare necessities of contact. Trade may or may not exist on this world, but if it does, it is almost certainly conducted by a caste of untouchables and outcasts.


  • Revulsed local ruler
  • Native convinced some wrong was done to him
  • Cynical demagogue


  • Curious native
  • Exiled former ruler
  • Local desperately seeking outworlder help


  • The natives are symptomless carriers of a contagious and dangerous disease
  • The natives are exceptionally vulnerable to offworld diseases
  • The natives require elaborate purification rituals after speaking to an offworlder or touching them
  • The local ruler has forbidden any mercantile dealings with outworlders


  • Jealously-guarded precious relic
  • Local product under export ban
  • Esoteric local technology


  • Sealed treaty port
  • Public ritual not open to outsiders
  • Outcaste slum home

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