From Beacon Space

Government Assembled Commonwealth
System Astynar
Tech Level 4
Population Millions
Atmosphere Thick
Biosphere Hybrid
Temperature Temperature
Planet Tag 1 Abandoned Colony
Planet Tag 2 Cyclical Doom
Mechanical Tag Cunning Assets owned by the Planetary Government Controller deal one additional damage on successful attack and counter-attack damage rolls made on this planet

A planet with some fairly well preserved ruins of a small Precursor Saint colony, which was abandoned because of the Cyclical Doom. Originally inhabited by squatters using the ruins as shelter, now outnumbered by Idari and Mankiran colonists. High presence of Saintist monks trying to understand the cause of the Doom, though the planet’s governor actively works to ensure their political influence is much more curtailed than on Idarast.

Peleus was the first target of the Colonial Volunteers Program and has experienced a boom in population from across the Commonwealth. In addition, the the Five of Finance has directed significant funds to aid in the colonization efforts and the recruitment drive for settlers. Guilds have flocked to the system to take advantage of the rapid economic growth.



Notable Locations

Brahms Core

A state of the art space station in orbit over Peleus, serving as the headquarters of the Board for Exploration and Colonization of Uninhabited Systems (BECUS). Named after the Head Director of BECUS Jocelyne Brahms, whose leadership, organizational skills and diligence greatly contributed to the high quality of BECUS’ work.