People of the Sector

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People of the Sector
Species Name Species Type Homeworld Brief Description
Amonetra Arthropoid/Lepidoptera Djedefre-Khonsu They are the only humanoids and look more elegant and brighter than the other insectoid races and serve as diplomats and representatives.
An'kar Arthropoid Helocytus Various "arachnoid" and "insectoid" subspecies forms. Highly modified and divergent evolutions.
Arachia Arthropoid/Arachnid Djedefre-Khonsu Elusive arachnid infiltrators and assassins.
Avoytari Mammalian Akiva Four legged carnivorous hunters in a police state
Blood Leaves Plantoid Helocytus Officially, "Sanguiplantae Anima", various plantoid subspecies adapted to Helocytus, distinct pale to crimson coloration.
Brax Mammalian Dynae A short and slender scaled species with bat-like wings.
Brigan Crustacean Dynae Small crustacean-like aliens.
Chiropites Chiropteran Various They are bat-like semi-humanoids. Two avian legs and four torso limbs, the lower two being smaller and webbed.They are widely percieved as a pest, living in the waste management systems of many cities, spaceships, and stations subsisting on the leavings of other creatures.
Corroventis Arthropoid/Insectoid Djedefre-Khonsu Everbusy bee-like bureaucrats of Decadentium Epistraum
Devata Amorphous/Molluscoid Helocytus Asexual, nonverbal, color changing fluorescence, electrogenic, many tentacles, natural computational expertise.
Dragonkin Humanoid Hybrid Sihi Genetic humanoid Hybrids derived from mixing Space Dragon DNA with Homo Sapiens Valorous and Zelvan creating Drakken and Elentarides Zelvo Draconis.
Eponi Rodent/Owlish Various Rodent-like humanoids covered in short brown fur with Owlish round faces
Formīcas Arthropoid/Insectoid Djedefre-Khonsu Diligent worker ants, they epitomize the Epistratum's industrious nature.
Galeans Sharkoid Helocytus Large, amphibious, clawed, rows of fangs, heightened olfactory reception, reduced visual acuity out of water.
Globulon Amorphous Mos, Helocytus, and Kalypso jelly-like species
Grumm Humanoid/Reptilian Dynae Heavy-set scaly species of reptilian aliens.
Havocyn Arthropoid/Insectoid Djedefre-Khonsu Noble dragonfly-like leaders of the Decadentium Epistratum
Homo Divisa, “Humans” Altered Human Helocytus Catch-all categorization for various altered human subspecies of Helocytus, colloquially just "humans".
Homo Sapiens Valorous Altered Human Sihi baseline stronger taller, and tougher than normal human gene strains, with various expressing genes and phenotypes from ancestral super soldiers, with some examples including high G resistance, enhanced reflexes, and increased survivability in poor atmospheric conditions.
Humans Human no single world Y'know those hairless apes that seem to be everywhere and control everything... yeah them.
Ikarian Altered Human Ikaros Homo Sapiens Aureus, distinct group of modified humans from Ikaros
Ikarosi Humanoid/Mammalian Ikaros Gazelle-like, go fast.
Kahak Ord Altered Human Helocytus Vein bio-engineered humans.
Kalit, Obelisk Humanoid/Rock Vikn Creatures made of rock, metals, and crystals
Kalit, Siebe Humanoid Vikn Physiology unknown as they have yet to be recorded outside of environmental suits.
Krahun Gaseous Hela System Pressurized suits of gaseous people
Lathalictus Arthropoid/Insectoid Djedefre-Khonsu Vigilant mantid peacekeepers of the Decadentium.
Lutrian Humanoid/Mammalian Lutria, by way of Sihi Otter-folk
Magmari (aka The Shards of Honor) Rock Sihi Hexapod silicon-based life forms
Mortithrall Arthropoid/Insectoid Djedefre-Khonsu Lumbering bipedal beetle-like labourers
Mosite Devil "Tieflings" Altered Humans Mos Due to the strong effect of the Bleed on the planet Mos, several communites of Humans on the world demonstrate 'devil-like' properties of bold-colored skin, horns, and barbed tails.
Mycelian Fungoid Helocytus Asexual reproduction, requires translation devices for verbal communication, toxic spores.
Najan Reptilian Sihi Large serpentine figures
Puluhanni Altered Human Puluhan
Putschjunta Humanoid/Avian Shipsgrave Raven-like scavengers of Puluhan's moon
Queltl Humanoid/Aquatic Kardakouk Winged axolotl-like humanoids
Saar Arthropoid/Insectoid Saarinen Caterpillar-like colonists in mass hibernation on their homeworld
Sidhe AI Sihi Spawned from the gestalt consciousness of the Unseelie Court given physical forms
Strigo Molluscoid Dynae Octopus-like with heart shaped heads
Tar'et Marine Kardakouk Large aquatic species that resemble a cross between a mantis shrimp and a manta ray
Tch'Koop Humanoid/Aquatic Undava aka Planet __ Scientifically minded bipeds, best suited to aquatic life but capable of terrestrial locomotion and breathing atmosphere.
Valkaiians Human/Altered Human Planet Z aka Valkai Blue-Skinned Humans
Xanthean Arthropoid/Insectoid Djedefre-Khonsu Enormous species of fly-like religious leaders of the Epistratum.
Zelvan Humanoid Sihi Spiny humanoids
(AT Mutants) Altered Human (Planet AT) Symbiotic evolution with microbial life, can breathe (AT) gases, immortals.

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