From Beacon Space

Classification Mammalian
Place of Origin Teuthem/Dynae

A slender scaled species with delicate wings.


The Brax are short and slender quadrupedal creatures (although they are capable of bipedal locomotion). They have long mammalian faces with beady eyes and wide mouths. On standing their back limbs, they are not much taller than 1 meter. Their forelimbs out-stretch into delicate wings that allow them to hover briefly or crudely glide. Hard overlapping scales cover their back and legs, while dense fur coats their exposed skin. Brax tend to have coats and scales in dusty earth tones, but it is common to paint their scales in bright and bold patterns.


Arrival in Beacon Space TBD

Brax populations on Dynae were decimated during the planet’s countless civil wars. The final death knell for the Brax almost came with the Great Cataclysm, but a meager population managed to settle in orbit just prior to the attack.