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The Ikarians, scientifically known as Homosapien Aureus, are a distinctive branch of humanity native to the planet Ikaros. Averaging a height of 2 meters, they are notably taller than typical humans. Their skin has adapted to their sun, Pulsar Solis, taking on a golden sheen and hue, while their eyes display jewel-like colors such as sapphire, emerald, and ruby. Genetically engineered for physical prowess, they are an extraordinarily competitive society obsessed with physical perfection.

Ikarian (Homosapien Aureus)
Classification Humanoid
Place of Origin Gograpatk / Ikaros
Size 2 Meters
Weight 125 Kilos
Lifespan 260 to 300 Years


For the humans of Ikaros, the relentless pursuit of physical perfection isn't just a cultural norm—it's an obsession. Competition is the pinnacle of this, a way to prove their worth, not just among themselves but also against the various species and other communities throughout Beacon Space.


Perfection or Nothing

Failure isn't just frowned upon; it's considered a shame. To be less than perfect is to be less than trash in the eyes of an Ikarian. This attitude permeates every aspect of life, from athletics to academics.

Competitive Nature

Competition is not just encouraged; it's mandatory. From early childhood, Ikarians are taught to view their peers not just as friends but as rivals. Every aspect of life becomes a competition, even mundane tasks.

Superiority Complex

Ikarians believe they are the epitome of human potential and that it's their birthright to prove this to every other species and culture. The embassies on Ikaros thus sponsor unique races from their own cultures, only to be bested by the Ikarians.

Rigorous Training

Every Ikarian, regardless of age, undergoes rigorous physical training. Even the elderly engage in competition to keep their bodies in optimal shape.

Cultural Gauntlets

Many embassies on Ikaros sponsor races, known as "Cultural Gauntlets," to engage with Ikarian society. These are hotly contested events where Ikarians aim to defeat others at their own games, thus proving their superiority.

Holistic Approaches

Due to the obsession with physical perfection, holistic approaches such as diet, mental health, and spiritual well-being are also meticulously managed to achieve optimal physical performance.

Athletic Diplomacy

For an embassy to be in the good graces of the Ikarian government, it has to sponsor at least one annual race. These events serve as diplomatic endeavors as much as athletic competitions.


Enhanced Musculature

Over generations, through a mix of deliberate genome sculpting and natural selection driven by their competitive culture, Ikarians developed denser muscle fibers, granting them greater strength and endurance than average humans. This enhancement allows them to excel in physical contests and endure the intense physical regimen they follow from childhood.

Optimized Metabolism

The Ikarian metabolic rate has been tweaked for maximum efficiency. Their bodies can burn calories faster during competition but also conserve energy efficiently during rest. This allows them to maintain lean physiques while also granting them the stamina needed for long-duration races.

UV Resistance and Radiance

The unique radiation from Pulsar Solis necessitated evolutionary change. Over time, Ikarians developed a thicker epidermis and a melanin variant that glows with a slight amber hue when exposed to their sun. This not only protects them from harmful radiation but gives them a unique, luminescent appearance.

Enhanced Reflexes

Critical for their racing and competitive edge, Ikarians possess reflexes that are about twice as fast as an average human's. This is the result of both genetic engineering and the planet's unique gravitational attributes.

Ocular Adaptations

Ikarians have eyes that are more sensitive to movement, thanks to a higher concentration of motion-sensitive cells. They also have a slight shift in color perception, allowing them to see a broader spectrum of the color orange, an adaptation to their orange dwarf star.

Cardiovascular Fortitude

Ikarian hearts are slightly larger with more robust vascular networks, ensuring efficient blood flow during intense physical exertion. It also gives them a higher red blood cell count, allowing for better oxygenation during activities.

Cognitive Resilience

The obsession with physical perfection has also affected their brain. Ikarians can handle high-stress situations, like competitive events, with a calm demeanor. They have heightened concentration levels, especially in high-adrenaline situations.

Skeletal Reinforcements

To support their enhanced musculature, Ikarian bones are denser and more durable than those of other humans. This also offers them added protection against the physical strains of their intense athletic pursuits.

Pulmonary Efficiency

Adapted to Ikaros' thick atmosphere, Ikarians have larger lung capacities. This allows them to intake more oxygen in a single breath, crucial for their stamina-driven athletic events.

Skin Color

A distinctive golden sheen and hue, an adaptation to their sun, Pulsar Solis. This provides them with some natural radiation resistance and has become a cultural symbol of their superior heritage.

Eye Color

Eyes that resemble jewels, with vibrant colors such as sapphire blue, emerald green, and ruby red. This is not just a cosmetic feature; their unique eye composition allows for a broader spectrum of vision.


The Ikarians trace their roots back to a group of explorers and scientists who settled on Ikaros in search of the beacon. Over time, and influenced by the unique conditions of their planet and sun, they diverged both culturally and genetically from Homesapiens. As a society that values physical prowess, they developed advanced genetic engineering techniques to optimize their physical capabilities, eventually giving rise to Homosapien Aureus.


The social hierarchy on Ikaros is largely meritocratic, based on physical and athletic achievements. At the top are the Aristos, individuals who won the PanIkaros Triathalon under the influence of Dyēus' Race. They are followed by Athlonarchs, individuals who won the PanIkaros Triathalon under normal conditions. Under champions are Sapiarchs, who contribute through scientific discovery and technological innovation. The Valkyrates, responsible for the defense of Ikaros, hold a special status but are below Athlonarchsand Sapiarchs. At the base are the Demosians, regular citizens, who although skilled, have not achieved the glory or recognition in physical or intellectual pursuits.

This strict social hierarchy informs every aspect of Ikarian life, from their education system to their diplomatic relations. However, it also creates a society of extreme competition, where the stakes are high and the pressure to perform is ever-present.