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Classification Cervine
Place of Origin Gograpatk/Ikaros

A tall humanoid species that strongly resemble Gazelles, Deers, Springbox, and other hoofed prey animals. They are native to Ascent and Ikaros, with a cultural obsession with speed in all things.


They are born as almost fully formed adults, ready to run from the moment they emerge from the womb. Gangly limbed and thin, with the average adult being in the range of 180 - 210cm. They have cloven hooves on their feet and hands, often using specialised gloves or hooves to interact in places not designed for them.


Exact origin is not known, but as with most species in beaconspace they either evolved on the planet itself or arrived a long time ago on a generation ship drawn by the beacon


Organised largely into the messenger guilds of the ascent, they follow the myriad stipulations and regulations of whichever organisation they belong to.


Obsessed with speed in all things, Ikarosi find themselves constantly competing to be the fastest. This transitions to their society where being slow in either body or mind is the ultimate way to become a pariah.

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