From Beacon Space

Classification Beetloid
Place of Origin Nekhrosia / Chrynatos
Size 3.5 to 4 Meters
Weight 300 to 400 Kilos
Lifespan 2 to 3 Rotar
Maturity Age 5 Months

The colossal Mortithrall stand as the enduring builders of the Shai'tanu. Their rugged exoskeletons, cloaked in earthy hues, provide formidable protection, while multiple limbs enable them to manipulate tools with precision. The chitinous armor offers resilience against the elements, reflecting their role as the silent architects of progress.

From the earliest days of the Ascended Epistratum, the Mortithrall have laid the very foundations of its civilization in unity with the Formīca. With unmatched strength and unwavering endurance, they labor ceaselessly, constructing monuments and engineering wonders that exemplify the faction's essence of Progress through Decay.

Rooted in stoicism and discipline, Mortithrall culture venerates labor as a sacred responsibility. Their rituals are solemn and centered on the unity of purpose, underscoring the significance of their work in shaping the Epistratum's destiny.

Standing at an imposing height of 3.5 to 4 meters, with an average weight of 350 kilos, they manifest their legacy through labor. The Mortithrall carry the weight of the faction's growth upon their sturdy frames, embodying the principle that decay, when harnessed, leads to enduring progress.


The Mortithrall are the silent laborers of the worker caste. Their sturdy exoskeletons, shaded in earthy tones, provide formidable protection. Multiple sets of limbs allow them to manipulate tools and materials with precision, while their chitinous armor grants resistance against external elements.


The Mortithrall have long served as the resiliency of the Epistratum's infrastructure. Endowed with unparalleled strength and endurance, they have toiled silently, constructing monuments and engineering marvels, embodying the faction's ethos of Progress through Decay.


Mortithrall culture is steeped in stoicism and discipline. They view their labor as a sacred duty, channeling the essence of decay into tangible creations. Their rituals are solemn and focused on the unity of purpose, reminding them that their work contributes to the larger tapestry of the Epistratum's growth.


Their anatomy includes powerful mandibles and specialized appendages, capable of manipulating various materials with precision.