From Beacon Space
Classification Avian
Place of Origin 0309/Puluhan/Shipsgrave

The Putschjunta are an avian sapient species who primarily reside on the Pulahan moon Shipsgrave. The Moon has the remnants of an ancient battlefield which the Putschjunta subsist on by salvaging valuable materials and components, then trading with the rest of the sector. There also exist several pockets of Putschjunta Disaspora at various points across the sector including a significant pocket on Kardakouk.

Like scavenging birds, they are highly intelligent but have a different value system to the average person of the sector. They place particular value on objects that are of aesthetic value, preferring a shiny less valuable metal to a tarnished valuable one. Reccommended that you have shiny objects available if you wish to trade or approach their space.


These species are Avian Humanoids primarily resembling birds of the Corvidae family. They may also share characteristics of Doves, Vultures, Seagulls, and other scavenging birds. The adults stand on average between 1.6m - 1.8m. They have developed articulated hands each with four talons and a non-taloned prehensile thumb like appendage.


Signs point to the Putschjunta evolving from a previously domesticated species of working animal for a civilisation that previously colonised Puluhan. The features of this civilisation are long-lost, but the Putschjunta remain and may provide some clues as to life before the current wave of Beacon colonisers.


The Species organises themselves into Tribal or Gang-Like groups known as Flights. These Flights have been known to be prone to internal conflict over scavenging territory but band together to face external threat, such as non Putschjunta scavenging fleets trying to approach the Shipsgrave and take valuable resources.


They have varying internal cultures but all tend to function following the maxim "might makes right" with the strongest families gaining control. They have been reported accepting Non Putschjunta individuals into Flights so long as they ascribe to the flight's values.

Notable Putschjunta:
  • Iro Talon - Leader of the Flight 'Armoury Down'
  • “Rubic” - Armory Down lieutenant and hoverbiker
  • Karles - "Merchant" in the Cell Block city on Kardakouk
  • Hershel Carreon - Leader of the flight 'Carreon'