From Beacon Space

Classification Insectoid
Place of Origin Nekhrosia / Chrynatos
Size 1.25 to 2 Meters
Weight 25 to 40 Kilos
Lifespan 6 to 8 Rotar
Maturity Age 9 Months

The Amonetra are one of the species that make up the inhabitants of Chrynatos. They are the only humanoids and look more elegant and brighter than the other insectoid races and serve as diplomats and representatives. A sub-species of the Amonetra serve as scientists.


The Amonetra are a genetically modified species similar to Butterflies that have been altered to appear more humanoid in appearance, in order to serve their diplomatic roles. They stand between 4-5ft tall, with slender bodies that are covered in a fine layer of iridescent scales. The colors of them and their wings are predominantly a light blue, with accents of purple, pink, and gold, but the black spots on the edges of their wings have been reduced in size and number, giving their wings a softer, more delicate appearance.

The Amonetra's faces have been modified to have more human-like features, with expressive, almond-shaped eyes that are still black and shiny. Their mouths are larger and more pronounced, with a pair of retractable fangs that are only used for defense. Their antennae have also been modified to resemble human hair, with a light, feathery texture that can be styled in different ways.

Despite their humanoid appearance, the Amonetra still possess some insectoid traits. Their bodies are still covered in a thin exoskeleton, and they have two pairs of wings with a span of 3-6 feet, that allows them to fly with great grace and agility. Additionally, they possess the ability to secrete a sticky substance from their feet that allows them to cling to walls and ceilings.

Overall, the Amonetra have a gentle and graceful appearance intended to be more relatable to humans and humanoids. However, they still retain their loyalty to their insectoid empire and the chaotic forces that it represents. They serve as diplomats for their empire, using their charm and otherworldly appearance to help broker deals and establish alliances with other species.


It was unknown what world would await the (placeholder) when they woke up from cryosleep, and what species would be interacted with. So the Amonetra were kept in cryo as Caterpillars. When it was discovered that humans and humanoids occupied Beacon Space, their Physiology and gene sequence were forcibly stolen from unfortunate explorers. The Caterpillars were modified, and then finally allowed to grow to adulthood. When the diplomats were de-cocooned, they immediately began being hypnotized and mind-educated into the ways of the inhabitants of the sector in order to fulfill their sacred role in the caste.


As a diplomatic subset of the govt of Chrynatos, the Amonetra operate as a series of distinct diplomatic enclaves, each of which is responsible for maintaining relations with a specific group of species. These enclaves are led by Amonetra officials who are chosen for their diplomatic skills and expertise in dealing with particular cultures. Within each enclave, there may be further sub-divisions that specialize in particular aspects of diplomacy, such as trade, cultural exchange, or military alliances. Despite their decentralized structure, the Amonetra are united by a common goal of representing the insectoid empire in a positive light and advancing their own interests through diplomatic means.


Despite their insectoid origins, the Amonetra wear clothing that reflects a regal and elegant aesthetic similar to Ancient Egyptian attire, as a way to set other species at ease during diplomatic encounters. They wear long, flowing tunics made from a lightweight, shimmering fabric, cinched at the waist with a belt that features intricate embroidery or beading in gold and other precious metals. The Amonetra also wear ornate jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, that incorporate a mix of gold, precious stones, and brightly-colored glass beads. Finally, they wear headdresses made from a combination of fabric, feathers, and gold-plated metal, which incorporate their antennae into the design. The headdresses may feature gemstones or other decorations that signify their rank or position within the insectoid empire. Overall, the Amonetra's clothing conveys a sense of elegance, refinement, and otherworldliness intended to set them apart while remaining diplomatic and approachable.


A sub-species of the Amonetra serve as the scientific caste, called the Amonetrix. However they are not genetically modified to be humanoid. They lack the colourful wings of their diplomatic counterparts and keep their insectoid faces and body. Also unlike their diplomatic counterparts they prefer to keep more to themselves.