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Hex 1210
First Planet Kardakouk

Home of Kardakouk, the homeplanet for The Concord of Mutual Disdain

Notable Planets

Kardakouk - the most populated planet in the system, and capital planet of the Concord of Mutual Disdain.

Hela IV - the home planet of the Krahun.

Other points of interest

Ayr Mine - Gas Giant Mine

Orbits Hela IV

Occupied by: Scientists studying alien life

Situation: Alien remnants were found

Bad - Moon

A Bad Moon

Yalata 6 - Orbital Ruin

Occupied by: Military Quarantine Enforcers

Situation: Trying to stop it awakening

Kuloah - Moon

A not so bad moon

Arima 9 - Refuelling Station

A refuelling station

Stena 5 - Research Base

A research base

Lelo Antsune - Moon

Also a less bad moon

Bernard 1 - Refuelling Station

Occupied by: Sordid purveyors of decadent fun

Situation: A ship is in severe distress

Bernard 1 is rather unique in its construction in that, like the planet it orbits, most of the station is filled with water. It is not entirely clear whether this was done by the jailors that sealed the prison of Kardakouk and created its oceans or whether it was created by other denizens of the sector at a later time. Whoever did fill the station with water did so a long time ago and left no clear records of how or why they did so. In spite of how long the station has been orbiting Kardakouk no faction has yet chosen to drain the water and as a result the station serves as a rare location for the alien races of Kardakouk to feel almost at home.

The Cult of Bernard

The Cult of Bernard are an odd group among the denizens of the Concord of Mutual Disdain. A loose religious force they firmly believe that all life, not only on Kardakouk but throughout the sector, comes from either Bernard 1 or its long lost equivalents. For surely if there is a Bernard 1 then there must surely be other Bernard stations too. It is relatively easy to identify members of the Cult of Bernard by name as they will often change one of their names to Bernard, irrespective of their coloration. In believing that all life comes from Bernard 1 they implicitly reject the wide notion of the Concord that the Jailors are responsible for putting the species in Kardakouk. They don’t deny their evil, or reject disdain for them, but they do believe that they were not who placed them there, instead all three species originated from Bernard 1. They don’t have much of a unified creed beyond that belief but in believing the existence of other Bernard stations they are the only group to have actively and openly sought to leave Kardakouk before its opening up. The discord for which has left them a mostly tangential political force with no real sway outside of the station itself.

Chekalin 5 - Space Station

Occupied by: Secretive military observers

Situation: Supply base for pirates

Tsukuba 6 - Research Station

Occupied by: Black-ops governmental researchers

Situation: Selling black-market tech

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