From Beacon Space

Classification Mammalian
Place of Origin Aanranreen/Akiva


The Avoytari are quadrupedal mammals with a tail that doubles their length. Standing normally on four legs they are about shoulder height of the average human. They are able to grab and manipulate objects with the digits on all four of their limbs but the ones on the front two are more dexterous.

The Avoytari are carnivores and hunters. They have multiple sets of eyes that are specialized in different types of vision which allows them to see clearly in almost all light levels. Their two sets of ears that can operate independently of each other to be able to pick minute sounds.

The six wisker tendrils situated around their slightly feline muzzle can be used to manipulate light objects, and are regularly tagged with identification chips.


Akiva and the Avoytari were known to the sector prior to the glitch when Akiva was located in the equivalent of hex 1311. They were rediscovered in their current location of hex 1718 during the Concord’s exploration of the area that would become the Zoanthi chain.

The Avoytari were extremely utilitarian in their motives to join the Concord of Mutual Disdain, considering it a military alliance against the Jailors. During initial contact they saw the Tar'et as potential good allies, though too few in numbers, while they viewed the Queltl and humans as little more than meat shields. When the Kalit, with their tech advantage, joined the Concord the equation changed and Avoytari also decided to join the faction.


The Avoytari are governed by a Police state with a Military hierarchy.

Creation Myth

The Avoyari believe in a deity like being they call the Great Possessor. This entity obtained everything it is possible to have, the material, the metaphorical, the fantasy. They came to own everything, including the Avoythari. But jealousy was brewing out in the stars. The Jailors coveted the plentiful treasures of the Great Possessor and as their jealousy grew so did their schemes.

While the Great Possessor was asleep, they initiated a surprise attack. Hidden by a mighty asteroid that blocked out the light of the sun they struck. They raided the great Museum of the Possessor and took everything that they could. Using these great devices they started a campaign of conquest and spread destruction across the galaxy.

When the Great Possessor awoke and discovered the theft it grew furious. In its wrath it took the Avoytari and shaped them in its own image. It gave them the eyes of a hunter, an agile body for pursuit, and intelligence to strategize.

Mere possessions themselves, the Avoytari must reclaim what was taken from the Great Possessor, everything the Jailors have is forfeit.


The Avoytari operate under a very strict police state. Theft is punishable with a death sentence. Other types of offenses lead to the perpetrators being forced into gladiatorial combat where offenders fight to the death. This serves as entertainment but also enforces governmental and cultural norms. If a criminal survives their criminal record is expunged and they are drafted into the military. Due to this process there is an entire section of the Avoytari special forces that is composed of alien species from past the edge of Beacon Space who were trapped and criminalized due to the governments byzantine and punitive legal system.

Akiva also has a teaming ecosystem with many large predators that the Avoytari enjoy hunting for sport.