From Beacon Space

Classification Insectoid
Place of Origin Nekhrosia / Djedefre-Khonsu
Size 2 to 3 Meters
Weight 50 to 70 Kilos
Lifespan 2 to 3 Rotar
Maturity Age 2 Months

The Corroventis, resembling elegant beings adorned in gold, black, and amber, epitomize the Decadentian Epistratum's bureaucratic backbone. Their intricate exoskeletons and swift wings facilitate their movement, while keen antennae and multifaceted eyes capture every detail. Their history is one of meticulous record-keeping and structured governance, driving the Epistratum's order and cohesion.

Thriving on efficiency and precision, Corroventis culture centers on meticulous planning and structured processes. Their communication style involves intricately precise information, ensuring seamless coordination. They embody the faction's bureaucratic traditions, upholding the Epistratum's essence of Progress through Decay.


The Corroventis, diligent bureaucrats of the Decadentian Epistratum, possess bodies adorned in intricate patterns of gold, black, and amber. Their segmented exoskeletons and specialized wings facilitate their swift movement, allowing them to traverse the faction's labyrinthine administrative networks. Sensitive antennae and multifaceted eyes enable them to analyze intricate details.


The history of the Corroventis is one of meticulous record-keeping and structured governance. Serving as the administrative backbone of the Epistratum, they have been instrumental in maintaining order and efficiency. Their attention to detail and commitment to precision have contributed to the faction's longevity and cohesion.


Rooted in structured processes and meticulous planning, Corroventis culture revolves around efficiency and foresight. Their rituals involve intricate dances that communicate complex information, ensuring seamless coordination. They uphold the faction's bureaucratic traditions with unwavering dedication, believing that through order, the essence of decay can be harnessed for progress.


Their anatomy includes specialized communication glands that release pheromones during their intricate dances, conveying information ranging from resource allocation to strategic planning.