From Beacon Space

Classification Arachnid
Place of Origin Nekhrosia / Djedefre-Khonsu
Size 2 to 3 Meters
Weight 30 to 40 Kilos
Lifespan 4 to 6 Rotar
Maturity Age 4 Months

The Arachia are a formidable arachnid species of the Decadentian Epistratum, adept at blending into the darkness and striking from unexpected angles. Their sleek bodies, covered in an exoskeleton of deep blues and blacks, allow them to move silently and seamlessly in the shadows. Multiple pairs of sharp limbs equipped with venomous barbs make them formidable in close combat, while their multifaceted eyes grant them exceptional low-light vision.

Masters of secrecy and subterfuge, the Arachia have evolved as the elite infiltrators and assassins of the Decadentian Epistratum. Their culture is built upon loyalty to the faction and the unwavering pursuit of its goals. Rituals of initiation and vows of allegiance bind them together, creating a tight-knit web of operatives who move unseen in the darkest corners of the universe.

As members of the Ankhserqet within the Decadentian Epistratum, the Arachia play a pivotal role in intelligence and covert operations. Their ability to produce and manipulate silk adds to their arsenal of skills, allowing them to craft traps and devices that aid their missions.


The Arachia are a sinister and adaptable arachnid species. Their bodies are slender and flexible, allowing them to effortlessly move through narrow spaces. Their chitinous exoskeleton is a blend of deep blues and blacks, perfectly suited to blending into shadows. They possess multiple pairs of sharp, retractable limbs, each tipped with venomous barbs. A pair of multifaceted eyes grant them excellent low-light vision, and their silk-spinning organs serve both for creating traps and for mobility.


The Arachia emerged from the shadows of history as elite infiltrators and assassins. Originating from the decaying heartlands of Djedefre-Khonsu, they honed their skills to perfection in an environment marked by rivalry and ruthless survival. Over centuries, they mastered the art of subterfuge and secrecy, making them invaluable assets to the Decadentian Epistratum's covert operations.


A culture built on stealth, secrecy, and devotion to the Decadentian Epistratum, the Arachia thrive in the shadows, ever vigilant against threats to their people. Their hierarchy is a blend of meritocracy and loyalty, where the deadliest and most cunning rise to leadership positions. Rituals of covert initiation and vows of unwavering loyalty bind them to their faction and its ideals.


Their anatomy is specialized for stealth and precision. Their limbs end in sharp, venomous barbs capable of immobilizing targets quickly and discreetly. The ability to produce and manipulate silk allows them to create intricate traps, rappelling lines, and even cloaking devices.