Planet Z

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Also known as Valkai, Planet Z is an isolated world in 1205 System L.

Government Warring states
System 1304 System L
Tech Level 4+
Population Tens of Millions
Atmosphere Corrosive
Biosphere Hybrid
Temperature Temperate
Planet Tag 1 Doomed World
Planet Tag 2 Out Of Contact

Beneath the swirling corrosive clouds of Valkai religious conflict divides the continents. Long kept ignorant of the wider sector, locals


The Valkai are blue and teal skinned humaniods. Surveys of the planet propose that the population were once human.

They follow a strict caste system and wear bold colored clothes with arcane glyphs to denote their rank in society. Outer clothes and environmental suits, considered "Sacred Robes" completely obscure the wearer and match the color of their cast.


Toliani - Workers - Red Robes - Fire -
Niliti - Specialists/Managers - Light Blue Robes - Air
Unanvalk - Clergy or Nobility - Dark Blue Robes - Water
Ranivalk - Royalty - Green Robes - Earth

Customs and rituals are highly valued to Valkai society where politeness and deference is rigorously enforced.

Black tattoos are fairly common.


Armored Bugs (isopods, scorpions, horned beetles, etc) dog-sized and mean. Few trees, algae and basic grasses.


Corrossive, and getting worse. A swirling brown and green smog.

Surveillance and Research in to the atmosphere to discover a means to control it and prevent the doom spiral.

TL 4+

Heavy on the Bio tech Low on the communication tech and TL3 for the most part (Circa 2005)

Notable Locations

A place for notable locations on the planet to be listed and described, potentially linking to a more detailed page. For example faction bases of influence, cities, spaceports, etc.

'Kat*alut*an_ ter_ku ellai

  • City on the southern continent, loosely translates to "Land's End"
Nakuram (Oldtown)
  • Decaying architecture of a bygone era. Brick works crumbling under the strain of the atmosphere.
Minat Nimi
  • "Thoughtplace" suburb of Katalutan terku ellai

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