From Beacon Space

Classification Insectoid
Place of Origin Nekhrosia / Chrynatos
Size 4 to 7 Meters
Weight 100 to 200 Kilos
Lifespan 8 to 10 Rotar
Maturity Age 7 Months

The Havocyn, regal rulers that embody the very essence of Entropy, stand as magnificent symbols of power and transformation within the Ascended Epistratum. With majestic wings adorned in shimmering hues and elegant, elongated bodies, they exude an air of authority and transcendence. Their multifaceted eyes gleam with ancient wisdom, and their presence commands unwavering respect and allegiance.

Throughout the Epistratum's storied history, the Havocyn have ruled as the pinnacle of leadership, steering the Ascended Epistratum through the intricate currents of decay and progress. Their lineage is steeped in the faction's core principles, serving as beacons of the ever-changing cycle of life and death.

In the tapestry of Havocyn culture, rituals of meditation and introspection are interwoven, forging an unbreakable connection to Entropy itself. Their elegant wings, spanning 3 to 4 meters, carry the weight of their noble heritage and their role as stewards of balance.

These Sovereign icons hold a lifespan of 8 to 10 years, leading with wisdom accrued over millennia. Their innate command over decay and rebirth is a living embodiment of the Ascended Epistratum's essence, a profound manifestation of the faction's pursuit of harmonious progression.


The Havocyn exude authority and possess elegant yet commanding forms. With glistening, iridescent wings and slender yet sturdy bodies, they epitomize grace and power. Their multifaceted eyes radiate an aura of wisdom and dominion, while their elongated abdomens symbolize their mastery over decay and rebirth.


The Havocyn's lineage traces back through the Epistratum's rich history, embodying the essence of Entropy itself. As rulers and patrons of the Ascended Epistratum, they have navigated eras of stagnation and revival, guiding the Epistratum's destiny through the currents of decay and progress.


Havocyn culture is steeped in tradition and reverence for Entropy. They embody the faction's core principles, serving as beacons of decay's transformative power. Rituals centered on meditation and introspection shape their convictions, as they oversee the balance of decay and rebirth within their realm.


Their anatomy features wings that enable swift flight and intricate patterns that signify their status.