People of Sihi

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The population of Sihi, the Starlit Court homeworld, is made up of a variety of different species: ranging from small aquatic Lutrians to the large silicon Crystal Men.


A mix of the populations from across the space through which Sihi has passed, the human people of Sihi are a riot of all the varieties that humanity is capable of. A common adaptation among the people of Sihi is the ability to breathe in a heavy atmosphere due to the strangely thick atmosphere on planet station.

As a result of good medical science and a cultural focus on fitness human lifespans typically reach into the high 100s and low 200s.

Homo Sapiens Valorous

Among Sihian humanity there are those that are descended from the soldiers of old Elentar, the genemods that permeate the population as a result sometimes breed true. These adaptations result in people generally being much taller than average, along with having varying degrees of extra strength and speed. Some among the Valorus are better capable of surviving extremely high g-forces, some have a wider spectrum of visible light, some are inhumanly strong and tough, and yet others are able to breathe in a wide range of atmospheres.


The native species that survived the initial arrival of humanity to Elentar, the Zelvan are a spined humanoid species with fleshy skin, digitigrade legs, claws, and a strong build, reaching 2 to 2.5 meters tall (7 to 8 feet). Due to their intense warrior culture they very successfully integrated into the pre-High King human society and much of what is now seen as modern Starlit culture is based on the beliefs and lore that they held prior to their conquering. As a result there are very few today who can even make educated guesses as to which practices and ideals began in Zelvan culture.


A shorter race of aquatic furred sentient mammals, Lutrians resemble bipedal old-earth otters that typically reach between 3 and 4 feet tall. Descendants of an enslaved population, when Sihi discovered their planet they found their warrior spirits, rising up to, make the stand to free themselves from their long enslavement. The survivors of the slave revolt were offered a place aboard Sihi where they have lived alongside us.

As they proved during their uprising they are fierce warriors despite their size and overall demeanor of joviality. Producing an outsized number of rather colorful characters they have filled roles across Starlit society from some of the most famous knights to some of the most famous entertainers particularly in the Royal Rumble.

Lutrian’s typically live to be roughly 70 years of age.


The shortest lived of the Sihian species, the serpentine Najan mature quickly reaching adulthood in a mere 6 to 9 years with their longest lived reaching their early 50s. Blending a frighteningly analytical nature with an intensely spiritual culture, the Najan are one of the few groups on Sihi to have a distinct, if compatible, faith to the Starlit Path.

Worshiping the three gods of war Hydros, Jormanger, and Dracos, their deep belief in the need to speak the truth and in the importance of holding oaths, seeing that as the most efficient path to any given goal made them ideal allies for the knights of the Court.

Their large snake-like forms can be frightening for those not used to their presence, stretching to around 3 meters in length. Their long serpentine tails and large clawed arms covered from head to tip in glittering scales and their heads hooded like cobras.

Magmari / The Shards of Honor

In contrast to the short lived Najan, the Magmari are the Starlit Court’s longest lived residents usually reaching around 500 years in age though the record for the longest lived was 1134 years. In line with their long lived nature their reproduction takes a long time and it takes 40 years for them to reach adulthood.

Their unique silicon based biology is a fascinating mystery to scientists as it is coincidentally perfectly matched to the functionality of the Sheath technology which otherwise would not easily be able to interface with them since it was designed for carbon based life. Further aspects of their unique biology are their hexapodal body plan with four legs and two arms and their extremely durable crystalline bodies. Capable of surviving in a vast array of different extreme conditions; anywhere from scorching heat, freezing cold, or even the vacuum of space.

Another distinct aspect to the Magmari is their unusually high incidence of bleed sensitives among their species. Having had almost a century of experience with the Bleed before Sihi’s arrival in their space they brought this knowledge to the Court.

Another martial race who make some of our toughest and most durable men at arms with very strong honor codes much like the rest of the strong Sihian cultures making it easy to adapt to our way of life. One of the largest surprises within the Magmari culture was the undercurrent of understanding if the Starlit Path already existed within their history, specifically those who called themselves the Shards of Honor. Stories of the High King and his teachings were already being passed down among the Shards and some of them were already adherents to the Path.


Taking the forms of one of the many other species among the Sihian population, the Sidhe are an artificial species of sapient AI spawned from the gestalt consciousness of The Unseelie Court given physical forms.


The Dragonkin are a hybrid of two genetic variations combined with space dragon DNA. The Drakken has been mixed with Homo Sapiens Valorous DNA and the Elentarides Zelvo Draconis are mixed with Elentar's native species The Zelvan. They were created on the planet of Elentar by the famed mad geneticist Doctor Ulrezaj “Emil” Duran.