From Beacon Space

Government Concord of Mutual Disdain
System Aanranreen
Tech Level TL4
Population Billions
Atmosphere Breathable Mix
Biosphere Miscible
Temperature Temperate
Planet Tag 1 Local Tech
Planet Tag 2 Police State

Homeworld to the Avoytari and part of the Concord of Mutual Disdain. Prior to the glitch Akiva was located in the equivalent of hex 1311. The planet was rediscovered in it's current location of hex 1718 during the Concord’s exploration of the area that would become the Zoanthi chain.


Dominated by purple forests, white grassy plains and clear oceans Akiva is a planet teaming with life.. not all of it friendly.


Akiva is governed by a Police state with a military hierarchy.

Notable Locations

Statue of the Great Possessor

The Gatiisl Nature Preserve