From Beacon Space
Classification Protista Globitumine
Place of Origin Mos, Helocytus, & Kalypso

The Globulons are a sentient and sapient slime race with multiple unique characteristics.


As omnivores, they are capable of absorbing a wide array of biological matter. This matter can be processed to form organelles and sensory structures such as eyes, ears, teeth, and taste-buds.

They are perhaps best known for their sociological and physical practice of taking only a single name. When a Globulon seeks to mate - two entities are fused semi-permanently into a single new person with a blended personality and two names. They will then consume an excess amount of biomatter until they have enough material to divide themselves and create a new distinct globulon whom absorbs some traits from each parent. A fused globulon pair may repeat this process multiple times however each successive division requires more and more energy. The average number of budded offspring was reported at 2.4 by a census of the Globulon Diaspora on Mos.


The Globulons are not native to beacon space, like many of the species in the sector they arrived some hundreds of years ago via Generation or Colony ship. Landing in the gravity well of the Cacho system. There remains a pilgrimage beacon marking the alleged location that the colony ship "Shleavngo" entered the sector. Since their entry the species has taken well to several environments across beacon space with significant populations on the planets of Mos, Heloytus, and Kalypso.


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