From Beacon Space
Government Concord of Mutual Disdain
System Glorious
Tech Level TL5
Population Millions
Atmosphere Airless or Thin
Biosphere No native Biosphere
Temperature Temperate
Planet Tag 1 Heavy Mining
Planet Tag 2 Taboo Treasure
Mechanical Tag Special Forces Assets built on this world by the Planetary Government controller cost 1 less Faccred
Ruin No Ruin

νίκη pronounced Ni-Key is an airless rock and would receive little attention were it not for the mineral deposits, jailor tech and the planet's denizens, the Kalit. The landscape is one of tall mountains and jutting mesas overlooking cracked and rocky plains.


Jailor technology

On νίκη the below devices and cognitive monitoring technology are quite common. There is an extensive amount of legal protections for individuals and those that are exposed to the mental intrusions carry traces in their subconscious that are easy to track back to the device that was used on them. These readings are called the Diwa (Di-wa), and while it is easy for the Kalit’s TL5 technology to pick them up it is impossible to detect them with TL4 tech. This disparity has led the Concord to impose an embargo all jailor based technology. However, such actions created an instant blackmarket.

The Concord is working diligently with the Kilat government to try and replicate the Diwa detection technology at lower tech levels so that it can become more widespread but there has been little success as of yet.

Totoo (To-to-o): Simple lie detectors that can tell if a lie is told by reading a person's brainwaves.

Katotohanan (Kato-toe-han-an): More advanced detectors, they can tell if you are speaking the truth with the intention to deceive and are common in the judicial and business settings.

Sumpa( Suom-pa): Thes oath rods were used by the Jailors as disciplinary and punishment devices. They weigh a person's convictions against their words and should there be a disparity between the two they impart an excruciating level of pain. The settings on the device can be modified so that the pain is temporary with no long lasting effects or turned up to a lethal level. These devices are currently used in Kalit society when oaths of office are taken, or to seal major business deals.

Naisip (Nai-is-ip): These chambers are built into the Kalit’s religious institutions; they allow the surface thoughts of those inside to be broadcast. The Kalit use these for guided meditation where a spiritual teacher directs the supplicant to examine their thoughts and shepherds them to a more peaceful, calm, balanced state.

There are rumors floating about new mobile versions of the Naisip that would allow the user to listen in on other’s thoughts without their victims being aware.


The mines on νίκη run deep and borrow into the planet's crust in complex webs. Off worlders are rarely invited to observe the mining and industry of νίκη but with the embargo of technology now in place, outside smuggling groups are making use of abandoned mines and factories as staging areas to ship these goods off world.

Notable Locations

The majority of the population lives in cities cut into the cliff sides, while the capital city Pangulo (Pan-gu-loo) uses an extinct volcano as its foundation.


Given the considerable distances between the planets of νίκη and Kardakouk the first integration of the Kalit into Concord systems was to appoint a new permanent position to the Council, the Minister of νίκη. Unlike other Ministers who are the top authority figures in their respective domains the Minister of νίκη instead acts as the main liaison between the Concord and the Kalit, offering advice from the νίκη perspective and particularly their technological expertise. Naturally this post is appointed to a Kalit and as such is exempted from the human majority rule.

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