From Beacon Space

Classification Insectoid
Place of Origin Nekhrosia / Chrynatos
Size 4 to 5 Meters
Weight 400 to 500 Kilos
Lifespan 15 to 20 Rotar
Maturity Age 8 Months

The Xanthean, towering figures within the Sefkhetfly, embody the spiritual essence of the Ascended Epistratum. Their robust bodies, adorned in shimmering golds and pearl white, exude an aura of solemn wisdom. Elongated wings and large heads grant them heightened sensory perception, while their finely-tuned antennae resonate with the vibrations of Renpetekh.

Throughout history, the Xanthean have served as conduits between the Ascended Epistratum and the forces of decay and entropy. Their rituals and practices reflect their deep connection to the metaphysical, guiding the faction through the intricate web Renpetekh. As spiritual leaders of the Ascended Epistratum they bring a profound reverence to matters of faith and philosophy.

With an average size of 3.5 to 4 meters and a much longer lifespan than other species of the Epistratum, the Xanthean hold a unique place in the faction's hierarchy. Their embodiment of decay's mysteries and their role as spiritual guides make them pillars of the Ascended Epistratum's devotion to entropy.


The Xanthean, one part of the priests that make up the Sefkhetfly, possess large and robust bodies that exude an air of solemnity. Their glistening exoskeletons shimmer with iridescent hues of gold and pearl, reflecting their profound connection to Renpetekh. Their bulbous compound eyes and elongated wings grant them enhanced sensory perception, and their multifaceted antennae are finely tuned to the vibrations of Renpetekh.


The Xanthean's history intertwines with the Epistratum's devotion to decay and entropy. Serving as spiritual guides and conduits for Renpetekh, they have upheld the faction's religious foundation for countless generations. Their ancient rituals and practices offer insight into the mysteries of the universe, while their teachings resonate with the essence of Decay.


Rooted in reverence for decay and Renpetekh, the Xanthean lead lives of contemplation and devotion. Their culture revolves around sacred rituals that channel the power of entropy, reinforcing their connection to the Epistratum's core beliefs. Through meditation and connection to the Renpetekh, they maintain their unique role as intermediaries between the material realm and the metaphysical forces of decay.


Their distinctive anatomy includes specialized wings that enable them to resonate with the energies of Renpetekh during rituals. Their heightened senses make them adept at perceiving the subtle fluctuations in decay and entropy.