Electric Helix

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The Electric Helix is a group of Free Agents employed by the Starlit Court.

Electric Helix

To most of those who deal with them, Electric Helix are a highly skilled, well-reviewed team of Free Agents. Having successfully pulled off a variety of information and asset retrieval missions and the occasional assassination they have a reputation of extreme efficiency and a near-flawless success record.

What is hidden from even the most tenacious of their watchers is that they are a team of deniable assets for The Crows of Maeve. Using their funds from their private work they have amassed an extensive information network and a large supply of weaponry, both legitimate and not.

One of their favored partnerships is the Order of the Falling Star, who they often call in to play the role of distraction or muscle for particularly difficult targets.


While they do make use of assets from across the sector in their illicit businesses, particularly in their information network, all full members of Electric Helix proper are from the Sidhe.

  • Angelos

A tall well built Sidhe who closely resembles one of the human population that makes up a large plurality of the Sihian population. Often disguised as a Sihian exile, he tends to wear bulky power armor and acts as the team's muscle and its de facto face when the team has to deal with outsiders.

  • Angau

Typically found either practicing with or maintaining a wide array of weaponry, Angau is Electric Helix’s premier assassin. Her lithe Lutrian form is often covered by a tight stealth suit, she is largely a loner that doesn’t have much to say for those outside her small group of friends.

  • Felshade

One of the greatest technology specialists in the Crows, Felshade takes a back seat on many missions maintaining the team's cover by co-opting control of nearby networks and wiping their existence from security systems. Always found defended by one of their small army of Serv-0 droids, most often hunched over a computer console examining data streams.

It is hard to tell which species Felsharde’s original form was intended to mimic since at this point they have been almost entirely subsumed by their cyber-ware.

  • Brightsharde

The manager of Electric Helix’s information network, Brightsharde is most often found sat in dive bars and lounges, either with one of his many contacts or logged into a vast array of social networks and the Penumbra Network.