Order of the Sheathed Soul

From Beacon Space

The Order of the Sheathed Soul is a prestigious group of knights in the Starlit Court who have been deemed disciplined and stable enough to wield the powerful technomagical ability known as the Soul Blade. This ability allows a knight to supercharge their mech beyond its normal operating limits, but at the cost of permanently damaging the Sheath, a cybernetic implant in the pilot's skull that records their memories for upload to Avalon upon death. The destruction of the Sheath means that the knight's consciousness will not be able to be uploaded to the Unseelie Court, a realm within Avalon where the souls of deceased knights reside.

Members of the Order of the Sheathed Soul are skilled in the use of Bleed, an esoteric energy that is sometimes referred to as "magic." The ability to control and harness the Bleed is essential for a knight to be able to wield the Soul Blade.

Members of the Order of the Sheathed Soul undergo rigorous training to prepare them for the responsibility and potential consequences of using the Soul Blade. They are taught to control their emotions and maintain a clear mind in the heat of battle, as any hesitation or doubt could result in the destruction of their soul. The Order also places a strong emphasis on discipline and honor, as the use of the Soul Blade must be carefully regulated and only deployed in the most dire of circumstances.

Upon completing their training, members of the Order of the Sheathed Soul are given a special insignia to wear on their mech, signifying their mastery of the Soul Blade and their ability to control the Bleed. This insignia is a point of pride for the knights of the Order, as it represents their strength and dedication to the protection of the Starlit Court.

Despite the dangers of using the Soul Blade, the members of the Order of the Sheathed Soul are some of the most skilled and respected knights in the Court. They are called upon to defend the Court in the most dire of situations, and their bravery and sacrifice are greatly valued by their fellow knights and the people they protect.