Order of the Sheathed Soul

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Order of the Sheathed Soul
Motto “Our Soul’s Sheathed"
Parent Faction Starlit Court
Type Knightly Order
Leader High Keeper Ilyndra Elandor
Homeworld Sihi

The Order of the Sheathed Soul stands as a prestigious and revered group of knights within the illustrious realm of the Starlit Court. These exceptional knights have been deemed disciplined and stable enough to wield the formidable technomagical ability known as the Soul Blade. This unique power enables a knight to transcend the normal limits of their mechs but exacts a profound cost – the permanent impairment of the Sheath, a cybernetic implant within the pilot's skull. The Sheath records their life experiences, destined for upload to Avalon upon their eventual demise. The destruction of the Sheath means that the knight's consciousness cannot be transferred to the Unseelie Court, a realm nestled within Avalon where the souls of deceased knights find their eternal resting place.

Mastery of Bleed

Members of the Order of the Sheathed Soul are not only proficient mech pilots but also skilled in the manipulation of the esoteric energy known as Bleed, often colloquially referred to as "magic" within the Court. The ability to harness and wield the Bleed with a degree of mastery is a prerequisite for any knight aspiring to master the Soul Blade.

Rigorous Training and Discipline

Prospective knights of the Order of the Sheathed Soul undergo arduous training, designed to prepare them for the immense responsibility and potential consequences of wielding the Soul Blade. Central to this training is the cultivation of emotional control and mental fortitude, as it is imperative that they maintain clarity of mind even in the most tumultuous battles. The slightest hint of hesitation or doubt could lead to the irrevocable destruction of their own soul before the trainee ever reaches their goal. Discipline and honor are at the forefront of their teachings, as the use of the Soul Blade must be judiciously regulated, reserved only for the most dire of circumstances but, equally, the knights trained in its use must be ready to make the required sacrifice at a moment's notice.

Symbol of Prestige

Upon successfully completing their rigorous training, members of the Order of the Sheathed Soul are awarded the right to display the Order’s insignia, a sheathed sword, proudly worn upon their uniforms and mechs. This symbol is not merely ornamental; it signifies their mastery of the Soul Blade and their proficiency in controlling the Bleed. It is a source of immense pride for these knights, embodying their strength and unwavering dedication to safeguarding the Starlit Court.

Valor and Sacrifice

Despite the grave dangers associated with wielding the Soul Blade, members of the Order of the Sheathed Soul are held in the highest esteem within the Court. They are called upon to defend the realm during the most dire of crises, and their unwavering bravery and willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice are deeply valued by their fellow knights and the people they are sworn to protect.

The Order of the Sheathed Soul stands as a testament to the fusion of technological marvels, mystical energies, and unwavering dedication, protecting the Starlit Court from the shadows and the unknown, ready to stand their ground even at the cost of their own souls.


The Order of the Sheathed Soul traces its illustrious history back to a fateful moment in the annals of the Starlit Court, nearly five centuries ago during the time known as The Great Meandering. In a time of crisis, when the realm faced a relentless onslaught from swarms of voracious energy and metal-eating space bugs, a valiant knight embarked on a daring quest to stand in the path of those ravenous maws. Syr Nathan Kayne, a knight of the First Forge, had been playing with the recently discovered Bleed; in his final stand, he successfully burned through his body and soul stopping the swarm short and stripping their physical forms to atoms.

In the aftermath of this tragic sacrifice, a group of knights came together in an attempt to reconstruct this incredibly dangerous technique, inadvertently stumbled upon by the lone knight who had used it to empower themselves against the relentless metal-devouring horde. Their initial efforts met with unexpected success, and the Soul Blade technique was born. This successful group of knights, realizing what they had discovered founded a new order, the Sheathed Soul.

The first known deliberate wielder of this new power in the defense of Sihi, Sir Kay Szar, the first and only Grandmaster of the Sheathed Soul, etched his name into the annals of history during the harrowing Second Siege of Sihi (AoQ 206) in the midst of the Tereket Wars. It was here that Sir Kay Szar demonstrated the incredible might of the Soul Blade by single-handedly holding off the formidable Tereket Fleet. In a climactic moment of valor, he made the ultimate sacrifice, unleashing the full potential of the Soul Blade to collapse himself into a black hole, diverting the Soul Burner that was targeting Sihi, obliterating the Tereket threat and safeguarding the Starlit Court.

Yet, with the immense power of the Sheathed Soul came grave peril. The Council of Grandmasters, recognizing the potential for catastrophic consequences, placed the Order of the Sheathed Soul under the authority of the Order of the Sundered Heart, responsible for the maintenance and containment of the Court's most potent weapons of mass destruction. This move aimed to regulate and mitigate the risks associated with the Soul Blade technique, ensuring that its deployment remained a measure of last resort.

As a result of the subordination of the Sheathed Soul, the position of Grand Master within the Order of the Sheathed Soul has remained conspicuously unfilled over the centuries. Instead, a purely administrative role known as the Custodian of the Sheathed Soul was established to oversee the order's necessary actions and maintain its traditions. The current Custodian, High Keeper Ilyndra Elandor, holds the responsibility of safeguarding the secrets of the Sheathed Soul and ensuring that its power remains a force for protection rather than destruction.

The Order of the Sheathed Soul stands as a testament to the enduring valor and sacrifice of its knights, who, throughout the past five centuries, have risen to the occasion in the direst of circumstances. Their unwavering dedication to the protection of the Starlit Court remains unshaken, as they stand ready to unleash the formidable might of the Soul Blade when the realm is threatened with annihilation.