Order of the Valkyries

From Beacon Space
Order of the Valkyries
Motto “Through the flames of war, we march to protect the seeds of life.”
Parent Faction Starlit Court
Type Knightly Order
Focus Support/Healing
Homeworld Sihi
Colors Blue, Teal, and White (#0c5b94, #ffffff, #5ac9e5, and #06af72)
Capital Ship SCS Eir’s Hospice(A large hospital ship)

Martial Focus

By following the example of the goddess Eir, the Order of Valkyries heals the sick and wounded and protects the innocent from the evil inherent in the universe. It is their duty to follow the Valkyrie code and never sway from it, lest they lose their honour.

Order Details

The Order of the Valkyries operates the many hospitals across Sihi, The Leveithan and Crucible along with providing medical staff and other medical necessities for the various orders outside of the scope of the Order of Preservation.

Tenets of the Order

  • We are the angels of life and death, do not cross the Valkyries.
  • The seeds of life do not discriminate, nor do we.
  • Leave no souls behind.
  • Honour the Valkyrie Code above all else or perish in the flames of your dishonour.


  • Bio Augmentation
  • Biomancy
  • Genetic Modification
  • Medical Corps
  • Hospitals
  • Psychology


The Order of the Valkyries was founded out of the need to provide control of the medical services and supplies in cooperation with the Medical Guild. Formally an extension of the Order of Preservation one of the twelve founding orders. The two complement each other while the Valkries focused more on medical training and hospital infrastructure, and the Order Of Preservation focused on battlefield strategy and supporting the other orders. The order is split into several departments, Field Triage and Supply, Surgery and Reconstruction, Maternity, Cybernetics, Psychology, Genetic modifications and Xenobiology and Research and Development.

The Valkyrie Code aka Freyja’s Commandments

Bide the Valkyrie Laws we must In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.
Live and let live. Fairly take and fairly give.
Soft of eye and light of touch, Speak little, listen much.
When ye have a true need, hearken not to others' greed.
With a fool, no season spend, lest ye be counted as his friend.
Merry meet and merry part, bright the cheeks and warm the heart.
Mind the Threefold Law you should, three times bad and three times good.
Do no harm unless provoked, and give life free.


The Order of Valkyries recruits its ranks from the medical guild and from graduates of their medical science program which is instituted in many of the education centers around Sihi and The Leviathan. They have offered apprenticeships to select folks outside of the starlit court, as a way to learn more about the sector's vast range of species and physiology.


Education is long and constantly updated in correlation with medical research and technology. Folks are taught a wide range of specializations to ensure that they can cover most medical scenarios. The Order hosts a medical center on Sihi built to provide extended medical training for both civilians and medical knights alike.

Current Notable Leaders

  • Archmedic Dr. Rosa Morales - The Angel of Death
  • Master Practitioner Syr Angela Zepher - The Angel of Mercy

Other Members

  • Syr Amanda Carter - The Xenomechanic
  • Syr Zhora Dax - The Replicat
  • Syr Tristan Roth - The Healer
  • Doctor Alexis - The Traitor



Pre-med Trainee

Every member of the Valkyries starts here, applicants are accepted from various sources and receive even more medical training. Those who show an aptitude in specialties receive specialty training and are placed depending on supply and demand in Sihi and Leviathan hospitals or the fleet. This is also the point where members of the order are required to pledge to follow the Valkyries Code.

Medic Knight

The vast majority of the order is filled with medic knights, they are the standard medical staff in hospitals and also are assigned to order vessels as Nurse Practitioners or trauma staff.

Eir’s Shield

These folks are trained specifically to protect hospitals, medical outposts, and support convoys. While the order at large are trained in combat skills, Their skills are above and beyond the training of the rest. If the medical staff are in danger they are never far behind.

Practitioner Knight

These folks are the bulk of the leadership of the order and make up the heads of each department as well as lower management and hospital directors. They handle the most important medical contracts and are responsible for the bulk of the medical infrastructure across the Starlit court’s worlds and mega-ships.

Master Practitioner (Submaster)

The second in command of the Order, they are in charge of organizing the various department heads within the order and insuring the entire system is running smoothly in cooperation with the Archmedic as well as operating as the master director of the hospital network.

Archmedic (Grandmaster)

The leader of the order is chosen after a very gruelling trial and voting process from the senior members of the order. As Archmedic they are expected to master several medical specialties. Usually, this ends up being a very senior member of the order, or at least the most skilled.

Specialty Ranks


Those with this designation are masters of genetic experimentation and manipulation, trained in all manner of biology whether technological or through their lens. They have been known to attempt human experimentation though tend to stick to research and medical biological research. They contributed to the creation of many of the implants used across Sihi in both humans and fauna alike. This designation is often flooded with bleed-users who specialize in Biomancy.


Those with this designation are made up of foreign medical agents or knights that have spent time on homeworlds belonging to the various species across beacon space and trained with their medical professionals. While they make up a smaller portion of the order, they are often seen as very important during military contracts that involve other species.