Starlit Court and the Bleed

From Beacon Space

The Starlit Court first encountered the Bleed shortly before the civil war between the Secularists and the Spiritualists, it was not until they came across Magmar and its crystalline inhabitants that they realized what it was they had discovered. The Magmari expertise from having lived within the extremes of Bleed affected space brought much needed understanding to the Court that was floundering with the sudden emergence of never before seen abilities and confusion over the first emergence of the Sidhe from the Unseelie Court.

General Perception

Generally seen as a gift of the High King when and where it manifests, most Lenses within the Court are happy to hone their gifts towards upholding and defending their home in a variety of different ways.

While most recognize the standardized terminology of Beacon Space they would rarely if ever make use of terms like the Bleed and Lenses. Among the vast majority of the Starlit Court’s population it is simply considered magic and called as such and its wielders are typically referred to as Sorcerers or Warlocks.


If Warlocks are identified young enough then their training in the manipulation of magic begins as part of their normal schooling process. As much of their training as possible is contained to the normal VR systems used in Sihian schooling but the practical application of their skills are taught in special extra-curricular classes, largely staffed by civilian sorcerers but for some of the more violent expressions they are overseen by members of the nearest bleed using men-at-arms unit.

Those who discover their affinity later in life can make use of similar training facilities as in the typical adult learning provided to Sihian citizens. There are also smaller self learning communities scattered across the Court that like to experiment and advance their personal study of magic in a more informal setting, these groups have taken to calling themselves covens.

Lens Employment within the Court

Sihian Sorcerer's make use of magic in an almost infinite variety of ways, from healing and physical therapy to technomagical maintenance of some of their most complex networks. One of the most infamous uses of magic by members of the Court is the Soul Blade that allows a Bleed sensitive Knight-Pilot to push their mechs so far beyond the normal extremes of their abilities that they have been known to significantly damage capital ships and space born megafauna single handedly.